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Blanco in Valentino and Eurovision 2022 (everything you need to know>)

A few hours off Eurovision 2022, the most popular stage in the world, Blanchito emerges like in a fairy tale from the damp forests of its pre-alpine hills to face a new consciousness. Well told by Photo campaign produced by Valentino in Londoncon Blanco Protagonist.

That between Blanco and Valentino is a relationship that – to say the least Mahmoud – has no labels. Let me be clear, it’s a story of contracts, engagements, the use of images, in short it’s advertising. And yet, in this particular industry that fashion is – yes, fashion is still a particular industry despite marketing’s normalizing assaults – the marriages between charismatic performers like Blanco and fashion houses that have written the history of costumes like Valentino swing above it out with sheer mutual convenience. Especially when they emerge from the matrix of an anticipation. Artists value companies that believe in them first. Mahmood himself explained it very well recently when speaking about Riccardo Tisci, Burberry’s creative director: “Riccardo believed me from the start”. Even today, Mahmood pays special attention to Tisci’s advice and clothing.

Blanco Valentino Pier Paolo Piccioli Michael Bailey Gates Joe McKenna
Blanco in Valentino – Photo: Michael Bailey Gates – Styling: Joe McKenna

your white Maison Valentino it got there before others because it saw potential for collective emotional matches—and connections—in Blanco before others. It wasn’t an automatic bet. In the early months of last year (2021), Blanco presented himself on the scene as a wild card of unpredictable caliber: one she would wear a year later without a shot damaging the bra thrown by fans, to say. A child overloaded with self-mockery and a desire for separation, an energy that usually does not please to those of fashion – by definition, a self-referential world that takes itself terribly seriously.

Today we observe it in these photos that tell a conscious Blanco floating in a breath that seems more than a pose, a conquest of consciousness. Turin seethes with excitement (Here we tell you four things to do in Turin in the days of the Eurovision train carriage). Around two hundred million viewers will be sitting in front of the television on the evening of the final. Blanco is facing the biggest phase of his life. And the photos by Michael Bailey Gates for Valentino tell of a Blanco now aware he can no longer wear the reluctant prodigy’s shoes. Go-go platinum records, record streaming, Sanremo victory, tour with stages already sold out. There is little leeway to pretend nothing happened.

We’re near Shoreditch, in Arnold Circus, the London neighborhood that was once hipster and is now the quintessence of gentrification, the European echo of New York’s meatpack: industrial barracks that East London has been transformed into over the last two decades could be an exchange platform for creativity, profits and opportunities. A gargantuan mix of communities steeped in a desire to rip apart the future. It’s no coincidence that the raised garden in the neighborhood where Valentino photographed the campaign is tended by the collective’s volunteers Friend of the Arnold Circus, to which the house has donated. “I really like that the community cares about this place,” he says Pier Paolo Piccioli, Creative Director Valentino – is an idea of ​​the city I love. We share something, we take care of something together.”

In Shoreditch (east London) the idea of ​​globalism is tangible, bringing together the real and the virtual, the mechanisms of consumption and the capacities of different human communities Ride capitalism as a chance for liberation. That Gen Z he teaches us this more than anyone else. Exactly: This campaign is a photo, advertising and audience story of a generation.

a Shoreditch, Photographer Michael Bailey Gates and stylist Joe McKenna They narrated Blanco in hoodie sweatshirts, embroidered tulle, lace, college bomber jackets and shirt dresses with glitter stitching. But it all happened a year ago.

It was PierPaolo Piccioli who saw Blanchito’s potential when Italy was barely buzzing.Sleepless nights” and the young punk rabbit della Brescia had not yet climbed all possible rankings. “Our song‘, track featuring Mace and Salmo, he went crazy on radios and Blanco was loved by everyone *absolutely everyone*.

It is said – but by Valentino, which they do not confirm – it was one of PierPaolo’s sons who reported Blanchito to his father: who knows if the boy is listening “Rust” on Soundcloud, a trail lost in the prodigality of today’s bulimic discography, the mark of Blanco’s undeniable indie vocation. Anyway, Valentino followed Blanco step by step through the months of glory and fame, rankings and collaborations.

Last August 2021, as part of the collaboration between Valentino and the creative and musical scouting platform Boiler Room, Blanco appeared in the Martian Metaverse performance with the single at the time “Blinders” which opened up the solitary climb to all sorts of streaming rankings (video editor’s note above).

Just a few weeks later, September 2021, in the video of “Heavenly Blue“ – Regia Simon Peluso – Blanchito rolls naked between the elements of earth, air, water and fire. Then he goes into the forest in a ruffled shirt by Valentino. It is the video with which Blanco makes the big leap: it is clear that we are no longer alone with Michelangelo in the Soundcloud cellars, but have passed from the small label “Eclectic Music” to the hands of “Island Record” : Now Blanco is a star, it’s raining the first fashion editorials, everyone wants Blanco These are the weeks in which Mahmood, Blanco and Michelangelo weave the bonds “Chills”, that a few months will overwhelm Sanremo 2022.

On the Ariston stage in February 2022, while Mahmood moves from Prada to Burberry, from Balenciaga to Rick Owens to Sacai, Blanco dresses Valentino on four out of five nights (On the evening of the duets, Blanco wears The Attico). PierPaolo Piccioli takes the risk and paints a Blanco on the Sanremo stage that we have never seen before. Here comes a impregnable ferret wrapped in satin and tulle, embroidery and cloaks: a bomb that breaks the screen. they fly diamond bikeMahmood and Blanco stage total love and give us presents this magical night with a pearly sky.

When Valentino started creating – explained PierPaolo Piccioli – There were many rules for wearing clothes“while now”Fashion is a question of self-realization. This collection brings Valentino into this new world, giving a new meaning to codes and values.

Blanco has this ability to echo all human nuances, draw them in in a collective rite – like only great stars do – and then send them back in the form of a story. In this magical new wave of Italian discography (hooray) there is a small group of storytellers of our time who can worthily amass the legacy of the great Italian songwriter, and Blanco is definitely the bomber of this team (and yes, Mahmood is the director). Speaking of football: Blanchito cheers for Roma – a Brescian cheers for Roma! – and in the Olimpico they have now adopted his song “Until they bury me” as the Giallorossi anthem. From grandmothers to little girls *sunk in* to curve buffs to the Pope and then up to shuddering love: the power of a generation putting it all back into circulation.

Blanco in a contribution by PierPaolo Piccioli
Blanco in a contribution by PierPaolo Piccioli

Last Thursday I witnessed the following scene. Milan, traffic lights at Bocconi ( editors), a boomer in his sixties driving a BMW 2 Series (yes, the old BMW) had Blanco’s “Celestial Blue” at full volume and through the glass I saw with my eyes, his Lips chase Blanchito’s lines. I don’t know if he sang, he had the windows closed, but his lips were certainly in sync:

And I run for cover
As I learn to accept it
When time has already done it
Now you’re a memory of me
An imaginary memory of mine
I want from the brother
Born in the month of Aquarius
I would be the fish and you would be the shark…


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