Antonella Boralevi: «Pavarotti told me that he no longer loves his wife. Costanzo wanted to have a child with Maria “

«I cannot say that I really» invented «the crisis of the modern man. But I can say that I foresaw this, at least as a topic for debate. ”

There are always very strong and determined women in his books, Antonella Boralevi. But from here to “kill” manhood, a lot of water flows under the bridges …

“I didn’t relate so much to the novel as to work on television. Although I wanted to bring my writing nature to the screen. I was thinking about it when I came up with an in-depth talk show in 1994 about ‘soul’ themes that didn’t exist at the time. It was called Men on Rai2. And thirty years ago, men hardly ever spoke about their innermost feelings. It was considered too feminine. ”

Did the men open up to her?

“In one episode, Luciano Pavarotti told me he didn’t want to be with his wife anymore (Adua Veroni, his first wife), in another Maurizio Costanzo told me that he wanted a child with Maria De Filippi… and he said me first than her. If I am a writer, it is because I believe in others, in the feelings of others. This is what I want to say. “

In his latest novel, “Magnifica creature” (La Nave di Teseo), the protagonists of the two sisters are symbolic figures in relation to this reasoning: there is a relationship between them that with men, their role in society … But this is set more than half a century ago . Today the world has changed.

“My subject of study has always been the human heart. I am deeply interested in relationships, feelings, especially those that are not told, that part of the emotion that we often hide even from ourselves. I believe what the philosopher Epictetus argued: that the character of a person is his destiny. It concerns me, maybe all, and certainly my characters. Feelings and emotions change according to you, not the time you lived in. History changes. And there comes a time in life when history slaps you on the shoulder and forces you to change, it’s a time when you have to confront yourself. You feel the same as before, but you react and act differently. In the 1950s and 1960s, women were assigned only one destiny – marriage. But it was Italy that believed in dreams and dreams were possible. Today we are tested differently ».

The leitmotif is: believe in yourself. And it is in all his books.

«Knowing how to bring out the Wonderful Creation that you have within you. That’s why I chose this title ».

When did Antonella Boralevi begin to believe in herself?

“I remember that day well. I was ten years old, playing a tennis game at Cascine. And I was losing the first set 5-0. During a court change, I pass the bench where my father and my opponent’s father were sitting. I hear the latter tell his daughter a sentence like, “It’s now,” and I have made eye contact with my parent. He looks at me immobile and as if I read the words in his head: “But you really want to give it to him”? There I understood. I believed it. And not only did I get that set back by winning 7-5, I also won the other two sets, 6-0 and 6-0. Because I felt that he believed in me and that is why I could also believe in me. “

With this image in mind, tennis will become very important in his life …

“And how. And I actually still play with it, although very sporadically, just for fun. I also ski and sail the sea. But I think these activities are just a way to feel good among friends.”

And when did she realize she was going to be a writer?

“I always thought and imagined that I wanted to write. When I was in fifth grade and went from private to public school, it had been a terrible year, it felt as if it was doomed to failure. One day a teacher gave a topic about summer memories, and what I wrote suddenly catapulted me into being an outcast from a class to a student whose topic was read in all sections. A specific role model for everyone else. I told about my summer in Forte dei Marmi, ending with the words “and the sea was still soaking pebbles in the sand”. It was then that I realized that writing is my nature. But my children, who I had very young, keep asking me to summarize the concept ».

She had bright ideas from an early age …

“As soon as I graduated from Philosophy of Language, a completely new discipline in the Italian History course, Professor Giovanni Nencioni gave me the opportunity to join the research group at Normale di Pisa. But in the meantime, I was a hostess at Pitti and saw the announcement of a fashion show. One evening it occurred to me to write an article about one of these fashion shows and I went to drop it off at the hotel where I knew all the journalists were visiting. One of them, after reading it, made me a cooperation offer. When I got to the Scuola Normale and sat down in front of Professor Nencioni, I told him with my heart in my mouth: I’m leaving school, I want to be a journalist ”.

“I still remember the light hitting him from the right and his face. He was so handsome, tall, elegant … he looks at me and says, “Ah, did they call you in Corriere della Sera?” I could only look at his inkwell, I didn’t dare look him in the face. I took my strength and replied, “No, to the shoe store of Santa Croce sull’Arno.” Was my first piece entitled Boccaccio’s but found in Certaldo? ».

He had a lot of courage.

“When I decided that I really wanted to become a journalist, I made an appointment with the editor of the Florentine newspaper. The interview took place in the room where he was, the theater critic and one of the main names on the front page. They were three 50-year-old men. And I was 22 years old. They represented the Florentine journalist establishment. I am a bit surprised at the idea of ​​meeting three people, I don’t even have time to sit down, and the director says to the other two: “Here is the one who wants to be a journalist, ha ha ha.” He laughs huh. Laughs. At that point, proving that this humiliation would be the beginning of something important became my problem. “

What was the moment when, looking back, she said: have I never been so brave?

«While I was waiting three days for Giovanni Minoli to be received in the Rai Corridor so that I could do the men. I waited all morning, all afternoon, then another morning, another afternoon … Until at some point he opened the door for me. He said he thought “she really has to tell me something, or she wouldn’t be so stubborn.”

And the moment when, looking back, she thought: have I never been such a great coward?

“It never happened. I never had a moment of weakness. I always took every risk.”

And the moment where she thought she was delusional?

“Men have never cheated on me. But some women did: They looked like friends but could really hurt me in my career. And they did. I remember an editor who suddenly stopped publishing my interviews and went to the editor for the fourth time. To show him that this person is boycotting me, that he wants to destroy my reputation. “

Men never cheated on her, but love?

“I don’t consider the word ‘love’ neutral and it has been overused in the last twenty years, we use it to mask all kinds of meanness, from murder to betrayal of rules and trust. I have never had love disappointments in the case of mental openings: they made me understand that in a relationship the relationship is not with another, but with myself. ”

Choose a year in your life that you consider groundbreaking for some reason.

“When I moved to Milan, leaving Rai 2 to go to Rete 4, which was then only a soap opera channel, and they wanted to create an in-depth network with Shadow Lines, a talk show about forgiveness, sickness, loneliness, love and betrayal in which there was talk of fathers and children, adoptions, where Marta Russo’s mother came and a man who carried his heart in his chest. We are in the late nineties and I found out that life in Milan is very different to that in Florence. Because when I was working for Rai in Rome, I was still living in Florence. It was no longer possible then. ”


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