Caravaggio, image damage? Community directory symposium, Sgarbi: He is not Ragusa

Ragusa – Never before has a cultural topic been so debated in Ragusa. The exhibition with theSleeping John“In the Church of Badia in Ragusa Superiore, it triggers reactions at all levels.
Was it Caravaggio who painted the picture from a Maltese private collection and now (after a previous exhibition in Camaiore) exhibited it in Ragusa?

The opposites
Let’s start with the opposition to the mayor: “The opposition group leaders in the Council, Sergio Firrincieli for the Five Star Movement, Mario Chiavola for the Democratic Party, Gianni Iurato for Ragusa Prossima and Giorgio Mirabella for Together, have submitted a motion to the President of the Councilor Fabrizio Ilardo on the Caravaggio case.
“We ask – write Firrincieli, Chiavola, Iurato and Mirabella in the note sent this morning – that a meeting of the Group Leaders’ Conference is urgently convened with an invitation to the Mayor Peppe Cassì and the Councilors Francesco Barone and Clorinda Arezzo to report on the Caravaggio Question”.
Indeed, the four group leaders argue that in these hours numerous contradictory voices have emerged on the exhibition in question and it is necessary that we can have a clear picture of the situation in order to protect the image of the Municipality of Ragusa and the whole city. “.
Yes, a clear picture, never underpants it was more Freudian.

The organizers of the exhibition: We will hold a symposium on June 3rd
The organizers of the exhibition (which cost the municipality just €6,000 in services) are responding with a symposium scheduled for June 3rd. Neither a press conference nor a conference. Symposiums on Caravaggio are held in Ragusa.
Here’s the note we’re covering in full:
“A symposium with the experts on the art of Michelangelo Merisi and to discuss the painting “San Giovanni Reclining” attributed to Caravaggio through certain documents and scientific studies, central work of the exhibition “Caravaggio – Last Landing” held in the Church of Badia di Ragusa While the exhibition is already celebrating the first 1000 visitors, the symposium will take place on June 3rd at 11am in the main hall of the Cultural Shopping Center, which will be open to critics, historians, art experts and journalists and which will serve to provide all the details of the diagnostic campaign carried out on the painting and the documentary evidence The representatives of the production and ownership of the painting, the art historian Pierluigi Carofano and curator of the exhibition, the restorer and art historian Roberta Lapucci, the diagnostic physicist of works of art Teobaldo Pasquali, Dr. Francesco Moretti , member of the organizing committee s of the exhibition, and the chemist Leonardo Borgioli, all well-known experts in the field of art history and restoration. The exhibition catalog, which is in an advanced draft phase, contains the content of various scholars, including that of the art historian Professor Mina Gregori, academic of the Lincei and the best known Italian connoisseur of the art of Caravaggio.
The exhibition, promoted by Happee Place and Mediatica with the patronage of the Municipality of Ragusa, the Libero Municipal Consortium and the Opera Pia Schininà, presents, in addition to the painting “San Giovanni Battista Reclining”, four other works by important authors related to cavaraggesque art. These are the works “Sermon of St. John the Baptist” by Domenico Piola, “John the Baptist baptizing Christ in the Jordan” by Luigi Garzi, “John the Baptist preaching to the crowds by Giovanni Odazzi”, Holy Families and John” by Francesco Rustici. Visitors and tourists are enthusiastic about the exhibition, which can be seen until October 15, 2022″.

The Mayor of Ragusa Cassì: Why is Sgarbi waking up only now?
Meanwhile, the mayor of Ragusa Peppe Cassì ups the dose and secretly accuses Vittorio Sgarbi of only now waking up and denying the attribution of the painting to Michelangelo Merisi, while in the past he had remained at the pinnacle of diplomacy: “At over 400 years after his death, Caravaggio’s art continues to inspire and debate. With the exhibition in the Chiesa della Badia that welcomes the “reclining San Giovanni Battista”, Ragusa is involved in this debate that has enthralled the greatest experts on the Lombard painter and can only increase the knowledge we have about the artist.
In fact, the debate over the authenticity of the work has been going on in recent days, with illustrious opinions facing each other. There is no doubt that before accepting the painting, the municipality received ample assurances: as art historian Pierluigi Carofano, curator of the Ragusa exhibition, notes, “the reclining San Giovanni Battista exhibited in Ragusa is remembered as a specific work by Caravaggio retain Medici inventories from 1641 to the 18th century, and the dimensions and iconography are the same. Caravaggio’s greatest living scholar, Mina Gregori, confirmed the attribution in a card on her behalf at an important and recent exhibition in Japan, where the work was exhibited as being by Caravaggio”.
In an article published in Il Giornale on December 5 last year, this reading by Prof. Garofano was defined as “certainly interesting” by Vittorio Sgarbi, who instead shows for the first time today the certainty of the non-authenticity of the work and affirms that artistic criticism is a living and constantly evolving material.
You can find the article who.
On June 3rd at 11.00 a.m., during a session open to all at the Cultural Center, the curator of the exhibition, flanked by other experts and scholars, will provide all the data and evidence on the history of painted that he owns, to clarify its attribution and an artist to help understand someone who hasn’t stopped talking about himself for 400 years”.

Sgarbi: There is no Caravaggio hand. He is recognizable as a tailor, a cook
“Visitors and tourists enthusiastic about the exhibition,” write the organizers in their statement. Among those who are not enthusiastic is the art critic Vittorio Sgarbi, who in a way Spicy a few days ago he expressed himself in a Interview with Video Mediterraneoand explains that in a clear way the painting has none of the communicative power of Merisi.
Here it is rest of his statements: “I said from the first day I saw this painting in Camaiore that I would not write about it, in fact there is no essay by me. I wrote an article saying that the work is very interesting and like other works by Caravaggio – I don’t know – La Maddalenanine versions are known Weather in San Francesco ten are known, two versions of which are known (the other in Munich, in Bavaria, editor’s note), well, neither of them are by Caravaggio. We see a work that is interesting for studies because it testifies to an invention by Caravaggio. From a pictorial point of view, the works exhibited in Ragusa and those preserved in Munich are not, at the level of a certain proof of quality, by Caravaggio’s hand. Caravaggio’s hand is like a tailor, like a cook. Here we are faced instead with a derivation of a probably lost work by Caravaggio, the existence of which we do not know, and the chef who made it is not Caravaggio.

Three intellectuals: do not associate our name with the Ragusa exhibition
Meanwhile, three prominent figures from the world of culture, approached by the organizers, have asked that their names not be associated with the Ragusa Exhibition. I am Rossella Vodret and Claudio Falcucciand Gianni Papi, the latter with a Letter to Ragusanews.

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