Chef’s Tricks for the Perfect Cod

truques do Chef

There are some amazing tricks that can make us change the way we do things. Discover the chef’s tricks for the perfect cod. Cod is an ingredient that is especially appreciated by the Portuguese. Portuguese gastronomy has had a strong influence on Brazilian gastronomy. So Chef Aegão Português shared some of the secrets to making … Read more

the book with the «Corriere» –

out of PIERLUIGI PANZA On Saturday, May 21st, the second volume of the series dedicated to the protagonists of contemporary art will hit newsstands with the newspaper See Banksy showed that we can get excited walking along a wall, Christo made us feel like walking on the waters of Lake Iseo. It was June 18, … Read more

see how to make at home!

pipoca de cheddar

It may be a cynical ploy to make more money from the concessions, but there seems to be an ever-growing selection of popcorn flavors in theaters. Gone are the limited days of savory or sweet. Now we can find all sorts of popcorn flavors that are constantly being developed. In many ways, popcorn is treated … Read more

Leading the Brazilian economic crisis

Leading the Brazilian economic crisis

Mtcurado / iStock by Getty Images Brazil is one of the most interesting emerging markets where you can buy right now. This article focuses on Bango Pradesco (NYSE: BBB), the third largest bank in Brazil. S1 There is no doubt that banks will be under pressure in 2022 and 2023, as banks need to be … Read more