District back a weekend. In Faenza from May 27th to 29th “Let’s make a robina” with itinerant food, art and workshops

The 15th edition of the itinerant event returns to Faenza in Romagna in the old town district with a high artistic density. After the Covid break, the event, which counted over 15,000 admissions in 2019, returns to its original format: three days marked by three different dates, all always and definitely in focusUnion of art and food as engines of conviviality and sharing.

Doors and courtyards open again with unique and unprecedented combinations of artists, restaurateurs and cellars: Houses that host art galleries, offices that turn into small restaurants, streets that become open-air bars and everything that makes special the always new path that characterizes this weekend in the heart of Romagna.

A consolidated format, with many surprises and always new results, but with a substantial organizational change, with a view to safely restarting major events. On Friday night, that of the walking meal, which has always been the liveliest and most popular, the use of a bracelet pass was added to access the places of drinks.

Traditionally, a new and unusual theme unites this marathon that stimulates the creativity of chefs, producers, artists and hosts.

“Let’s make a robina” is a real dedication to one of the founders of the project, Valter Dal Pane, restaurateur but above all cultural mediator. Ten years after his death, District A also joins the rich program of Faenza celebrations, the waltz of events, and entitles the three days with one of his most recurring phrases.

“He said: ‘Let’s do a little Robina’ to let us know that new ideas were boiling in his head – say the organizers –. For us it is also a variation of the very classic Romagna “Fata rôba”, “S’èla sta rôba”, “A fasé ‘na rôba”, declined in the diminutive that also says how we tiptoe and with humility want to return after these difficult months for food and wine. Our return to our origins”.

Invited artist to deal with the topic “robin” was Nero / Alessandro Neretti, who interpreted it ironically and with which the graphics Sofia Banzola and Giulia B. Francalanci declined for the coordinated appearance of the event. The artist will also be present with his event on Friday 27th at the Bartoletti and Cicognani Architectural Office.

The program in brief


Gastronomic realities of the city, but also restaurateurs and wineries, among the most interesting in the region, open for just one evening a temporary and unprecedented space in the Faenza district, enriched by the presence of artistic installations. The formula is always the same, but to access the drinks and really enjoy the hiking food, a bracelet pass is required to reduce the flow to private areas and avoid congestion and gatherings. A formula that sums up the desire to start again with large events and to introduce new social practices. So entry remains free, but the drink requires the pass, which can be purchased on the District A website or even in two proposals on the same evening. The basic One Robin pass is €5, while €10 gets you the Many Robin pass which includes the classic glass kit with pouch and pin for the event. However, access is free throughout the district, open to anyone who wants to stroll, enjoy the atmosphere and outdoor situations.

As usual, the choice is very large. “We will make a robina” in 46 different rooms that open their doors to welcome 24 restaurateurs, 22 wineries, 5 breweries and 9 cocktail bars. There are local loyalists and historians of the area, like Clandestino, Mens Sana, Osteria della Sghisa, San Biagio Vecchio, and pop-up proposals like Postrivoro and the now institutional Senegal Boys (a neighborhood food project invented by Valter himself). There are many Romagna locals who continue to choose District A for their excursions, such as Loco Squad, Marè, Locanda di Bagnara, l’Acciuga and newcomers such as Osteria Del Povero Diavolo, Agrofficinina and Villa Monty Banks. District A also always leaves room for charitable projects and is home to the fundraisers of Lioness, Maternal Aid, La Bottega della Loggetta, Dress Again and the Pirazzini School Parents Committee. Of course there will be the “Baretto del District A” with drinks from Monica E Tonica.

The same evening, the art installations open, with a path that ideally starts from a former workshop. It’s Block A, a fluid space with an ever-changing address, a traveling art gallery curated by District A, this time in collaboration with Habitat, a project of collective housing and workshops created to address the theme of revitalizing Italian villages to respond and their cultural heritage. To continue, as always, in heterogeneous spaces and interventions: from the neighborhood school, to houses that have never been opened before and that become small galleries, to courtyards that have not missed an edition. We are moving from the Zauli Museum, which is celebrating its twentieth anniversary the same weekend, to the new Latte Project Space gallery to continue in artist studios such as that of the late Danilo Melandri. Exhibitions, private homes, performances, DJ sets, talks, parades that alternate over the three days in a program to be carefully consulted in the now classic folding program / map.


Whether it is the improvised table of the first editions or the presence of food trucks, Saturday is dedicated to street food. In this issue, Scamporella takes care of the appointment in Via Croce. “Sometimes nel District A” is a four-course menu prepared by DOC Cesenatico with Torre di Oriolo wines, served at a large table to share with old and new friends, furnished in the famous style of the format is.

The program shows all the open spaces that can be visited in the evening, including Danilo Melandri’s studio and the exhibition.

In the afternoon there are some walks: together with the anti-violence center SOS Donna to celebrate the opening of Casa Nicoletta, with the bell tower to discover unusual details of the center, with the architect Ennio Nonni to visit the MUS collection to visit – Territory Sector Museum as well as a guided tour of the Museum of the Risorgimento. This year the program will also be enriched with talks on the restoration of works of art in the laboratory of Maria Letizia Antoniacci.

The attention to know-how also returns with the artistic and craft workshops for children and adults that alternate between Saturday and Sunday in different spaces: the stop motion with Stefano Tedioli, the press, carpentry, street art and tailoring belong to the proposals for adults and children. A novelty for those willing to change: Verena Alpi

Sunday May 29th BREAKFAST & TOURS (and workshops!)

On the last day of the weekend, District A is organized as always to enjoy the neighborhood in the morning light in the name of relaxation and discovery.

It starts with O’Fiore Mio Hub’s breakfast at the Bartoletti Cicognani architectural studio, with the museum garden adjacent, but latecomers can go straight to Quazàr Coworking for brunch, accompanied by arias by Mozart and Chopin, prepared by NOVE100 and served in the Sala della Lirica, decorated by the Liverani brothers. During the brunch, an informal talk about color in space with Bianca Maria Canepa will take place in the library for those interested in interior design.
There are also two bike tours for those who want to move and discover new routes: one along the one that combines ceramic works and sculptures from the Open Air Museum of Contemporary Art; and a second dedicated to architecture: Paolo Rava, exceptional guide, will lead the way to discover the works of Filippo Monti. He will present the character of the architect Claudio Piersanti and thanks to the collaboration with the Order of Architects of the Province of Ravenna, a professional training credit will be awarded to the participating architects. For those who want to stay in the area, photographer Raffaele Tassinari’s studio is open to discover the secrets of ancient photography on portraits or devote oneself to street art and tailoring workshops.

District A - walking food

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