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This Saturday (7th) is the penultimate day for those who want to enjoy the delights of the Comida di Buteco in Belo Horizonte. The 22nd edition of the competition, in which 90 bars of the city take part, ends this Sunday (8).

This year, establishments could abuse their creativity as the theme is free.

Various ingredients such as cuts of pork, beef and chicken, fish, vegetables and typical Minas Gerais delicacies such as tongue, sausage and oxtail included in the dishes presented by the participants.

The price is unique: they all cost 27 reais.

In addition to veteran rods, they also participated in the competition for title of the best pub cities that were open during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Café Palhares is the 2021 winner – Photo: Mariana Lelis

At the first stage of the competition, pre-selected measures show which snacks were created.

In addition to Belo Horizonte, Curitiba, Manaus, Rio de Janeiros, Sao Jose do Rio Preto, Sao Paulo, Belen, Brasilia, Ribeirão Preto, Campinas, Posos de Caldas, Montes Claros, Florianopolis , Juiz de Fora, Goiania, Recife and Porto Alegre also participate in the competition.

The champions of each city will face each other in June for the title of Best Buteco in Brazil.. The award will take place in July.

Spectators and judges will evaluate the four categories and give notes on appetizers, service, drink temperature and hygiene.

Comida di Buteco starts this Friday with 90 bars.

Check out the 90 participating bars in Belo Horizonte:

  • Area: Cruzeiro
  • Name of Prato: Carpaccio 222
  • Neighborhood: Employees
  • Name of dish: Amazing Ribs with Crazy Sauce
  • Neighborhood: Casa Cabral
  • Name of the dish: Sweet Garlic Pork
  • Area: Santa Blanca
  • Name of the dish: Porco no Tucupi – The couple arrived in the ChB.
  • Neighborhood: San Antonio
  • Name of the dish: Pig got a visa
  • District: Grachau
  • Meadow: Stew 1501
  • Area: Salgado Filho
  • Dish: Giant and hot GG
  • Neighborhood: Sao Juan Batista
  • Dish: Bumba Meu Boy
  • Area: Planalto
  • Dish: Chips with cassava in oil
  • Area: Santa Teresa
  • Dish: Gaucho Chicken Dumplings
  • Neighborhood: Conjunto California
  • Dish: Di Buteko Even
  • Area: Santa Amelia
  • Dish: Rapa do tacho
  • Neighborhood: San Antonio
  • Tablet: On your knees must pray
  • Neighborhood: Sao Juan Batista
  • Plate: 3 in 1
  • Area: Riachuelo Park
  • Dish: Eating fish eggplant
  • Area: Belo Horizonte city center
  • Dish: Shredded cassava
  • Neighborhood: Santa Ynez
  • Dish: Sashimi Mineiro
  • Area: Alipio de Melo
  • Dish: Sensational pork biscuits
  • Area: Esplanade
  • Dish: Wow, just a good thing
  • Area: Saint Augustine
  • Dish: pork crown

Area: Belo Horizonte city center

Dish: Bar ribs

  • District: Itapoa
  • Dish: As we love
  • Area: Santo Amelia
  • Meadow: Barbarian Goulash

Barrigudinha Buteko Gourmet

  • Area: Alipio de Melo
  • Prato: fried chicken with sweet and sour flour
  • Area: Etelvina Carneiro
  • Prato: Joaka is a gondola
  • Area: Santa Ephigenia
  • Dish: Smart Knee
  • Area: Cruzeiro
  • Prato: Leiri Leiri
  • Area: Santa Lucia
  • Dish: diaper fashion Minas Gerais
  • Neighborhood: Employees
  • Dish: Parmesan kebab with crispy potatoes
  • Area: Serra
  • Prato: Pastel to the Swamp
  • Area: Jardim America
  • Dish: Reflection of the Past
  • Area: Lourdes
  • Dish: Barbecue Ribs Stew
  • Area: Buritis
  • Dish: Pork jam
  • District: University
  • Dish: Bem Mineiro
  • District: Jardim Atlantico
  • Plate: Caminos de Minas
  • District: Itapoa
  • Meadow: Creamy Mumu
  • Neighborhood: Belo Horizonte city center
  • Prato: I have changed
  • Area: Cruzeiro
  • Dish: Sausage pie stuffed with minas cheese and special homemade sauce
  • District: Gutierrez
  • Dish: Polpetone a Mineira
  • Area: Buritis
  • Dish: Wai Teriyaki
  • Area: Santa Ephigenia
  • Dish: Solstice Mineiro do Cantim Dor Noir
  • Area: San Geraldo
  • Dish: Arretado di Bao!
  • Area: Dona Clara
  • Dish: Gives wings to origin
  • Area: Santa Helena
  • Prato: Tika Loka
  • Area: Vista Alegre
  • Dish: Rabiko in a paddock
  • Area: Dona Clara
  • Plate: Vaccine 2022

Churrasco Churrasco Silveira

  • Area: Silveira
  • Dish: Chico cutlet
  • Area: Belo Horizonte city center
  • Dish: Yin – Yang portion
  • Neighborhood: Sao Juan Batista
  • Dish: Things from Minas
  • Area: Santa Teresa
  • Dish: Tilapia Ceviche + Sweet Potato Chips
  • Area: Planalto
  • Dish: Naked, what a cool train!
  • Area: Anchieta
  • Dish: Porkim Juliet
  • Area: Jonas Veiga
  • Dish: Crazy train, just a spy
  • Area: Planalto
  • Dish: Garage gossip
  • Area: Barreiro
  • Prato: Bola 8
  • Neighborhood: Sagrada Familia
  • Dish: Sets
  • Area: Barreiro
  • Prato: Dona Hilda
  • Area: Serrano
  • Dish: Stewed loin with spicy guava
  • Area: Cruzeiro
  • Dish: Don’t make faces
  • Area: Santa Ephigenia
  • Dish: Tasty Train
  • District: Manakas
  • Dish: Termite mound
  • District: Pedro II
  • Plate: Mega Cupcake
  • Neighborhood: Conjunto Minas Caixa
  • Prato: Trem di sol
  • Area: Karmo
  • Dish: Crispy Chicken with Tonkatsu Sauce
  • Area: Karmo
  • Prato: CopaQui
  • Neighborhood: New Switzerland
  • Dish: Crazy Boy
  • Area: Palmeiras
  • Dish: Meatballs for pizza
  • Area: Santa Amelia
  • Dish: Trinca Mineira
  • Area: Prado
  • Dish: Ham croquettes stuffed with cheese
  • Area: Planalto
  • Sign: Bora Proser?

Quioxque Butiquim Carioca

  • Area: Buritis
  • Dish: Between the sea and the mountain
  • Area: Parauna
  • Dish: Grandma’s ribs
  • Neighborhood: New Switzerland
  • Dish: Brazilian
  • Area: Santa Ephigenia
  • Prato: pork knuckle
  • Area: Santa Ephigenia
  • Dish: Portuguese
  • Area: Belo Horizonte city center
  • Dish: Sweet Potato Gossip
  • Area: Karmo
  • Dish: Kaipira Prayer

Botekim Retro Sanctuary

  • District: Minas Brazil
  • Dish: Sunflower the color of your hair

Sinha Erozitha Bistroteco

  • Neighborhood: Horto
  • Dish: Be (so) Mineiro
  • Area: Silveira
  • Plate: chipped
  • Neighborhood: Eucharistic Heart
  • Dish: filet of excellence
  • Neighborhood: Eucharistic Heart
  • Dish: Pork
  • District: Kaysara
  • Dish: Grandma Giovigny’s Ribs
  • Area: Santo André
  • Prato: Chance
  • Area: Belo Horizonte
  • Dish: Cutlet for two
  • Area: Vila Magnesita
  • Dish: Acaraje Wow!
  • Neighborhood: Eucharistic Heart
  • Dish: I love her
  • Area: Belo Horizonte city center
  • Dish: Alivo Hambar
  • Area: Vila Cloris
  • Dish: Mad Cow Disease
  • Area: Pampulha
  • Dish: Childhood Memories

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