Bar Mortadela Brasil launches MB Seduction dessert

Located on the mezzanine floor, with a privileged view of the stained glass windows of Mercado Municipal Paulistano (Mercadão SP), the house launched MB Seduction, an incredible ice cream (chocolate ganache, cashews, red fruit syrup, cream ice cream and cream). topping). ). The other dessert of the house is the Caramelized Banana Cake with Chocolate.


A Bar Mortadella Brazilknown for its snacks that combine quantity and quality, launched the dessert “MB Seduction”, an incredible ice cream (chocolate ganache, cashews, red fruit syrup, cream ice cream and whipped cream topping – R $ 29.00). Now, the house has two dessert options: MB Seduction and the Pastel of Caramelized Banana with Chocolate (R $ 29.00). Mortadela Brasil from Monday to Saturday, from 8.00 to 18.00, and on Sundays and public holidays from 8.00 to 16.00; The house, with a privileged location in box 4 of the mezzanine (at Rua da Cantareira, 306, phone and WhatsApp 11-3311-0024) and a beautiful view over the stained glass windows, has become a reference in the city. Attractions include sandwiches, pastries, cod balls, excellent caipirinha and Brahma beer (of course, for R $ 13.00; and Black for R $ 14.00).

According to José Carlos Freitas, a partner at the establishment, together with his brother, José Maurício de Freitas, even with the arrival of the cold, people also asked for a cold dessert option. “I recently did a Mother’s Day experiment, giving as a gift one of the two desserts to each meal that consumed more than R $ 150.00. And even with the cold, more people asked for MB Seduction than the well-known and caramelized banana cake with chocolate. That’s why we decided to make it a permanent item in our menu “, says the businessman.

At Mortadela Brasil, there are two 80-gram bread options for all sandwiches – parmesan baguette and French bread. The most popular snack of the house is the Brazuca sandwich (80g parmesan baguette, with generous slices of Italian bologna, crispy bacon, cheddar cheese and iceberg lettuce – R $ 45.50), the most requested by 16-year-old customers. . Launched in 2006, it was soon awarded at the Brasil Sabor gastronomic festival that same year. Other attractions are the juicy and filling catupiry shrimp cake (21 cm with 18 to 20 whole shrimps, catupiry, leeks and special spices – R $ 44.00) and Mortadela Brasil (80g parmesan baguette, bologna bologna italian type, provolone, oregano). , fresh tomatoes, iceberg lettuce and arugula – R $ 45.50). It is one of the few houses in Mercadão that works with Mortadela Marba.

There are other delicacies, such as cod balls (two units of 100 grams each, at R $ 34.00; or one unit at R $ 17.00) and other versions of pastries. The house underwent a major renovation at the end of 2018. It got more modern airs, in addition to a retro note. Also worth noting is the pint beer, made exclusively for Mortadela Brasil, one of the houses that sells the largest pint beer in downtown São Paulo, even without opening at night. “We have given a general modernization, without losing our identity,” says José Carlos Freitas.

Even before the pandemic, Mortadela Brasil served an average of 600 people a day, from lovers of bar delights and tourists from abroad and Brazil – from people visiting São Paulo for the famous shopping on Rua 25 de Março to entrepreneurs arriving in city ​​for business. Tourists who make the house a must stop on an unforgettable itinerary, which is the visit to São Paulo Square. Gradually, the movement returns to normal.

The house has appeared in the media countless times due to its constant concern for quality. For example, Mortadela Brasil taught English to its employees, prepared menus in Portuguese, English and Spanish; actively participated in the doeumlivro campaign, born on twitter, which collected approximately 180,000 books; and has participated in events in the city and state of São Paulo, such as Salão do Automóvel, Equipotel, Lollapalooza, Salão Duas Rodas, Feicon Batimat, Camarote Brahma and F-Indy.

See some menu items


Brazilian – 80g parmesan baguette with generous slices of Italian bologna, crispy bacon, cheddar cheese and iceberg lettuce – serves up to two people – R $ 45.50.

brazuquinha – version with less filling – R $ 41.00.

Mrs. Pepperoni – French bread, pepperoni special from the subway, with wonderful Mortadela Brasil style vinaigrette and melted cheese – serves up to two people – R $ 39.00.

Mortadela Brazil – 80g baguette with parmesan, Italian bologna, provolone, oregano, fresh tomatoes, iceberg lettuce and arugula – serves up to two people – R $ 45.50.

Mortadelinha Brazil – version with less filling – R $ 41.00.

Special artisanal ham – Juicy and very tasty, suitable for those who appreciate meat with a soft texture on French bread and fried ham with special spices and special sauce (see the recipe at the end of the launch). – R $ 419.50 (in the house). with provolone: R $ 45.00.

Special dried meat – Minced beef with special spices, mozzarella and sun-dried tomatoes, on 80g French bread – R $ 46.50. – Simple dried meat – chopped with special spices – R $ 39.50.

Mortadella Bologna (traditional, smoked and Italian) with cheese – hot bologna with cheese, on 80g French breadR $ 43.00 (Special with mozzarella and sun-dried tomatoes – R $ 45.00).

Fried cod ball

Fried cod ball (Homemade recipe, with 100g, made with the legitimate code from Porto, with a special note of Portuguese black olives – serves one person. R $ 17.00.

Catupiry chicken pie – delicious, with a dry and crunchy dough, very well filled with spicy chicken and a generous portion of catupiry R $ 29.00.

Catupiry Shrimp Pastel

Catupiry Shrimp Pastel – 21 cm * pastel, with 18 to 20 whole shrimp, catupiry, garlic and special spices – serves up to two people. – BRL 44.00

Fried cod ball – Soft and filled with authentic Porto code. (Serves up to 2 people) – R $ 39.00.

Palm heart cake – Soft and crunchy, with a selected palm heart filling that makes it extremely creamy – R $ 28.00.

meatloaf – Delicious, stuffed with quality beef, ground and with special homemade spices – (Serves up to 2 people) – R $ 26.00. Cake of Meat with cheese: R $ 27.00.

cheese pie – soft and very filling. Extremely delicious (serves up to 2 people) – R $ 23.00.

Dried Meat Pastel with Catupiry R $ 37.00.

Caramelized banana pie

Caramelized banana cake with chocolate (soft, dry and crunchy)R $ 29.00.

pizza cake – R $ 23.00

*All pastries in the house are 21 cm.

Draught beer (the house is awarded by the Real Academia do Chope):

Light Brahma: R $ 13.00 – Brahma back: R $ 14.00.


COLORADO (600ml) – R $ 26.00; Budweiser, Stella Artois and Heineken (long neck, 330ml) – R $ 13.00;

Original (long neck, 300ml) – R $ 13.00; Malt beer: R $ 13.00. Alcohol-free: Heineken: R $ 13.00;

caipirinhas (of cachaça – from R $ 20.00 to R $ 29.00; Smirnoff vodka and sake – R $ 28.00; and of Absolutely vodka – R $ 34.00);

cachaças (Espírito de Minas – BRL 14.00; and Seleta – BRL 10.00)

Brazilian pepper sauce Mortadella – pepper sauce with balanced flavor – R $ 21.00.

Mortadella Bar Brazil

Rua da Cantareira, 306, mezzanine, Box 4, the Mercado Municipal Paulistano. Tel and WhatsApp: 11-3311-0024. Site: Time: Monday to Saturday, from 8 am to 6 pm, and on Sundays and public holidays, from 8 am to 4 pm. Cards: Visa, Amex, Credicard and Diners. Food voucher: Visa Vale, VR, VR Smart and Sodexo; Parking: yes (Azul area inside the Municipal Market SP and several private parking lots in the Market area). does not accept checks. Opened in November 2004.

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