Brazil is chosen as the best destination in the world for adventure tourism

Brazil has been named the best destination for adventure tourism in the world by US News & World Report, an American media conglomerate. The country was ahead of the 78 nations assessed, including New Zealand, Australia and Costa Rica.

Italy, Spain, Greece and Thailand complete the Top 5 of the best destinations in the world for adventure tourism.

The prominent position highlights the Brazilian potential in the post-pandemic scenario and brings the country as an ideal destination for adventure tourism.


US News & World Report reported that Brazil scored over 80 points out of a total of 100 in categories such as weather, landscape and entertainment. Among the indices analyzed by the international report, that of agility assessed the dynamism of the nations, and the country ranked 24th. In terms of cultural influence, the nation obtained the highest score and ranked 13th.

Tourism in Brazil is increasingly diversified in terms of travel opportunities. Coronavirus has brought more challenges to the tourism sector, so adapting to the new normal has been key to reducing losses and thinking about the post-pandemic world. With the advancement of vaccination against covid-19 and the decrease in cases of infection with the disease, the scenario is positive for the sector.

Adventure tourism is on the rise around the world. Brazil has many options for adventure and travel at the same time. Jalapão, in Tocantins, for example, offers stunning scenery, trails, waterfalls, natural pools, dunes, lookouts, hills, rivers and extreme sports for all tastes.


Another tip for your adventure during the trip is the Capitólio canyons in Minas Gerais, which have reopened for visiting with new rules. The place guarantees special registrations and a unique view for visitors.

Top 10 best destinations in the world for adventure tourism

  1. Brazil; 2. Italy; 3. Spain; 4. Greece 5. Thailand; 6. Mexico; 7. New Zealand 8. Australia; 9. Portugal and 10. Costa Rica

Election of the Board of Directors of FBHA

The Brazilian Federation of Accommodation and Food (FBHA) promotes on May 13, at the headquarters of the National Trade Confederation (CNC), in Brasília, the election of the new council, which will lead the entity from 2022 to 2026. FBHA represents 68 employers’ unions in national level in the food and accommodation sectors outside the home.


Alexandre Sampaio will be re-elected president of the FBHA

Alexandre Sampaio, the current president of the FBHA, is running for re-election in a single list. The vice-presidents of the ticket are: Graco Terceiro Neto Parente Miranda, vice-president 1; and Paulo Rogério Tadros, Second Vice President. The list also has Anaiad de Assis Lopes and Giovane Gisler as directors, and José Darcílio Cortes Junqueira Reis and Amaro Gadben as treasurers. The inauguration of the new council will take place on June 23.



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A Festuris Gramado, one of the main tourism business fairs in Latin America, reaches its 34th consecutive edition this year. The event has remained firm during the pandemic, adapted to the new scenarios and projects an even stronger comeback for this year. The fair will take place from November 3-6in the pavilions of the Serra Park, in Gramado, bringing together the main players on the national and international tourist market.

Some news have already been presented by the organizers. The first of these is the new Festuris slogan: “Resignification of tourism”. His choice was the result of an in-depth analysis of tourism and the changes it has undergone over the past two years, encouraging brands, destinations and professionals to give new meaning to the experiences they offer in the tourism market.


Eduardo Zorzanello and Marta Rossi, Festuris organizers

Other changes that are projected by the event are the resumption Wedding space (focused on the wedding and honeymoon segment), expansion LGBT + space (which will double in size and have a content room) and the launch of a new segmented space dedicated to gastronomy and wine tourism, Experience with wine and food. For more information, visit

tourism site


Minas Gerais is gaining ground as a frequent destination for internet searches. Several mining towns stood out on the Google platform between April 11 and 17. Belo Horizonte, São João del Rei, Tiradentes, Ouro Preto, Poços de Caldas, Monte Verde and Monte Sião divided people’s attention in surveys about “travel places in Minas Gerais”, according to CVC travel agency data. Ouro Preto recorded a 900% increase in searches in the days leading up to Holy Week.

And, on the portal of Minas Gerais, the vehicle of the Secult advertising the tourist and cultural activities in the state, the search records on the destinations in Minas Gerais had wide access. In the “events” tab of the page, 147,191 searches were registered for the cities of Minas Gerais between April 10-18. The 30 most visited municipalities include Montezuma, Serro, Catas Altas, Santana dos Montes, Capitólio, Santo Antônio do Leite, Belo Vale and Muriaé.


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