“A figure of great inspiration for Forlì”

“To stimulate a new approach to art, history and culture and to awaken a more participatory, enjoyable and attractive vision of these sectors so rich and stimulating.” This is the vision of the 2022 edition of the Caterina Sforza Festival in Forlì, indicated by the Councilor for Culture Valerio Melandri, “a character of great inspiration for the city and its culture. Guided by Caterina’s combative and extraordinary spirit, the days will be perfect to plunge into the past to understand the present and to imagine the future, not only of Forlì but of the whole world “.

Melandri, who discusses in his blog the theme of the festival dedicated to the “Tiger of Romagna”, reflects on the concept of culture, a term “so beautiful and so full of content. I believe that culture is not the imposition of a taste or a sensibility, but give everyone the tools to understand what their likes and inclinations are towards something. I’m certainly not the one who has to tell my listeners that it’s nicer, for example the red or the yellow color, to give as many people as possible the opportunity to independently understand what their favorite color is”. And the “Caterina Sforza Festival of Forlì 2022. The Nonconformist”, this year in its second edition, argues the commissioner, “fits perfectly into this perspective to create a cultural awareness that encourages the public to think and reason in a free independent way”.

“The initiative dedicated to the Countess of Forlì perfectly represents my idea of ​​​​culture – adds Melandri -: the festival and its preview (held respectively from June 16th to 18th and May 5th, 12th and 19th) really want stimulate a new approach to art, history and culture that awakens a more participatory, pleasant and attractive vision of these sectors so rich and stimulating. But why focus on the figure of Caterina Sforza? Because he is “one of the most emblematic of the Italian Renaissance”, “a character of great inspiration for Forlì and its culture: in a male-dominated era, he wrote in a letter: “I have the brains of Duke Galeazzo and I’m fantastic like him “, testifying to a strong and indomitable character. Tenacious and with a personality projected into the future, “La Tigre di Romagna” was able to govern two important dominions constantly threatened by wars and conspiracies, strongly influencing the national political context of the time” .

“Caterina Sforza is therefore the symbol of an avant-garde, modern, curious and bohemian city – stresses the Commissioner –; who better than they to represent the cultural renewal that we have been undertaking in recent years? Exceptional by Caterina, these days to be perfect to delve into the past, understand the present and imagine the future, not only of Forlì but of the whole world.We will improve Caterina in two ways by offering the public the historical context of reference and bring this to the stage They will project into the contemporary world the characteristic traits of this character, above all his non-conformist nature”.

Melandri explains the content of the event: “With the new artistic direction of the actress and writer Eleonora Mazzoni, for the three days of June, Forlì will be animated by meetings, shows, words, music, art, history and food to participate, understand, listen, know, nourish the spirit, dream and question ourselves about our contemporaneity.Exponents of culture, entertainment, journalism and entrepreneurship of national importance will be involved, who will bring transversal contributions with a refined and cultured cut, but at the same time , informative and understandable for the public, young and old. With a multidisciplinary theme and methods, the festival and its preview will also have a far-reaching dimension, filling the spaces of the San Domenico Arena, the Candle Factory, the Town Hall, Piazza Saffi , the Barcaccia, the refectory of the San Domenico Museums, Piazza and Via Dante Alighieri and Via Theo doli”.

The preview

To anticipate the June Festival, there will be three days in May aimed at students and citizens at large, to get closer to the figure of Catherine and to historically contextualize the female figure between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The three meetings of the preview will be held by Maria Giuseppina Muzzarelli, Professor of Medieval History, Urban History and History and Cultural Heritage of Fashion at the University of Bologna. With transversal studies on fashion and luxury, the role of women and the female relationship with motherhood and nutrition, Muzzarelli is part of the scientific committee of “Past and Present”, Paolo Mieli’s program on Rai Storia.

The conference “Women and Power. Power in the hands of women” to reflect on the power that women have assumed in politics, business and other fields. On May 12th at 11am at the Fabbrica delle Candele the meeting “Healing and care: a line of female behaviors” will take place to define the functions of care and the exclusion of formal knowledge related to medical treatments that women have undergone analyze. On May 19 at 11 a.m. in the candle factory, “The language of clothing in the time of Caterina di Sforza” will be the theme of the social, symbolic and economic value of fashion in the time of Caterina.

The party

The most important part of the review will be brought to life from June 16th to 18th at different times and with different modalities. In the late afternoon, talk shows are held in the refectory of the Museums of San Domenico, attended by politicians, businesswomen, journalists, scientists and showwomen. From 9 p.m. shows take place in the San Domenico Arena, combining theatre, music and poetry with nationally known artists. New this year is the Village, active from Friday afternoon 17th: in Piazza Dante Alighieri, via Alighieri, via Theodoli and Area Barcaccia there will be historical re-enactments, workshops and craft markets with products made by Caterina Sforza, a Food inspired is Truck Area, a food and wine and entertainment village dedicated to all citizens. For information and details visit the website www.festivalcaterinaforli.it.

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