Blanco and the Radio Italia case, Bernardini De Pace: “We should know what he thinks, our work is evidence-based.” Then he jokes: “If he were happy, it could get into a groping flirtation.”

“Women envy the groper. Men are jealous when they are touched. Finally, some gender equality“. Lawyer Annamaria Bernardini De Pacemany years of professional experience with VIPs, comments on the history Blanco blindfolded by a fan. And he does it with ironic and provocative words. His point of view is … sharp and a bit sarcastic. Could the female hand of a fan, immortalized on Blanco’s intimate parts while bathing the crowd at a concert, constitute a crime? Is this sexual harassment? The logical thread of the considerations of the famous lawyer is interrupted by the following questions: Was Blanco pleased? We do not know. Did he notice this repeated and prolonged contact right there? We do not know. Was he outraged? No, he’s silent for now. So far, so “much ado about nothing.”

Here is a reconstruction of the episode. At a concert in Piazza Duomo in Milan on May 21 on the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of the celebration Radio Italyperforms Blanco. In a sensual outfit revealing naked parts of the body, the artist lunges into the crowd. Blanco, 19, is now a star. He won San Remo Festival 2022 paired with Mahmood: sweetness and strength coexist in it, a fascinating magnetic contrast. So much so that at the end of the performance, while he is still singing among the thousands of delighted people who reach out to touch him, a woman also appears. Ringed, with very long and varnished nails, he touches it in the most reserved place. More: he is looking for erotic contact. Look for it. It looks like you are deliberately groping him. Nobody in the audience notices it except the fan. Is called Lucia and post the video to TikTok. A short video that went viral in which she’s angry. Overlay complains: “Thanks to the girl who puts her hand on … Blanco ruins the movie where she takes my boyfriend’s hand.”

Open the sky. Comments appear on social media. For and against. Crime, harassment, sexual or public delusion? In the past, when a rock or pop star was on stage, the audience screamed, broke gates, some people fainted with emotion. Histrionic Iggy Pop for example, he was showing off his sex, but if female fans were waiting for him in his caravan, it was definitely not a provocation. But despite everything it represented in this context and in this historic moment. Sid the Furiouspunk soul with i Sex guns, he was so “bloody” extreme in his performance that people threw everyone on stage at him, even bits of glass. Not in protest, but in sharing that sense of rebellion.

Naive question: if a fan put a hand there, what would happen? Today “politically correct” shuffles the cards – explains Bernardini De Pace – but me I believe that such a gesture by a woman is provocative“. First of all, the lawyer wonders what Blanco thinks about it. “There are three cases,” he says. “Either he was indignant and should have expressed his indignation or he liked it. There is also a case where he did not notice. ” But for Bernardini De Pace sexual violence may not occur in any of these cases without a declaration in this regard from the potentially offended party. “If, on the other hand, he was happy – the lawyer explains – there may even be a feeling when you feel itAnd “. Also because” finding her among thousands of women with those ringed fingers and very long varnished nails is easier than finding Cinderella starting with a crystal slipper, “he jokes. What if Blanco, moved by the ecstasy of the concert, didn’t notice groping him? So it would be “a lot of noise about nothing,” replies Bernardini De Pace.It is impossible to make careful considerations without being able to hear Blanco’s version. Our work is based on evidence, not innuendo. “

Then we wait for Blanco to answer. Let him say whether it was sexual violence, or for some reason, or whether he liked the gesture. “His lack of reaction may prove agreement.” Bernardini De Pace leaves the door open: Blanco’s freedom to decide between pleasure and disgust. But without his statement, it makes no sense to claim that it was violence. Remember the experience of the great rock concerts of the 70’s. “In those days, you could see everything,” he says. “The provocations of artists and audiences were ironic, cheerful, hard, extreme. The stars can be touched and touched without annoying malice“. These were the times of sexual liberalization. “We got rid of these chains 50 years ago, and do we have to go back to live shows with politically correct today? In my opinion, rhythm and sharing are lost”He concludes. Even Alba Pariettiin conversation with AdnKronos said: “Honestly, the thought of what happened on stage with Jim Morrison and Mick Jagger in the 60s and 70s makes me laugh a bit about this scandal.” Enrico Ruggeri on Twitter he disregarded by posting an old photo from the newspaper. The same is happening. He comments: “To be honest, things like this weren’t a tragedy for me.”

But not everyone thinks that. Lawyer A Gentile Nicodemusan expert on black matters (Sarah Scazzi, Melania Rea, Roberta Ragusa, Meredith Kercher) says: “Groping singer Blanco on stage in Piazza Duomo in Milan, which to many may seem” girly “, on the other hand, it allows abstractly integrate the crime, the crime of sexual violence“. And it clarifies: “Many judgments have emphasized the concept of ‘sexual act’, including any act suitable for the satisfaction or stimulation of sexual pleasure, for which also groping intimate parts without the consent of the interested party.”

A crime sanctioned by our code with a sentence from six to twelve years. Gentile also compares the case in terms of the ways it occurred and spread. to a similar gesture made by sports journalist Greta Beccaglia, harassed by a Florentine fan on November 27, 2021, in front of the stadium while he was on TV. Gender equality in crime? Gentile replies, “Here is a man who suffered the gesture, but the essence of course does not change. Just as the illegality of this fact does not change. Really evaluate the specifics of each case and the context in which it takes place ”. Even a lawyer Giulia Bongiornor as expressed in a declaration to Corriere della Sera: “This is sexual violence.” Senator of the Northern League, founder with Michelle Hunziker the non-profit organization “Double Defense”, dealing with discrimination, abuses, and violence against women, explained: “Sexual violence is any act that resolves itself in even fleeting bodily contact between a passive subject and an active subject, a danger of freedom of self-determination.” And he clarified: “Touching erogenous zones without the consent of another person – a man or a woman – can integrate the crime of sexual violence, punishable by 6 to 12 years imprisonment”. In short, the key word is consent. But was Blanco able to show it during his performance? And with the parts upside down, male-female, what would happen? Blanco is silent. In an Instagram post after the show, he arranges to meet his fans in Bologna and thanks them. Concert in Milan? “Bath of love“. You could say: a love bath with a special twist.

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