Carlo Verdone: “I am indebted to the Neapolitan doctors, they treated me. The oncologist saved me from anxiety “

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Actor: «I learned to diagnose. I will be at the Hippocratic Oath in Naples, I will tell the boys: don’t watch the quarrel on TV “

from Vincenzo Esposito

Carlo Verdone

Carlo Verdone, on May 30, will be a guest of the Hippocratic Oath of New Neapolitan Doctors at the Augusteo Theater. Why?
– Because they invited me.

Is that enough?
“For me, yes, because President Zuccarelli asked me to do it, and because I owe a great debt of gratitude to the Neapolitan doctors who have treated me and my family many times and have done it very well. Yes, I have to thank them and I do it here too ».

What will the eight hundred young Neapolitan doctors who swear?
“That they are a very important reality and need encouragement at such a delicate moment. Covid has some monkeys for everyone, and their job is decisive. We have seen that a virus born on another continent arrives here within hours and brings death and suffering. We have to prepare because this experience has taught us that we need to be prepared for other pandemics ».

«Yes, it is important that they do not play the protagonists. In recent months, we have seen many arguing on TV, each confirming something different and contradictory to the other. It hurt people. Medicine cannot be reduced to a condominium meeting where everyone is shouting ”.

“To be good doctors, you must have predispositions in your soul, you must be able to observe, you must know how to listen”.

They say you are a failed doctor.
«They say, they say. They also say I’m a hypochondriac. But when ever. The truth is, I am passionate about medicine. And often in the evening for relaxation, I read materials from medical conferences on various diseases. So over the years I’ve gained some experience and learned to recognize some, say, feelings. I’ve made a few diagnoses to friends, and it’s always fine. But never cover them to the doctors … ».

“And yet they were, of course, poor doctors. I said to my friends: check it out, better if you can see that other thing do these analyzes. They listened to me. Many were healed, and I saved three of their lives. And I’m not exaggerating. They got hard on time. And they thank me to this day, if you only knew how many gifts for Christmas ».

And why, since it is a great passion, he did not become a doctor?
«Because they impress me easily. I can’t see the blood. Do you know why I fell in love with medicine?

– For Dr. Gerardo D’Agostino, a Neapolitan physician, oncologist who worked in Regina Elena. He was a friend of the family and cared for everyone. He looked at you, sensed you and made a diagnosis. Infallible. In the sixties and seventies he solved many problems in the Verdone house, even the complicated ones. And I, a 17-year-old boy, fell in love with this profession. Ah, he was also a bit of a psychologist. In just three words, he was able to solve the crises that I too had ”.

For example?
«I remember that I was unable to sleep at night, I was anxious and very much. He looked at me, gave me a couple of pills, then said, “Take one in the evening and take the other one if needed. Oh thank God you’re worried. ” And me: why. “Or else you’d be a jerk like many others.” And he left. I could sleep much better ».

And he wanted to be a doctor.
“I would like to be a geriatrician or a pediatrician. My dream was to help the elderly or children. And then I went into theater instead. After all, I’m a mood doctor. Even that is useful ».

And Dr. D’Agostino?
“Life is strange, he died many years ago, a few months after my mother, and of the same disease, a very rare neurological disease.”

In 2007, Federico II University awarded her an award, which was accompanied by a plaque with the inscription from the Hippocratic Oath: “In every home I enter, I will go there as a relief for the sick.”
«Yes, it is one of the most beautiful things I carry in my heart. Eventually my heroes walk into houses and make people laugh. And that’s good for you. “

You discovered that you are of Neapolitan ancestry, Puteolane to be exact.
“Yes, that is also a story worth telling. For years my father has been looking for traces of his grandfather in Caserta, Naples, Nola. Thread. One day a gentleman sends me a photo of a war memorial and Oreste Verdone is on the list of names. The plaque is in Pozzuoli and that is where it all started. We found out where my grandfather was from, who died in World War I, and we traced his documents. Also thanks to Candida Carrino and the State Archives of Naples. Still, Naples is of course a destiny and I owe a lot to this city. We also found out where he was killed and my son and I went to San Gabriele, near Gorizia, to remember him ».

What does this have to do with Naples.
«I come very often and with great pleasure, I like everything, even food. And then sometimes I do it at work as well, because De Laurentiis wants to stay close to the team and won’t let go. “

“Then this is the city that gave me the opportunity to introduce another Verdone, the one who has a great passion for photography. I remember a beautiful exhibition at the Madre Museum made thanks to Laura Valente. For me it was a unique emotion and to this day I find feedback from people who compliment me ”.

He never played Neapolitan characters.
“I would never allow myself, for Naples and the Neapolitan, respect is needed. I would never speak a dialect ».

But he played a lot of doctors.
«Yes, I tried to show their many advantages, but also disadvantages. Like the bizarre professor Raniero Cotti Borroni with the phone slogan “no, it doesn’t bother me at all” in Viaggi di Nozze. “

What speech did you prepare for young Neapolitan doctors?
“I will get off my cuff, I haven’t prepared anything. But I will certainly say that we need them. “

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