7 tips for taking advantage of digital food service

With 39 million aperitifs purchased per week in France, it’s a moment that food and food service should particularly rely on, and lunch and dinner are still uncertain. More than ever, its pursuit of products that combine taste, enrichment, practicality and differentiation has a real social function, allowing any modern restaurateur to stand out and benefit from it, especially by relying on digital technology. How to take advantage of the return of the beautiful season and the return of tourists and vacationers? Descriptions.

#one. Leverage your food and beverage signatures and card convergence

The strength and depth of the health crisis has prompted the need for restaurateurs to refocus on what they specialize in best and which are clearly part of their signature. A small part of themselves, this extra spirit, this extra spirit that seduces and attracts consumers through online ordering as well as gold for on-site consumption, thanks to the quality of the products it offers and the originality of the compositions. To respond to an increasingly hybrid business model, offerings have been redesigned, shortened and augmented, operations have been optimized, products have been miniaturized: from raw meat in side versions, tapas and dinner snacks and even home-made dinnerware. contents. Thanks to your operational efficiency and visibility on social networks, this new offer is specifically designed for an omnichannel experience. Signs and independents have managed to show creativity and originality to win stomach shares to seduce gatherings with family, colleagues and friends at this important moment of the day, and meet video snacks more often…

With his virtual brand OutFry, Taster defies the codes of the offer to share with fried chicken and the unbridled communication of sharing with all the codes of freedom and the art of living a moment together… and even in the bathroom of the room…!

#2nd. Bet on the packaging: it’s also sharing and “wow! »

To seduce a young, impulsive public who is emotion-seeking, it’s important to share your snack offer with appropriate packaging and be the icing on the cake, even being eco-friendly, or even trying your hand at the deposit. Given its strong growth in a row, the packaging of the snack also deserves real efforts. Packaging suitable for sharing will appeal to all generations and will also enrich your products and business around this privileged moment. What will change us from aluminum-coated plastic trays under the pretext of wanting to keep the products warm… they will practice “opening the boxes” on their favorite social networks…

2020 and 2021 have seen the rise of the QR code and not just to stay connected with the consumer even on delivery. Access to your playlist via Spotify, video recipe, chef talk to present the dish… Pizza Hut, in collaboration with Pac-Man, offers and offers access to a game to share with your friends via augmented reality and a QR code on it. packaging, which has become a real playground for the consumer. And it takes him back to an ancient universe with a character from the code that has become legendary today.

#3. Play the Food + Drink matching game to increase average baskets and volumes

In these times when the sale of alcohol and non-alcoholic energy drinks is in the party, optimizing what already exists has become a priority. Offering the perfect match in the spirit of happy hour with occasional combos at attractive prices captures the attention of consumers who are looking for good deals with an “inclusive” offer, allowing you to generate more volume while increasing the average cart at the same time. (and also your organization’s margin…).

2022 marks the video (+85%) explosion of created multimedia media: to create interesting and entertaining videos focused on food and beverage pairing. Season Paris example.

#4. Become a real e-merchant by relying on the marketing calendar and digital media

Between the calendar, sports and environmental events, the year gives way to many consumption moments where the tendency to share emerges. By activating your offers through delivery, click-to-collect and on-site consumption platforms, and most importantly by planning ahead which will take priority for your business, you anticipate the rush periods that will be decisive in your business… and at the time of the Balance Sheet, the share offer may be well positioned in your final result… Well from those moments Which to choose: back to school, the magic of Christmas, the resumption of Valentine’s Day League 1 Uber Eats football games?

During the Covid-19 crisis, the Fresh Burrito restaurant chain launched the “Fresh Box”, where consumers can prepare their burritos at home in dinnerware style. During Euro, it is repeated with a corresponding beverage offer only available on delivery during Euro 2020, and the offer is still available today.

#5. Bet on customization and upselling

To satisfy collectors’ algorithms and increase profitability, the restaurateur must play the top-selling game to force the average basket, but also in promotions to increase volumes… by offering you many extras that are now legion in our universe. Free selection of items to put in your box, GREAT effect to double an item, XXL drink to share, dessert to share as an extra… popular place to get the bow!

How’s your fried chicken, do you like it? bone or bone will be extra with bones and from an attractive base price offer, the customer can double the quantities on their preferred platform, adding sauces, seasonings or even an alcoholic beverage to complete the share offer with great effect. (example Deliveroo here).

#6. Play the exclusivity card

A beverage, a dessert, a condiment, an ingredient offered exclusively by your restaurant… will make you appear as an innovator in the eyes of your consumers. So by marketing the month’s share offer, created in partnership with a big chef or a local influencer, for a higher price than your traditional formulas, you can be at the head of the aggregators and engage a casual side of your new products.

The Argentine Clasico Argentino empanadas have everything to please at snack time: in all conditions, with a selection of practical and easy-to-live Argentine drinks, made like a slipper that stays warm for a very long time in miniature format, presented in branded packaging, with an escape-based offer. Add this homemade ice cream in individual format or in a jar to share and you’re done.

#7. Create holiday appointments to make selling easier

Especially in this period, you need to know how to pull out all the stops and create the event in order to perform. Artists, musicians, stand-ups… Millennials are looking for experiential places that will encourage them to share the good times spent at your business and encourage fun. Many consumption moments (UGC: User Generated Content) that they can post on social networks and promote free advertising. Also enjoy!

Bruce, the annex of the Goku Asian Canteen operated by Vincent Boccara in July 2021, is reviewing its business model during the reopening of the terraces. The venue will now be the Goku Comedy Club and will host 4 days a week stand-ups by up-and-coming artists. In exchange for free admission, consumers consume cocktails and Asian tapas…

Trends to share in 8 key figures >

+ 30% in summer : snack appeals to all generations (1)

+ 25% average ticket thanks to additional sales and drinks (1)

More than 30% of restaurant visits are made between 16:00 and 21:00 under the age of 34. (one)

+ 92.9% of French people believe that an aperitif is a moment of relaxation where you allow yourself more freedom and exploration of flavors (2)

71% of 25-34 year olds and 66% of 35-49 year old make it their favorite meal moment (3)

+433% growth for tapas and snack offersin 2020 (4)

+ 42% of delivery orders are made by families (one)

+ 31% of food delivery orders are made (and affected!) by 16+ people especially in the offer to share (1)

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  2. NelliRodi 2017 Summary Study for the Bite of the Snacks Syndicate
  3. Study conducted by CSA Research for Les Jardins d’Orante in 2018
  4. Rapport DATAlicious by Just Eat 2021

finalize, the success of your share offer, operations (implementation, merging of cards, training of teams, tailored packaging), digital (control of purchasing costs and operational costs, performance on delivery platforms, click and collect and driver and online order terminals) and marketing (adjust offer, tailored packaging, sales and marketing calendar optimization app) requires you to be a real e-merchant if you are not yet! A real business project that you will have to share as a team (exactly!), just like the results achieved by tracking the performance indicators you need.success and your ROI. But we will be discussing more and more a hybrid restoration in this process. Snack Congress in Paris on 7 June

If you wish, you can enrich this offer and continue the discussion via comments and/or our social networks. excitement, Facebook and Instagram. See you soon !

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