Caipirinha, salmon belly and tacos. These 5 Esplanades in Lisbon have it all – Restaurants

The sun has come, the weather is good and no one stops the countdown to summer. Dark restaurants with fireplaces are preserved until autumn, and priority is given to spaces with terraces, preferably close to the sea or river.

And what’s missing in Lisbon – or if the Tagus wasn’t winking at us on the city’s shores – is an esplanade full of entertainment, good food and drinks to quench your thirst on hot days and nights.

Fresh cocktails? We have. Food from around the world, including tacos, picanhas, and fine pizza, among other offerings? Also. And if you prefer to jump in Lat.A or East-West, you can accompany it all with more music.

From Belem to Santa Apolonia, take a look at the five esplanades and discover a lot this early summer.

Arigato – Casica (Park of Nations)


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” data-title=”Arigato – Caipirinha, salmon belly and tacos. These 5 esplanades in Lisbon have it all – MAGG”>

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Anyone who has been a fan of the sushi tasting menu at Arigato do Parque das Nações may have trembled in fear when they saw the door closed for renovations. But, in the end, there was nothing to be afraid of: only profit. The well-known Asian restaurant with a terrace overlooking the Tagus has kept the tasting menu (lunch €17.50, dinner €24.50) with a new concept.

We’re talking about Casica, a new restaurant that was born in the same space as Arigato and brings flavors from South America. In addition to the two-cuisine tasting menu (€28.50) where you can sample a little of everything from fish croquettes and carnitas tacos to sushi and sashimi combos, there are new additions that will make your stomach choke.

There are shrimp tacos, guacamole cream and fresh salsa (8 euros) or veal tartare with truffles, cassava chips, horseradish mayonnaise (19 euros), obviously accompanied by a margarita (6.50 euros) or a cocktail that matches the atmosphere of the room: “Bird of the Jungle” with pisco, mango cordial, chipotle and lime juice (8.50 euros).

As for Asian cuisine, there are such novelties as smoked tuna loin tataki (€12.50) and usudukuri, pieces of white fish in truffle ponzu (€13). There are also plenty of options for vegetarians, from a veggie combo (from €15) to a veggie ramen (€13.50). To show that you can handle it all, back it up with a cocktail with a symbolic name: Samurai, consisting of Jinzu gin with sakura, yuzu and homemade kaffir lime soda (10 €).

Arigato and cacica

Location: Alameda dos Oceanos lot 2.11.01 E/F – Parque das Nações, 1990-223 Lisbon
reservations: 218 967 132/
Schedule: From Monday to Sunday from 12:00 to 00:00
Takeaway delivery: From Monday to Sunday from 12:00 to 23:00

Zero Zero (Prince Royal)

Zero Zero” data-title=”Zero Zero – Caipirinha, salmon belly and tacos. These 5 esplanades in Lisbon have it all – MAGG”> Zero zero

Walking past the facade of the Zero Zero pizzeria in Príncipe Real, it never occurs to anyone that one of the best esplanades in Lisbon is hiding behind. However, to say that this is a secret would be an exaggeration, given that the popularity of outdoor dining in this wonderful place is already more than great.

Prepare to wait as the lines are usually long, but take a chance not only for the seat but also for the food. There are arancini (6.50 euros), ravioli with ricotta and spinach (15.50 euros) and various delicious pizzas (from 10.90 to 18 euros). Pair with the season and order spring (€17) accompanied by a prosecco mojito (€6.50).

Household: Rua da Escola Politecnica 32, Lisbon
Telephone: 213 420 091

East-West (Bethlehem)

east-west” data-title=”east-west – caipirinhas, salmon belly and tacos. These 5 esplanades in Lisbon have it all – MAGG”> west

Breathtaking view of the Tagus river and April 25 bridge, beautiful terrace and good food. What else would you like to ask? Well, if we mix Italian cuisine with Asian cuisine, the two most popular and delicious, we will go to heaven.

In the East-West, enjoy a rustic pizza (€11.50) or a combo of 20 sashimi, kietsu sashimi (€24), among other offerings, but don’t leave the restaurant without asking for the inevitable salmon belly (€18) – word from MAGG.

Household: Belém Cultural Center, Praça do Imperio, Olive Garden, Belém
Telephone: 914 914 505 / 215 904 358
Schedule: 12:30-22:30 (Monday to Friday); 10:00-13:00 (Saturday and Sunday)

Lat.A (Docks of Santo Amaro)

Lat.A” data-title=”Lat.A – Caipirinha, salmon belly and tacos. These 5 esplanades in Lisbon have it all – MAGG”> years

We’ve been repeating this ever since this place at the Santo Amaro docks opened: there’s no passion fruit caipirinha (€8, also served in a jar, priced between €20 and €25) like this one on our list. as one of the best cocktails in Lisbon.

To try it, add an esplanade full of animations and lots of samba, plus delicacies like cheese bread (€2.50), Peruvian ceviche (€9), bobo shrimp cakes (€5) and thinly sliced ​​rump steak. with rice, beans and farofa (16€).

End? Giant Brigadeiro (€3) winks at chocolate lovers.

Household: CP Warehouse, Santo Amaro Dock, Lisbon
Telephone: 210 935 386
Schedule: open every day from 12:00 to 15:30 and from 19:00 to 00:00

Cais da Pedra (Santa Apollonia)

stone pier

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” data-title=”Cais da Pedra – Caipirinhas, salmon belly and tacos. These 5 esplanades in Lisbon have it all – MAGG”> stone pier

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Nine years after its opening, Cais da Pedra has put its burgers on the back burner and bet on traditional and comfort food with a touch of chef Enrique Sa Pessoa. So, on the terrace by the river, which even if the view is obscured by the cruise, is still the perfect place to dine on a sunny day, there is room to sample everything the chef has to offer.

There is an octopus salad with tomatoes and coriander (€11.50), tuna tartare (€17) and croaker ceviche (€17). If you like fish, try the Sea Bass with Rice and Clams à Bulhão Pato (€20.50).cod à Brás (€17) chef-style and octopus fillet with rice and beans, chorizo ​​and spinach (€20.50) and other offerings.

As for meat, the novelties are piglet confit with turnip greens puree and pepper sauce (19.50 euros) and duck magre with celery, cabbage and bacon puree (19.50 euros). The vegetarian offer is also expanded with the addition of tomato-rice confit with eggplant, arugula and parmesan (€14.50). Top it off with the final dessert at Cais da Pedra, foamy pudding with pine nut ice cream and saltine crackers (€5.50).

Household: Avenida Infante Dom Henrique, Warehouse B – Store 9, Lisbon
telephone: 218 871 651
Schedule: 12:00-00:00

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