Do you want to travel through Brazil? Tripsz connects customers interested in bus travel with travel agencies


What are you doing:
It is a tourism technology that connects, through its application, customers with travel agencies that offer tours and packages in the cities of Minas Gerais, Paraná, Rio de Janeiro, Santa Catarina and São Paulo.

what the problem solves:
For small and medium-sized agencies, it provides technological innovation with a more effective tool than social media or the need to create a website for these businesses to prospect. In addition to promoting the trips of these agencies (classified as Adventure, Culture, Parties, Parks, Beaches, Romance, Routes and Travel with Accommodation), it offers customers better payment methods in the application, without compromising cash flow. Tripsz has a digital account that advances the amounts paid by travelers. For customers, it provides access to dozens of verified agencies and tours in a single application, in an easy, secure way and with benefits such as cashback. The company also allows payment by credit card in up to 12 installments, Pix and Boleto.

What makes it special:
According to the founders, the security offered to travelers in the research and employment of travelers, with agencies verified in Cadastur, from the Ministry of Tourism, is what makes the startup special. In addition, other differences include the ability for customers to compare prices and destinations and different forms of payment, the provision of a personalized dashboard for agencies to manage travel, and the chance to anticipate payments and discuss with the target audience.

Business model:
Tripsz operates as a B2B2C marketplace. On the one hand, its clients are travel agents and, on the other hand, travelers. The startup is commissioned for each sale that takes place in the application, with a margin of 5 to 16%.

January 2021.

Lauro Guedes – CEO and co-founder
Paloma Araújo – CTO and co-founder


Lauro Guedes 25 years old, São Paulo (SP) – Is formed in Advertising from PUC Minas and a postgraduate degree in Management, Entrepreneurship and Marketing from PUC-RS. He founded Lafhe, an urban mobility and collaborative economy company, and worked as a marketing consultant for companies such as Mercantil do Brasil and Mafra Informática.

Paloma Araújo 25 years old, Inhambupe (BA) – is formed in Science and Technology from the Universidade Federal do ABC and is studying an MBA in Cloud Computing at the Faculdade de Tecnologia FIAP. He works as a software engineer in Itaú.

How it came about:
Lauro has always been passionate about travel and says that on a visit to Chile in 2018, he realized that one of the tours cannot be done with Uber or a regular bus. To do this, you should find a travel agency. At the time, he wondered how he would find a safe and reliable agency, and how he would compare prices and options. He says he has viewed travel publications on YouTube and found local blogs comparing offers. Even so, I felt that something was missing to facilitate this search. A lover of technology and startups, he came up with the idea to create Tripsz, as he realized that there was a gap in this market, especially in Brazil. Back in the country, in January 2020, he started developing the company’s MVP. In March, a pandemic broke out, causing the project to stop. Shortly afterwards, he met Paloma online and they set up a conversation to continue the development. In January 2021, they already had a first version of the two applications, the one used by travelers and the one used by travel agencies, launching the company in February.

Current status:
Tripsz operates remotely with a team of five people, has over 17,000 registered users in the application, 80 partner agencies and about 630 packages available. The valuation of the startup, according to the CEO, is currently 3 million reais.

The business was accelerated by Startups SP and Stars Acceleradora from Sebrae.

Investment received:
Stars have invested 225 thousand reais in the business.

Investment need:
The startup has an open round and aims to raise 650 thousand reais.

Market and competitors:
“Tourism is a huge market in Brazil, but with few technological solutions. Our direct competitors are: Vou de Trip, Sagtur, Easy Travel Shop and P2D. The indirect ones are the social networks themselves, which today focus on trips, and travel agencies “, says Lauro.

The biggest challenges:
“We believe that the biggest challenge is to make travel and travel agencies, accustomed to interacting through Facebook groups and social networks, start doing this in the application,” says the CEO.

“In these first months of 2022, we have already moved about 80% of the entire year 2021.”

Profitability threshold forecast:
In 18 months, with a new round of investment.

Vision for the future:
“For the next three years, our goal is to be in other cities besides the state of São Paulo. As an initial goal, we want to serve the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte. Our estimate is that we have 6,000 partner agencies and 1 million registered users. We want to position ourselves as the largest tourism market in Brazil, which operates in the main states of the country “, says Lauro.

Where to find:

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