After eating my penis on Beijing Express, I can do it all’s author and TV presenter talks about herself in the round from the start of her MTV career to her most recent exciting experience at Beijing Express 2022, where she is among the eligible candidates with her partner Paride Vitale.

Victoria’s hair is like a phoenix. Dead and risen stronger than before. Beijing Express 2022 sanctioned the return – after fighting Lyme disease contracted in 2012 – from one of the most talented presenters and authors of Italian television, who has twenty-seven years of career behind her. “Baptized” MTV entrance in Italy which would then completely revolutionize the language of the small screen. Then many other different experiences on other networks as well, just to name a few Victor Victoria (La7) Those who play football (Rai Due) by passing through The X factor (Sky Uno) Victoria Cabello has always left her mark, and that’s what happened at the Beijing Express with her friend Paride Vitale. The “crazy” couple is loved on social networks.

Your psychoanalyst and agent convinced you to participate in the Beijing Express. In retrospect, did they do well?

They did well, because of course Beijing is over, I went back to the analysis (laughs, ed.).

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Do you think you have overcome this personal and human challenge as well? Vote?

My opinion is very positive and a few years ago I would never have imagined that I would be able to reach Beijing and go where I came. For me it’s amazing, on the verge of reality.

“It’s an old slipper that never gives up,” is how your friend Paride Vitale describes you. How would you define it?

Saved from a gin and tonic. Guys, he should be dead by now.

Close your eyes: what is the first image of this experience that comes to your mind?

Paride and I, terrified on our first day in Cappadocia, grapple with what I describe as “horrendous-gorgeous,” an unknown factor to everything. I remember the effort of looking for backpacks and running to the mat. And then the sweat … I could feel it, but luckily you didn’t. It smells on the set …

Do you watch tv What do you think about it?

I look at it because it is a professional update for me. I must say that compared to a few years ago, I like the fact that there are more and more platforms, because you can experiment with new programs. It’s nice for me that there is more and more space. I am a fan of series and often like to watch anything on weekends.

Why are the new formats on generalist often not convincing?

Unlike many other spaces, generalist television has unfortunately always had one drawback, and that is ratings. The ratings that luckily many have made cannot be ignored. Le Iene is an example of everything. If they were based on listening to the first-edition hyenas, perhaps they wouldn’t exist today. At the time, there was a cutting-edge, intelligent network director like Giorgio Gori who gave the program time to grow and evolve.

Twenty-seven years of television programming. The author, as well as the presenter, said you don’t like losing control. Have you ever lost it?

I’ve focused on 27 years of TV and I feel like a shitty old woman (laughs). I also lost control in Beijing because it is a program where you are at the mercy of the events and sick minds of the authors. You can’t predict anything. When I ate my dick, I said to myself “it’s impossible”! I didn’t even foresee it in my worst nightmares. I went to Beijing, I ate my dick. Say I can do anything in my life!

Have you ever said no and to whom or what?

I have the reputation of someone who says “no” often and happily. A bit because I never feel up to the strength and situations. It was then that I actually found out over the years that the best careers are often ‘no’ based. I think I said no, which was probably right. Programs that were not compatible with me. I believe everyone has very specific features and specifications.

You opened MTV Italia in London in 1997 with Alessandra De Siati and Andrea Pezzi. What did this TV model leave behind?

MTV certainly made a huge difference to tastes and was a turning point in the television world. This was probably the first channel to experiment with new languages, graphics, and editing. And he remained recognizable. He passed on to new generations of conductors and value for the young world, which at that time had no reference.

You have met the greatest in the world and you have risked a lot with Madonna. What happened?

I grew up with a Madonna poster in my room, I love it. I was sitting outside with reporters who took turns to come in to interview her. Before me was Vincenzo Mollica, who was the father, and he warned me, “Don’t send everything to the cow!” Madonna, wanting her a compliment, involuntarily gave her the old woman, telling her that I had her poster in my room. But she was very nice and kind and laughed while joking. She is an amazing woman. They say no one should ever know their myths, I knew so many and I must admit that I was rarely disappointed by anyone.

Has any character you met up close let you down?

During the MTV period, you went from interviewing the Dalai Lama to Madonna to characters who were new to the music and film scene. Usually, newbies were harder than the stars. The only disappointment was Russell Crowe who I had a fight with and we went to this country. He was very nervous, he was in all the pink headlines for the Meg Ryan article, he treated my crew very badly and I defended them.

You kissed a lot of stars, were they real kisses? Who do you remember with the most “feeling”?

I’ve never given fake kisses. I didn’t put my tongue into it, but it was kisses of mold. I did not refuse this to anyone. The one with George Clooney stuck to me the most when we got married at the press conference. Imagine that there was the world press, I stand up on crutches, the groom and kiss him with the fake priest Pif. I remember it with great fun and feeling. The day before, however, I broke my leg and did not want to throw it because I wanted to wear the Le Iene dress.

You ran “Quelli che il calcio” from 2011-2013. This year, the program was removed from the schedule. What is missing?

Mia Ceran’s team with Luca and Paolo was a great team. Perhaps the hard thing about Quella che il calcio was the fact that they didn’t have soccer and of course also the moment where the TV panorama was set up differently with payers that had access to all of the most unthinkable content. I tried to work with entertainment with comic talents which I chose as Virginia Raffaele, with whom I have already worked on Victor Victoria and Ubaldo Pantani. Then, surprisingly, it worked and we also involved a new audience, including women.

In 2014, the X Factor. How did it go? The jury is renewed for the upcoming edition. Have you been contacted? Will it interest you?

However, I would say no. I was objectively shooting at the jury. I tell myself. When I’m in the middle of certain mechanisms … I liked Under Women a lot, I had a super caring maternal instinct (never had). I like to laugh and have fun and there I couldn’t find the right key. I cried every two minutes and said no. I am very happy that Fedez is back and that Ambra has accepted!

How did the false fight with Ambra begin?

We are very good friends. While we were on the makeup, we discussed what to do. The gag was born by chance when we decided to fight. “But if we do it, we make it happen, and it’s not like dogs like in Ozpetka,” I told her. It seemed so real that Amber herself told me that no movie had given her such visibility. Even today there are people who believe this to be true.

Looks like you want to make TV again. Is there a project in the pipeline?

Now I want to make television. It has been around for a long time, but Beijing was the driving force. I’ve been working a lot on behind-the-scenes programs and have been very impressed with the teamwork while writing them. They are the best of the best we have in Italy. I would like to work with them forever. I am already working on other things. In the off-TV period, I wrote 700,000 formats and sometimes I realize this is bullshit. During the blockade, I came up with a format for home cleaning products. Talk to all the maids and mothers about their secrets being passed on and having crazy musical guests focusing on ordinary characters who work.

You’ve always been on great terms with your exes. One day you met Barù. Did you give him love advice?

We are great friends and I have remained very good friends with all my exes. We talked, we talked about his new restaurant project. I gave him some menu suggestions and wish he had missed the peppers. Then we talked about Jessica (Selassiè, known to Big Brother Vip, ed.) Who made a heartbeat for life, who better than me could give him advice from the heart?

You have defined social media as “a free zone for balls, not all balls.” Do you still think so?

Yes and no. I said that with Bignardi a few years ago. Every now and then when I wake up I confirm the thought I had then because you can find anything on social media. I must say that after Beijing, the world opened up to me. I opened a Twitter profile and I went crazy. I wish meme makers were the next authors because they are brilliant. I found a very funny world, I watch Beijing on Twitter.

Your cocker Silvano is ten years old. We learned that it is very important to you humanly … In what?

Silvano taught me unconditional love. I love him madly: he snores like a truck driver, worse than Paris, but he doesn’t talk to me in the morning and ask me for coffee. So it’s perfect as a companion.

Is there any sentence that you think represents you, one that you would have a tattoo on or that would be perfect for an epitaph?

I’ll be right back This is the Cabello gag.

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