Add a soothing and comforting touch to your decor with sage green, the new flagship color of the Dulux Valentine paint brand.

Dulux Valentine presents the color « sage green« , new color to be adopted in all the rooms of your house whether or not kitchenand children’s room.

Marshall Valentine’s Day color: Embrace sage green in your rooms

sage green trendy color perfect this year. Dulux Valentine’s Day made it its flagship color: soothing and natural, it blends in with everything rooms of the house. This shade combines with nuance gray and green. This sage shade offers a soft and reassuring air wherever it is applied.

What color is associated with sage green?

Sage green goes well with many tones. Mix shades of sage green with petrol blue, duck blue, mustard yellow or even black for a home full of character. This color extraction beautifies the atmosphere of your home and adds an elegant touch. This soothing green for added softness pastel shades like powder pink or sky blue.

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How is sage green used in decoration?

good idea Paint a white wall and light up a room. Add Accessories such as cushions, vases. In the kitchen, flatware in this color brings a natural touch to your small plates. We also love kitchen cabinets in this shade with brass door handles: stylish effect guaranteed! In addition, the soothing effect of sage green is ideal for bedrooms or offices. Note that this hue brings out the color of the leaves. vos indoor plantsr. The decorative touch that made us crack: Eucalyptus branches in a sage green vase!


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