Don Massimo and his mission

Don Matteo 14 will be ready. Raoul Bova will return as Don Massimo. In an interview with, script manager Mario Ruggeri revealed all the secrets of the new season: when the cast returns to the set to start shooting, when it will be broadcast on Rai1 and a few announcements. He then told the story behind Terence Hill’s departure and Raoul Bova’s arrival.

Don Matteo's new season with Raoul Bova

Don Matteo’s new season with Raoul Bova

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Don Matteo 14 will be ready. Raoul Bova will come back in the role Don Massimo. Remarkable success in rankings noted by the fiction of Terence HillNino Frassica and Nathalie Guetta showed how devoted viewers are, it must be said, to the events at the most shining rectory in Italy. AND Rai he will hardly give up on such a beloved series. But what is Don Matteo cooking in the future? discussed this with the script maintainer Mario Ruggeriwhich revealed when the writing of Don Matteo 14 will begin, when throw will be back on set for filming and when new season between new entries and historic faces. Ruggeri, who has been working on the project since 2003, also told behind the scenesTerence Hill leaving the stage and the arrival of Raoul Bova.

Don Matteo 14 will be ready. I believe there is no doubt about it. Have you started writing season fourteen yet?

Not yet. We are waiting for the latest audience data and then we have six months to reflect. In the meantime, we also deal with other projects.

Don Matteo 13 returns on TV with a double date: series aired Tuesday 17 and Thursday 19 May

How do you envision Don Massimo’s future? Give me a little preview.

If there is something that Don Massimo is like Don Matteo, it is kind of a traveling angel. More than changing it, it changes others. Dramaturgically, it will be much more important to think about those around Fr. Massimo and what his mission will be for these people.

Are you considering a return of Terence Hill in any episode?

Terence Hill will always be present in Don Matteo somehow, he has put his spirit into this series. As Raoul Bova says, anything is possible. Raoul had great respect for Terence’s character, wanted to meet him, asked for his blessing. There is no jealousy or envy between them.

When is Don Matteo 14 airing and when will filming start?

I imagine it will be broadcast in 2024. We will return to the set in March 2023.

Will there be any new entries in the new season?

Yes, we have key characters that never change. Around this nucleus consisting of Cecchini, Natalina, Pippo and now Don Massimo, the world can change. The captains have changed over the years as well. Maria Chiara Giannetta? Being the hero of the new season of Blancy, you always have to face reality. I don’t know if it will, but I hope. I always hope everyone is there, I’m a conservative.

Raoul Bova and Terence Hill play Don Massimo and Don Matteo

Raoul Bova and Terence Hill play Don Massimo and Don Matteo

The Don Matteo 13 final will be broadcast on Thursday, May 26. What should we expect?

In the last episode of Don Matteo 13, you will discover the important relationship between Don Massimo and Don Matteo. The real secret of their relationship will be revealed, it is no coincidence that the episode is entitled Forgetting Mateusz. In addition, we will find out why Don Matteo conducted the investigation, looking for the culprits. Viewers will have important answers and understand what Don Massimo will have to learn.

The 13th season also gathered great reviews in the rankings. What’s the secret of this series that resists the passage of time?

He was always renewing himself. In the beginning, there was only detection, a few comedy scenes and nothing else. Now, in a 15-year process, we have come to a much more complex structure: we are dealing with detection, comedy, sentiment, teenagers. The modernized series goes with the times.

He started working on this series in 2003. Despite many years of experience, I think it was not easy to manage Terence Hill’s departure.

It was complicated because it happened in fieri. We ran out of time. We started to think we had to do the whole series with Terence Hill, and then they told us there would only be four episodes there and that we would have to introduce a new character. We worked fast, but then everything jammed.

Farewell to Don Matteo in the thirteenth season

Farewell to Don Matteo in the thirteenth season

How did you plan the last bars of Don Matteo? Was there also a confrontation with Terence Hill?

Terence Hill asked us not to make a sensational exit. He wanted to disappear like a mysterious knight, leaving a letter behind. Slightly Western Edition. We decided to take advantage of the problem of being in the middle of the series with the change of the hero. We had the idea to believe that Don Matteo had been kidnapped by Don Massimo. We used the latest installment of Terence to start Raoul’s arrival and bring the two characters together.

Raoul Bova was by far the winning choice.

It was a great insight from the manufacturer. Raoul Bova is an actor who has the perfect cleanliness to play the role of a priest who brings hope, sweetness, that kind of worldview.

I think the way you said Don Massimo also helped the Don Matteo lovers metabolize this handover to the baton.

We used a rhetorical mechanism to make all the other characters hate it at first (laughs). But Don Massimo is so innocent and impeccable that the audience finally fell in love with him. Public opinion identifies itself with the point of view of Natalina and Cecchini. In their eyes they liked him.

Raoul Bova riding a motorcycle as Don Massimo

Raoul Bova riding a motorcycle as Don Massimo

Terence Hill has expressed a desire to replace the 10-episode series with 4 films. Do you think this would be a viable path?

These are production issues, I don’t know. We started with the idea of ​​doing ten episodes, and the production company has already made an economic investment of several million euros. Stopping the production mechanism, making only four films was a bit difficult. There are contracts with many people. But Don Matteo is not dead, he can come back. In my opinion, even the idea of ​​making a movie every now and then doesn’t seem impossible to me.

She once said that Terence Hill asked her to pedal more and talk less. On the other hand, Raul Bova, what kind of requests have you asked about your character?

One thing he asked us for, but without imposing anything, he told a Franciscan peasant priest tied to the ground, who would get his hands dirty. In fact, we see him entrenching, caring for olive trees. Unlike Terence, who is more heavenly, he is more angelic.

In fact, Fr. Matteo quoted the Gospel and was often in the church. One gets the impression that the element of spirituality in Don Massimo has been softened. What is the reason for this choice?

The real difference between Don Matteo and Don Massimo is that Don Massimo has always been a carabinier, not a priest. Little by little, a priestly spirituality will also come. In one sentence, I would say that Don Matteo is learning to be. He led the guilty to redemption. Don Massimo will have to learn this.

Don Massimo, priest tied to the ground

Don Massimo, priest tied to the ground

Sometimes she has to make delicate decisions, such as giving up her beloved characters. For example, the death of Marshal Cecchini’s daughter and wife caused public discontent.

Yes, but the public must always understand that we do not have carte blanche. When we do a series, I say, “Who do we have?” Based on who is and who is not, I write. I am giving an example with another series that is close to my heart – One Step to Heaven. Daniele Liotti is no longer there. I didn’t make up my mind, he said he didn’t want to do this anymore. Then you need to find a way to remove it from the image. I can write anything, but if an actor doesn’t want to do it, or he doesn’t … We missed this character on Cecchini’s daughter.

This year was the case of Laura Respighi, the character played by Milena Miconi. Why was it decided to bring the ex-husband of Anceschi (Flavio Insinna) on stage, but not hers?

This was done to give Anceschi and his daughter Valentina a conflict. If there are no conflicts, there are no transformation arcs. In my opinion, the most beautiful scenes are in which the two characters talk about their mother, about what she had to go through and overcome. The pain of a man who clings to his job, a sense of duty, unable to accept his daughter’s failures. And a daughter who chose her father and then fights with him. These are dramatic choices. I need to tell a story.

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