Arraial da Dona Junina will have delicacies signed by DF chefs

After two years without a real June party due to the Covid pandemic, the hottest and coldest time of the year is finally here, full of news. Among them is the first edition of Arraial da Dona Junina.

The event will take place on June 17 at the Ascade, with live music, food from local restaurants and themed decorations.

“Arraial da Dona Junina is born from novelty and encounters. It will be an event dedicated to the best of São João do Cerrado, the union and all the June festivals,” says Lucas Falcao, project partner. “Celebration is part of our DNA and our history. And how to do it after so much time? With a big fair for the whole family, with its cultural variations, where all Brazilians meet to celebrate under the starry sky of Brasília and with small flags that color the landscape,” adds partner Felipe Leão.

The food court will consist of 40 stalls, including restaurants from Brasilia’s gastronomic scene, some with traditional menu options, others with event-exclusive options.

Renata Lara de Oliveira, name in front of the Boneco Restaurant and Curumim Forno e Café, will share with the broths and products of the dining room. Boneco will offer broths with classic June flavors (from 22 reais). With Curumim, the focus is on products such as homemade cheese bread with three types of canasta cheese (from 15 reais), stuffed with ketupiri or pork knuckle, in addition to products such as the exclusive dulce de leche pie (15 reais), chicken pie (24 reais), chicken (35 reais) and baguette with sausage (30 reais).

Arraial of Don Yunin
There will be 40 food stalls, as well as stages and children’s areas.

Fogazza confectionery will offer classic and differentiated tastes. Options include traditional pasta, pepper pasta and fine herb pasta that can be used to make meat, cheese, meat and cheese cakes, ketupir chicken, and shredded pork knuckle dough with mozzarella cheese and BBQ sauce, and ham sausage with mozzarella cheese. (Price on request)

In Que Pasta?! gnocchi, penne, polenta and linguine are on offer. Among them are Gnocchi Alfredo con croccante di prosciutto parma (35 reais) with crispy white sauce and Parma ham, and the classic Italian Polenta al ragū di manzo (35 reais), a creamy dish with filet mignon stew. Other party bets are Penne alla Toscana (R$35) and Linguine alla bolognese (R$35), a classic linguine served with bolognese sauce.


Those passing by Dona Junina will also be able to sample burgers and pizza prepared by Chef Gilles Guimarães of Baco e Parrilla Burguer. For pizza, Margherita flavored slices (R$15) will be sold, which include mozzarella, tomato pelati sauce, grana padano cheese and basil, and homemade pepperoni (R$15) with mozzarella, sauce, homemade pepperoni and oregano. . For burgers, the bet is on the Parrilla Burger (R$30), a black Angus burger with canasta cheese, caramelized onions and aioli on a hamburger bun, in addition to the Parrilla Burguer Bacon (R$35), which uses ingredients from the previous one. plus bacon.

Another home to be featured at the fair is the Ouriço Restaurant, which will feature two exclusive dishes. One of them is corn cream with smoked sausage (25 reais) in addition to fried ribs Carreteiro (35 reais).

French restaurant La Chaumière will bring homemade steaks to the village, such as the flagship Escalope Severã (with sautéed onions, roquefort sauce, seasoned with green and pink peppers). Other options: Escalope Mustard (sour cream, mustard), Escalope Bordolaise (with sauce, garlic, mushrooms and wine), Steak au Poivre (sour cream fried in black pepper cognac) and Filet Roquefort (milk cream and Roquefort cheese). . Fillet will accompany rice and stew. (prices on request)

Arraial of Don Yunin
Bobó de Camarao costs 38 reais.

Rio Bistro will also feature two dishes: Picadinho Carioca (R$38) with Prussian potatoes and homemade farofa and Bobó de Camarao (R$38) with rice and homemade straw potatoes. To sweeten, lemon tart (25 reais) and pie dulce de leche (25 reais).

Finally, the Santé Restaurant will feature a full menu with dishes priced from R$22 to R$42, including Arroz de Pato with smoked Portuguese sausages and crispy cabbage; and mignon strips with three types of mustard served with creamy rice.

Arraial da Dona Junina

ASCADE (St. de Clubes Esportivos Sul Section 2 Set 10, Lot 18 – Asa Sul). Day June 1718h at 4am. Tickets from 80 reais at this link.

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