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Presenter: in Raia’s time, I lived in a basement. I’ve never been good at reassuring myself and getting paid

Enrica Bonaccorti, how, where, when and why she wrote for Domenico Modugno “Distance, you know, is like the wind. What makes those who do not love each other forget about themselves?

“I was 19 years old, I started with a sentence written in my diary at the age of 14. We were on tour in Cuneo, and after the concert, Mimmo taught me to write songs. He made me hear the music, and I remembered the phrases pinned when I had to leave my first love: my dad was a policeman and he was transferred from Sardinia to Rome. Mimmo went mad, jumped, said: it will be a success, continue, write what you remember. Totò made an army in Cuneo, I made an army in Cuneo Isolation».

Bonaccorti also wrote to Mr. Volare My bitter landbut not as a songwriter, but as a TV presenter, who left her mark at the turn of the 1980s and 1990s, since Italy evening
by Raiuno a It’s not Rai

on the nascent Fininvesta. Three Telegatti, many covers, several scripts in his youth, many radio broadcasts, from Who is the bell for
The Silver Mask Award 1975. Today he is a television columnist and writesCondominium, goodbye!
just went out for Baldini + Castoldi.

What happened to that first boy?

«I count him among my four great loves, all loves at first sight. I tend to forget others instead of forgiving them. Our life is like that of trees: pruning improves. The greatest love was the last Giacomo Paladino, who died in September after spending 24 years together. I dedicated a new novel to him: its lightness, irony, and elegance were with me on every page, even if he finally got there first. He read everything as I wrote. “

How does he deal with the loss?

“Pretending to be there: I talk to him all the time; I do what he taught me, I am punctual, neat. He was a nice gentleman.

The other two loves inside?

“A jazzman with whom I lived from 27 to 32 and a Frenchman with whom I lived for three years.”

Charles of Bourbon from Both Sicily. To be with him, she left the TV.

“I’ve always called him Charles. But I walked away from TV mainly because I was always live for ten years and found my excursion weird, from a journalism show likeItaly evening
to clear how It’s not Rai. For two years I have been saying to Maurizio Costanzo: I want to hang up. And he: you are crazy, it is difficult to come back. Mamma mia was right.

He came back, but as a guest.

“I made a superficial mistake, but I was on a different planet these three years, it was a pastel-colored film. It was complete understanding. But I always realize things later, understand success after I had it, then realized he was a real prince, realized after 60, how cute I was when I was young. I am always late ».

Why was he finished with the prince?

“It started with the expulsion note in hand. He immediately told me that he could not marry me. I laughed in his face, said: well, what will it be. The family was not so happy with me: I was an artist, he was 29, I was 42, I was divorced. I’ve known this forever, but then it was like watching glass shatter. My mom always said: the problem is, you’re not ambitious. In fact, I never fought for things: what was coming seemed too much to me ».

If you don’t fight, how did it happen?

“By accident”.

“Chance lives in its own light, chance is self-sufficient,” he writes in his latest novel. Why does he care?

«For me it is like providence for believers. The theater I’ve always dreamed of comes by raising your hand, like at school. I studied literature and philosophy, and in the afternoon I slipped into off theaters for rehearsals. One day, the actress is hurt, I raise my hand: I can replace her. I was on the road for two months, slept on two sheets of yellow foam rubber, camped where it happened. An agent from Modugno saw me in Tindari ».

And he was on stage with him and Paola Quattrini.

“Era The girl fell onto my plate: I said three lines. Then it happens that the other actress, Tamara Baroni, left two days before our arrival in Manzoni, Milan. She was involved in a scandal related to the attempted murder of the wife of industrialist Pierluigi Bormioli, for which she was sent to prison and then acquitted. His role was long: no one could learn it in two days. I raised my hand and said: I know it ».

Does the TV also come by accident?

“I went through three auditions to become a heroAmadeus Peter Shaffer at the Argentina Theater. Unfortunately, I had to unbutton my blouse and show my breasts. Desperate, I had surgery to reduce it. After six hours of surgery, I wake up with my arm dead and my tongue hanging out. I had to quit Argentina. I was at home and, as Eduardo De Filippo said, who told you it was a disgrace? Call Rai: We know it’s not a season, we’d love to meet him. It was for Italy eveningI came up with the name. With Mino Damato and Piero Badaloni, we needed a decorative woman. But before starting Badaloni gives up and my decorative role widens ”.

How afraid of failure were you when you took Raffaella Carrà’s place in “Pronto chi PLAY”?

«I arrive and Gianni Boncompagni tells me: don’t worry, everything will go very badly. He left me without directions. I lived in the basement, the bus was going through my head, the night before I was wondering how to hurt myself so as not to go out on the antenna. I go instead and there was no script. I started to introduce the dancers one by one, read the tickets of flowers that had come to the studio. We fought in the end Hello Raffaella?».

Why was he living in the basement?

«I lived there as long as I was in Rai. I’ve never been good at self-assurance and getting paid. For decades, I had no agent or spokesperson. I have always worked with the teacher spirit that I should be. I’ve never had important friends, I don’t go to salons, also because I don’t meet people: I share my prosopagnosia with Brad Pitt. At the Fininvest party, I spoke to a gentleman. I ask: what are you doing now? He patted my shoulder: I am always the CEO of Fininvest. It was Fedele Confalonieri ».

Did she finally leave the basement in Fininvest?

“I went straight from the basement to the villa. They gave me a stratospheric figure, they had been courting me for years. But that’s because Rai gave and took me before starting, Sunday 1987».

Is it because she dared to announce live that she was pregnant?

“Management knew I was going to say this. The newspapers talked about the private use of public services. While today ultrasound is also shown on television … The worst thing is that I felt bad in the wardrobe, and then I lost my child ».

“It’s not Rai” was accompanied by furious controversy.

“They talked about Lolite, but the real story is, for the first three months, I was able to do interviews and connect with these young girls.”

Hence the nostalgia for journalism.

“I left after the crossword: the competitor answered before I asked the question. I said give me a machine gun, it’s a scam. I don’t know how it happened to me. The management reproached me for a reaction. ”

Among the love she did not include Renato Zero, who said of her: “I still remember the chills.”

Become a friend. It was Renato Fiacchini who became Zerom, I pretended to be his agent, put on a serious suit and went to sell my evenings in bars. Sometimes I would put on a black fringed jumpsuit and performed with it by inventing fake ads. We were twenty years old, we shared a dream about a future that we would surely conquer without thinking how, what ”.

Father in uniform, what was your education?

“Strict. The first 13 years in the barracks. And my dad was a colonel and my mother was a general. She was educated, she had already finished school by the age of twenty. My father died when I was 19 and she supported me in everything. Without it, I would not have been able to raise Verdiana. I got married for love, then I was pregnant and they evicted us, we went to see my mother, and eleven months after the birth, I lost sight of my husband.

For example: am I going out to buy cigarettes?

«He pushed me when I was holding the baby, I told him: you will never touch me again. He passed away, our daughter never had a birthday wish. But he went to his funeral.

What was his 68 year like?

“Wonderful. We took Lucretius Caro, leader of Giuliano Ferrara, I was the only woman. They loaded us into the van and beat us with batons. They take us to the barracks, says the inspector: only you, the colonel’s daughter, I’m amazed. My answer: I’m very surprised you broke your nasal septum.” To my friend. And he: perhaps, unknowingly, you collided with each other. Then I walked for three months with the “Gli Uccelli”, with Paolo Liguori, aka Straccio, with Diavolo, with Apache … Five men and me. I have loaded the others ».

Where did you go?

«From Carlo Levi or Giuseppe Ungaretti. We said: are you buddy? So you have to let us in. And we set up camp. We also slept on the pool tables of the Communist Fucecchio Club ».

Was that when Ungaretti stroked her leg as MeToo fully told?

«No, I used to accompany him with 500, that was a moment. He was 60 years older than me ».

Who is Francesco Maria von Altemberger of the Marquis Isvardis of “Condominio” and now “Condominio, goodbye!”?

“A character I liked to tell. He was always looking for something other than his palace, his predetermined identity. The dissatisfaction that goes through this is mine as well. And his sarcasm is mine: I would have an easy mockery, but I hold back: people take offense. So all I want to say, I make him say ».

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