ArteCircolare: Toschi-Gymnasium honored for its work made of recycled plastic – Photo – Photo 1 of 5

SER, a company from Salsomaggiore Terme (Sirmax Group) specializing in the processing of selected plastics from separate collection, has launched the #ArteCircolare project with the aim of creating a bridge between the industrial reality and the schools in the area Beating Parma and raising awareness of plastics and the circular economy among younger generations. #ArteCircolare … Read more

Rediscovered Brazil – ISTOÉ Independent

Crédito: Toni Pires

LOADING Airports were full again: the rise of the dollar boosted domestic tourism (Credit: Toni Pires) People are still trying to figure out what changes will be caused by the biggest pandemic in a century. In the field of tourism, the new normalcy has already brought great news to national agents. Brazilians have traveled a … Read more

This year at the Venice Biennale

The 59th International Art Exhibition, better known as “the Biennale” after the name of the foundation that organizes it, opens in Venice from April 23rd. It is one of the most important and long-lasting exhibitions of modern art in the world and the largest in Italy. Created in 1890 at the initiative of a group … Read more

Restaurant Polpettas will close its doors after 36 years and say an emotional goodbye in Curitiba.

Anúncio provocou comoção: semana é de festa e despedida

36 years of history is coming to an end. Next Sunday (May 15), Polpettas, located in the Bigorillo area of ​​Curitiba, will close its doors. And the last few days have been filled with emotion and happiness for the Zanlorenzi and Gabardo families, the founders of the establishment, and for the thousands of customers who … Read more

for art a record auction –

Icon of the last century, Mona Lisa of the twentieth century, a summary of the American dream. Shot Sage Blue Marilyn by Andy Warhol it’s more than just “acrylic and screen printing ink on canvas”. It’s a universally recognized image that has etched itself into the collective consciousness, and now it’s the most expensive work … Read more