Burglaries in restaurants and bars in Curitiba are becoming commonplace

The habit of waking up at dawn with a break-in alert on your cell phone. Customers approached at gunpoint, chatting and sipping beer. This has become commonplace for entrepreneurs and patrons of bars and restaurants in Curitiba since Covid-19 restrictions began to be lifted in mid-August last year.


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In a bar in the downtown area alone, businessman Giuliano Todeschini accumulates 18 entries in his Lotus Sunset, in the trendy Praça da Espana district. He was not present in any of them, but the actions of the robbers were recorded by CCTV cameras.

However, he became afraid to open the doors when, more recently, an armed gang broke into a bar very close by, killing customers and employees. Todeschini told Bom Gourmet Negócios and Gazeta do Povo that he had already seen the same with other neighboring establishments in the region and that he feared being next.

“I saw the same thing in a nearby coffee shop, in another restaurant, and I’m scared to work. I open my bar because I have to, but I’m afraid,” she says.

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His reality is the same as that of many other entrepreneurs in the central area of ​​Curitiba, which covers the center and surroundings of the first ring. Similar reports accumulate on the pages of Gazeta and Tribuna, for example, about another businessman from the Central Region, whose bar was raided 14 times and caused a reaction from entrepreneurs.

united for safety

In a meeting with the 1st Regional Command of the Military Police this Monday afternoon (9), a cooperation agreement will be concluded bringing together the corporation, members of the Paraná section of the Brazilian Association of Bars and Restaurants (Abrasel-PR ), the Curitiba City Hall and the Civil Police to strengthen policing in the region.

According to Colonel Renato Ribas, who will lead the work, operations will be carried out to stop the actions of criminals and the alleged gang robbing establishments even during opening hours.

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“This will be done through more intensive monitoring, especially in places, at certain times and on certain days of the week with high traffic in these establishments, where the flow of customers has increased with the return to “normal life,” he explained.

According to him, the number of registered robberies in the first four months of this year increased slightly compared to the same period in 2021, when restrictive decrees were in effect: 48 cases against 45, respectively.

Ribas explains that this was a one-time increase due to the full opening of trade. But this figure may be an underestimate, as businessmen and clients do not register the incident for fear of reprisals.

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“People are afraid to file BOs (incident reports), especially businessmen who are afraid of becoming the target of more violent actions from criminals,” says Luciano Bartolomeu, chief executive of Abrasel-PR.

This is what was established by the report in private conversations with some businessmen. There is a fear that crimes that normally take place behind closed doors will happen to clients at home, which increases the risk if the perpetrators are armed.

tactical actions

One of the actions being studied is the interplay of CCTV cameras in restaurants with the police. Photo: Rappixel

Details of the increase in the police were not reported, and this must be kept secret so as not to affect the strategy of action. However, Colonel Renato Ribas says the number of new cases is expected to reach zero in 30 days.

“The city is very big and there are many bars and restaurants scattered around. The action will take place mainly in the central region, but will also require a little bit from Alto da XV, Agua Verde, Juve and others, in areas with a high concentration of establishments,” he says.

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According to Abrasel-PR, the cooperation agreement will still allow the civilian police to have faster access to the surveillance cameras of the institutions themselves, as well as public roads run by the mayor’s office. Giuliano Todeschini, who insisted on meeting after nearly two dozen robberies, explains that it will be easier for businessmen to communicate with patrolling police cars.

“We will have a meeting next week to present a project that links CCTV cameras to the police so they can also react faster in the event of an incident,” he says.

He also argues that a police module should be installed in the Plaza de España area, but other bohemian areas of Curitiba should not be left unattended by the police. “This is not just for me or my neighbor, this is so that all restaurant goers and entrepreneurs in the city can work more safely. I’m very scared,” he adds.

This reporter was also robbed at gunpoint in the same region where Todeschini works, just after sunset on Saturday.

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