Among the many problems with Vasco’s concert in Trento is also the bear

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In recent days, in connection with a question put to the Provincial Council, a new problem has arisen regarding the discussed Vasco Rossi concert in Trento, the largest event organized in Trentino in recent years in terms of the number of spectators expected, the size of the area. and investments. Europa Verde provincial councilor Lucia Coppola asked the president of the autonomous province, Maurizio Fugatti, whether M49 should be protected from the high decibel levels produced by the concert scheduled for May 20.

Bear M49, the hero of two escapes in recent years, is located in the Casteller forest nursery, a few hundred meters from the Trento Music Arena, 27 hectares in San Vincenzo, south of Trento, between the Brenner railway line, the road and the Casteller hill. Coppola says the region, the organizer of the event, should engage nursery veterinarians to take “all possible measures to reduce the frightening damage”, even with mild sedatives limited to concert hours, so as not to endanger the bear’s health.

For years, there has been a debate about the presence and management of brown bears in Trentino, where they were reintroduced in the 1990s. The population growth that has taken place in a small area and where many people live has resulted in more frequent encounters between bears and humans, which in some cases has resulted in serious problems. For this reason, the Trentino authorities have been trying to have more control over bears for some time, also using methods sharply challenged by animal defense societies.

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Several newspapers, using the title of Vasco Rossi’s song, wrote that M49 had a “reckless life.” In fact, in recent years, M49 has been the hero of two sensational escapes. On July 14, 2019, on the basis of an order signed by the President of the Province, Maurizio Fugatti, he was captured in the municipality of Porte di Rendena. Taken to a forest nursery, Casteller managed to escape the next day, overcoming a four-meter barrier and three energized fences.

On April 30, 2020, after several sightings, M49 was intercepted in Val Rendena thanks to a pipe trap. Casteller stayed in confinement for several months, then on July 27, 2020, managed to escape again. It broke through the metal mesh, breaking the welds. The radio collar enabled forestry workers to monitor his movements in the Lagorai mountain range.

On August 27, a radio collar was found on the ground. The third interception took place between September 6 and 7, 2020 in Val Cion. The M49 has since remained in the Casteller housing. “Unlike other animals that can move away from the concert area, M49 has no alternative: it is trapped,” explains Coppola. “It is up to the provinces to reduce the impact of this concert and make the prison less painful.” The councilor recalls that in the past, when there were two other bears in the forest nursery, M57 and DJ3, there were cases of self-mutilation due to noise from the construction site. The bears moved compulsively and were slightly reassured about that.

President Fugatti will have to answer Coppola’s question on Tuesday, but the condition of the M49 is just one of many problems caused by the Vasco Rossi concert, an event that seems to have reached very demanding sizes and costs for an institution like the Province of Trento. . Two weeks after the concert, the Provincial Supervisory Commission has not yet issued an opinion on the organization of extensive security measures. In Trento, a city with less than 120 thousand. inhabitants, a total of 110 thousand is expected. people: 120 thousand people are sold tickets, of which 11 thousand. Trento residents buy. 10,000 people will be on duty for the reception and security services. people, including volunteers and employees.

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In January, the voivodeship started work on security measures involving the police, firefighters and civil protection. Director General of Civil Protection, Raffaele De Col, told everyone Dolomites the site is 95 percent ready. According to President Fugatti, “everything will be regular and the inconvenience will be limited.”

Much controversy in recent months has concerned the cost of organizing the concert borne by the province of Trento. Democratic party councilors Luca Zeni and Alessio Manica consulted all published resolutions to calculate the cost to the body. According to the estimates of the opposition councilors, the event is to cost EUR 6.5 million. The total installation costs are 1.6 million euros, the renovation of the San Vincenzo area cost almost 3 million euros. The cost of personnel involved in the organization, again according to the directors’ estimates, reached one million euros. Still, a million euro is the cost of removing and relocating the vaccination point, which was located at the concert a few months ago.

Trento’s Confcommercio research bureau was investigating to understand what the concert’s economic impact would be on the territory. The study says that each Italian viewer will spend an average of € 121, while foreign viewers will spend € 113. According to the poll, the concert will guarantee the region of Trento economic benefits of EUR 6.1 million.

During the presentation of the concert in July last year, President Fugatti said that the related activities will amount to 15 to 20 million euros. “Above all, we need to emphasize the great promotional value of our territory,” said Fugatti. “We know the numbers that Vasco Rossi can do and with these numbers success is assured. We are proud to say that we have brought Vasco Rossi to Trentino ».

Among other things, the Autonomous Province reserved some generous benefits for the singer, such as helicopter transport from the concert hall to the location in Trentino where he will live during the week of the dress rehearsal, welcoming all staff with a maximum cost limit of 300,000 euros, an exhibition dedicated to Vasco, the award of the Eagle Wenceslas, the highest decoration of the province, and even naming a street or a square.

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