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Here we are, unfortunately. On Thursday, May 12, Sky will air the tenth and final episode of Beijing Express 2022, the ninth edition of the on-tour program, which passed exactly this year from Rai to Sky (also available on demand and streaming NOW). For the finale, we voted for all participating pairs: the three that are still competing (mom and daughter, Pazzeschi and Jackals) and those that were eliminated in the last nine episodes. From last ranked to competitors to fight for the winners title, here are our half-series reports from Beijing Express 2022.

Tiktokers: Anna Ciati and Giulia Paglianiti (Implicit tithes)

Let’s start with the first one eliminated. They came penultimate to the first leg in Turkey, condemned by the Pazzeschi winners who saved Alex Schwazer and Bruno Fabbri. Not enough to win the hearts of viewers and not enough to make an informed judgment.

Voice: st

Athletics: Alex Schwazer and Bruno Fabbri (ninth)

The Beijing Express was an important redemption opportunity for Schwazer after the sad events that saw him as the main character in recent years (and which will become a television series). Despite being eliminated in the second episode, the South Tyrolean athlete and his friend and ally Dr. Fabbri certainly won the sympathy of the Pazzeschi, who forgave them on the first lap, as well as the public for their humanity and their kindness, traits usually alien to the spirit of Beijing rivals. . It is a pity that they came out in the second Turkish episode.

Vote: 7


Father and son: Ciro and Giovanbattista Ferrara (eighth)

After a good start, with two thirds in the first two episodes, the former Naples and Juve champion and the very young Giovi had a moment of fog. In the third episode, the one with Miccio-Costa’s “bunnies” suffered some defeat, but escaped the nomination (then they went to their mother and daughter, saved by the black envelope). However, in the fourth episode, they were not so lucky and were eliminated by Italy-Brazil, who “accused” Ciro of not leaving a proper place for Giovi: an accusation, in our opinion, unkind. For Ciro, however, the memory will remain when he was recognized by the gentleman accompanying them in the car: it is a satisfaction …

Vote: 7

ferrara beijing-2

Scientists: Barbascura X and Andrea Boscherini (seventh classification)

Those who, like us, expected scientists to have the upper hand were at least partially disappointed. However, Barbascura and Andrea showed moral honesty – that’s it – scientific, even though that value of theirs turned in their dealings with the terrifying Italy-Brazil. Which in fact tied some Barba’s rudeness to their finger and the first time – at the stage of arriving in Uzbekistan – both models took revenge by eliminating them.

Vote: 6.5


Fidanzatini: Rita Rusic and Cristiano di Luzio (sixth classification)

The Beijing Express charges even the most harmonious couples, but the Fidanzatini were able to overcome the moments of crisis thanks to their love. Cristiano turned out to be a real gentleman, devoid of some immoderation and a tantrum in the first episode, while Rita showed class, elegance, truly unparalleled style: having such “strange” couples … Unfortunately for them, but an attempt to eliminate a very strong mother and daughter, graced with black envelope, provoked Stefanenko’s “revenge” two episodes later, at the end of the Uzbek stages.

Vote: 7,5


Independent: Bugo and Cristian Dondi (5th)

Let us make a confession: The Independent (renamed “Wonderful” by the good Miccio) embody what we believe should be the true spirit of the Beijing Express. Without rushing, without “anger”, they enjoyed the eight stages of total relaxation, taking the time to admire the sights and people they encountered, truly having fun without the performance anxiety that is typical of the game. Thus, they developed a (almost) winning tactic: don’t scare the other fighters who saved them seven times from elimination. Well done, that’s how you do it (and it doesn’t matter that the elimination has come anyway, towards the end of the stages in Jordan).

Vote: 9


Italy-Brazil: Nikita Pelizon and Helena Prestes (4th classification)

If we were to judge them only on the basis of their determination, they would be unrivaled. After a slow start and discouragement that the initial tests could not be solved, Costantino della Gherardesca’s encouragement bore fruit, and Nikita and Helena began to grind their successes. However, we cannot ignore certain moral shortcomings (see above), certain wrongdoing and even the serious unpreparedness of those involved in such a game. In this sense, Nikita’s sentence “I thought the desert only existed in Egypt, but I discovered it also exists in Spain” is exemplary. So we have to take an average between two ratings.

Vote: 7


Mom and daughter: Natasha Stefanenko and Sasha Sabbioni (in the finals)

Cruel, unfair, cruel, but also have flaws. Natasha and Sasha showed a really commendable fighting spirit which led them to almost always end up at the top of the table, and luck helped them (see above) in the stage with the bunnies as well. In particular, with all her affection for Natasha, it was the young Sasha who struck us with a truly extraordinary power of mind and physics. More than tricks to put opponents in difficulty, we believe that mum and daughter’s greatest value is the ability to find passages under all conditions.

Vote: 8.5

natasha stefanenko, which is Beijing express-2

Jackals: Gianluca “Fru” Colucci and Aurora Leone (in the final)

As calm as the Independents, kind as Fidanzatina Rita, robust as the other pairs of finalists: the representatives of the Jackal are a true revelation of this edition of Beijing, because they have shown with facts that you can be a winner (or well placed) without losing goodness of mind. Aurora is the sister-friend-daughter-girl everyone would like, Fru is the unsuspected expert on world flags (Sheldon Cooper, are you in disguise?) And above all, this time he made a much better figure than the first LOL. If we let us express ourselves, we cheer the Jackals: their victory would be more than deserved.

Vote: 10


I Pazzeschi: Victoria Cabello and Paride Vitale (in the final)

The premise: We’ve had a crush on Victoria Cabello since MTV’s days, and the illness she has faced in recent years has made us love her even more by carrying us with her in the penultimate episode. That is why we “forgive” her some offenses (as in the “moving gate” of Viperetta) and for poor Miccio a few too many wafers. Paride, on the other hand, pleasantly surprised us with his patience – Vicki is not exactly an “easy” travel companion – and a confidence he (almost) never lost: when he comforted Victoria with a pain in his ankle, saying that he was willing to give up the race to help his friend, she won our heart.

Vote: 9


Hare guides: Costantino della Gherardesca and Enzo Miccio

We love Costantino like a brother, but it has to be said: he is as good as a conductor-confessor-motivator as a landslide as a competitor, and we still don’t explain how he finished third in the first edition led by Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia. In the episode with the hare, Enzo Miccio fell to the ground after a few seconds of the race and had to temporarily stop broadcasting, leaving his partner to lead the way. But let’s look at the good side: we’ve found that in addition to being a great competitor, Enzo is also a very good host to this show. And who knows what will happen in the next edition …

Vote: 9.5


Guests: Max Giusti and Massimo Ferrero

Let’s take a weighted average: Max Giusti showed that he passed the saudade which made him stand out in the last edition as a player and he was a very good substitute for Costa, so let’s give him a nice 8. For her part, Viperetta has even shown overly generosity: because helping all pairs to kick is okay, but that Beijing’s “poisoned flag” violated the rules by hiding a cell phone that had been “remedied” by a hotel room for herself and for Pazzeschi. Therefore, we cannot give him more than enough.

Vote: 7

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