See recipes and menus to drop pounds

Gone are the times when weight-reduction plan for weight reduction meant consuming tiny parts at each meal, counting energy, and selecting solely low-calorie meals. Nutritionists are more and more arguing that it’s potential to eat a nutritious diet that may promote weight reduction by specializing in the standard of meals relatively than amount. The rule … Read more

RN has the fourth highest proportion of legal professionals within the North East area – 13/08/2022 – Information

With nearly 15 thousand legal professionals registered within the Potiguar part of the Brazilian Bar (OAB-RN), Rio Grande do Norte has one lawyer for each 242 inhabitants, the 4th highest proportion within the Northeast area. RN is behind Sergipe (1 to 200), Paraíba (205) and Piauí (205). In absolute numbers, a survey by the Federal … Read more