The 10 best stands at Arte Fiera Bologna 2022

The Modern and Contemporary Art Fair takes place in Bologna: which are the most curious and deserving stands? Here’s Artribune’s selection The ranking of artribune on the most interesting stands of the Arte Fiera, open until May 15, 2022 in Bologna in an unprecedented spring look. after i introduced you first impressions For the event, … Read more

Sunday in May between markets, culture and nature: here is the program

8 ‘Read 05/13/2022 – Varied, hilarious, cultural and natural initiatives planned for May 15 for the Spring “Stradomenica” of the Municipality of Pesaro. From morning to night, the city offers many shopping opportunities, museum and exhibition openings, guided tours and unmissable natural phenomena. Here is the program. CITIZEN MARKET Opening hours: 8:00-13:00 The traditional city … Read more

Night of Museums, Floralia and what to do in Tuscany at the weekend

The weekend begins with the Night of the Museums with special evening openings at the symbolic price of 1 euro. Many possibilities. Here are some examples. At the National Archaeological Museum of Florence, the director and curators of the Egyptian, Greek, Magna Graecia and Etruscan departments answer all the questions and curiosities of the public. … Read more

Gloria Gatti in the Giornale dell’Arte: Destroying Wall Drawings #570 is an “incitement” to harm the tax authorities and commit a crime

While in Ravenna over the story Sol LeWitt Wall Drawings # 570 various rumors continue to go mad, spiced with repeated calls for the resignation of the curator of the Mar Giorgia Salerno (the level is so high that the arms are falling and this newspaper has no intention of leaving traces anymore or less … Read more

This year at the Venice Biennale

Player is loading The 59th International Art Exhibition, better known as “the Biennale” after the name of the foundation that organizes it, opens in Venice from April 23rd. It is one of the most important and long-lasting exhibitions of modern art in the world and the largest in Italy. Created in 1890 at the initiative … Read more