5 theme and water parks for the whole family to enjoy in Brazil

With the holiday season approaching and the possibility of resuming activities, especially in national destinations, many families are planning to go out again. And after so long without leaving the house, especially for those who have children, the idea of ​​having fun at a water park or a theme park seems tempting.

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After months of closure due to the pandemic, these spaces have reopened with every precaution to provide a safe and fun-filled experience for all ages. Check it out!

1. Beach Park (Aquiraz / CE)

With 35 years of history, Beach Park is one of the leading holiday destinations in Brazil. Located on Aquiraz beach, 17 km from Fortaleza, it has a water park, three resorts, a hotel, next to the Beach Restaurant and Vila Azul do Mar – living space and services – both open to the public.

The resort occupies over 160,000 m², offers 18 major attractions and has been awarded one of the best water parks in the world and the best water park in Latin America (2020) by TripAdvisor.

Toys for adrenaline lovers

In a pleasant environment, completely by the sea, the radical slides attract the attention of those who land in the park. Ramubrinká and Arrepius are also great choices to get your adrenaline pumping.

But there are also options for those who just want to relax, such as Correnteza Encantada, one of the most famous and traditional attractions in the park.

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radical attraction

Another highlight is the Vaikuntudo which, in addition to being one of the most extreme attractions in the park, is the largest water slide in the Tornado category, 25 meters high, where buoys can reach a speed of 43 km / h .

fun for kids

For children, Acqua Circo, the largest water playground in the world, is the safest and most fun option, as it has a non-slip, rubberized floor and several interconnected play toys that together form a large water circus arena.

It’s time to starve

The beach restaurant is the choice of those who prefer the sea, the sun and a landscape that fills their eyes. Located in the outer area of ​​the water park, it has a privileged structure and services.

2. Zoo and Safari Zoo (São Paulo / SP)

Since 1958, Brazil’s largest zoo has delighted visitors of all ages. much more than one space-bar The São Paulo Zoo acts as an important center for research, education and environmental conservation, with a focus on knowledge generation, research development and the establishment of procedures and practices that promote wildlife conservation.

The park is an international reference in conservation actions

The Zoo is located on an area of ​​825 thousand m², inserted in the largest fragment of forest in the Atlantic Forest, in an urban area of ​​the metropolitan region of the city of São Paulo, with a rich biodiversity.

Species like the Macaw Lear are in the zoo

(Photo: )

Box office revenues are used to maintain the space, which has about 2,000 animals, including mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates, including rare and endangered species such as the white Bengal tiger, Lear and black . lion tamarind, being an international reference in conservation actions.

Zoo Safari allows you to see the animals up close

Linked to the São Paulo State Secretariat for Infrastructure and the Environment, the Zoo receives an audience of about 1.3 million people a year. Visitors can also enjoy other areas inside the zoo, such as the Safari Zoo.

Taken in vehicles, this tour allows you to see up close animals such as giraffes, hippos, ostriches, lions and more. A unique emotion in the city of São Paulo. There is also the World of Dinosaurs, an interactive and technological exhibition.

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3. Alpen Park (Cinnamon / RS)

Vila Alpina attraction, inspired by Alpine architecture and culture, has five themed shops in one environment welcoming, combining experiences with trade and living space for park guests and visitors.

“Villa Alpina is the culmination of the project designed for Alpen Park since the first year. After all, southern Germany and the German and Austrian Alps have been the inspiration to bring unprecedented equipment to Brazil since 2003, when we introduced our alpine sleigh, ”said Renato Fensterseifer, director of Alpen Park.

custom padlock

As a symbol of the park’s origins, in Vila Alpina there is also a plane tree, where visitors can leave a personalized padlock, purchased from the Alpen Park gift shop. The person’s name is recorded on the padlock with special pens and can be placed on the grid around the tree, keeping the key to the padlock to take as a souvenir.


Vila Alpina has 700 m2 of living and built-up areas, including five shops: Souvenirs Alpen Park, Donna Villa (clothing and handicrafts), Vila Alpina (cheese, wines, sparkling wines and gaucho artifacts), Florestal Candies (sweets, candies and lollipops )) and Chocolate Planalto (with cafe on the second floor). The space also has a fountain and a structure, all designed to bring alpine style in detail, decor and architecture.

4. Hot Park (Caldas Novas / GO)

Opened in 1997, Caldas Novas Hot Park was once considered one of the best water parks in South America. one environment calm and relaxing to enjoy with family and friends, the park is the place to experience high adventures and extreme programs, such as the 110-meter-high toboggan run.

The warm waters and slides make the park more special

A warm water park with lots of slides, diving and cerrado beach. This could be a short description of Hot Park. But the extent of the fun that the park offers is practically impossible to describe in a few words.

23+ family attractions

In an area of ​​52 thousand m2, the park has 23 attractions, including kayaking, fishing, surfing, rappelling, half pipe and much more. Highlights include: Giant Slide, Acqua Race and Acqua River, Half Pipe, Xpirado, Praia do Cerrado and more.

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The animals walk freely in the park

In addition to a great aquatic structure, imagine living the experience of feeding birds and birds that live in an aviary of 2,000 m², with about 200 species, including macaws, toucans, turkeys, owls, falcons, parrots, flamingos and pheasants they live. free and gentle.

With an average temperature of 23 ° C to 32 ° C, the region is warm all year round. There, the sun is present for about 2,600 hours a year. In other words, there is no such thing as a fun time!

5. Thermas of the Oranges (Olympia / SP)

One of the biggest attractions of the Olympics, Thermas dos Laranjais received over 1.8 million people in 2019, ranked as the most visited in Latin America and the fifth most visited in the world, according to a report by the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA).

Thermas dos Laranjais has over 55 attractions

On an area of ​​300,000 m² there are over 55 attractions, with a good variety of radical walks and more relaxed, most with circulating hot water. In other words, the whole family can have fun.

The largest extreme slide complex in Brazil

Even with so many options, the park is constantly expanding and looking to launch at least one major attraction each year. Many of the toys for those who want more excitement are exclusive in Brazil. These include the Surf Master (a half-month surf track) and the Water Roller Coaster (a 370-meter-long water slide full of curves, tunnels, climbs and falls). And there’s Lendário, Brazil’s largest extreme slide complex.

Wave pools with artificial beaches, hot tubs, renaissance pools (where no one dives), lazy river with rapids, water toys for children and many other attractions complete the park.

Thermas also has over 30 outsourced services food, between restaurants, snack bars, bars and candy kiosks. There are also locker rooms and lockers for rent.

* By Cláudio Lacerda Oliva, Eliria Buso and Patrícia Chemin

Text originally published in Qual Viagem magazine (Issue 89).

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