7 moments that marked Doria’s political career

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Doria announced that she has withdrawn from the pre-candidacy because she understands that it is not her party’s choice for this position.

Renouncing his candidacy for the presidency of the Republic, João Doria (PSDB) adds another remarkable episode to his short but turbulent political career.

After being elected mayor of São Paulo (SP) in 2016, two years later the toucan ran and won the São Paulo state government elections. In recent years, he has begun preparing for his next flight to Brasilia, where he intends to take over the presidency. However, the man who started his career emphasizing that he was a manager and not a politician was hit by a partisan internal dispute that ended up interrupting his plans.

On Monday (May 23), Doria announced that she had withdrawn from the pre-candidacy because she understood that it was not her party’s choice for office, as she said in a statement: “With serenity, I understand that I am not. election of the PSDB summit. I accept this reality with my head held high. “

The former governor and former mayor of São Paulo won the primary election to run for the presidency of the Toucans, but the acronym’s name and inner wings slowly undermined his project – partly due to low numbers of chances of victory. , in part, through an articulation between PSDB, MDB and Citizenship that could make the name of the senator Simone Tebet (MDB) a candidate.

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