eliminated i finalista / The final of the surprise for Albe

Amici’s semi-finals were not without clashes and twists, the most striking being certainly the presence of the six finalists instead of the usual five. In fact, Albe and Serena won a place in the finals. Both Canale 5 talent shows showed during their tour of school, before and after the shows, that they had developed a lot, both professionally and humanly. In a recent vote, Albe leveled an ace in the pit by starring in his new unreleased song that meets all the conditions to be the new summer hit of 2022, while the dancer starred in You Can’t Rush Love. (Vote for both: 8)

Amici 21 2022 semi-final, reports and finalists: Dario eliminated from the episode, Albe and Serena move to the finals with a thrill

The semi-final with a bang of Amica 21, in which the six finalists of this edition have decided to fight for the final victory. You’re right, in fact, the six finalists Maria De Filippi surprised everyone by allowing the final episode to be increased by one place to allow Albe and Serena to enter the Amica 2022 Final, taking into account the tie-in with the judges’ vote. Perhaps this time Maria De Filippi exaggerated in generosity, losing one of the two competitors in the Amica 21 finals would not jeopardize her talent. But let’s move on to the distribution of the records of the individual performances of the Amica 21 players.

White (7)A: Maybe it’s a bit late with the development of the program compared to its colleagues from Amica 2022, but in the end it is also in the final. Access, as explained above, came at the last useful moment but rewards that moment of form which made it much more credible in his performances, especially on the last three evenings of Amici 21. It may not be on the level of Alexa and Sissi, but it certainly can play with Luigi in the race to the ultimate victory of talent. An additional point in the vote of the evening deserves a gesture towards beloved Serena. In fact, De Filippi pretends that the choice of accessing the finale between him and Serena is up to them, determining who needs to be eliminated between them. On this occasion, Albe was able to give way to his better half, voluntarily abandoning his dream and saying that he was ready to live through it.

Michael (9): Certainly, the best dancer in Amici 21 stands out for his technique and strength. Today he is so imperious on the stage that he immediately conquers the judges with his much more technically complex performances than his teammates from the semi-finals. For everyone, he is already the announced winner of the dance circuit and actually deserves this recognition. Alessandra Celentano did a great job with the boy who showed, as the teacher herself says, that he can get through the most important stages of the dance, but this one with a capital D. Tonight at Amici 2022 more than ever he seemed determined to take home access immediately to the finals and so it happened. Who has a chance to win not only the dance category, but also Amici 21? It’s hard to say, but Giulia Stabile and Andreas prove it… even for a dancer, anything is possible

Dariusz (5): Eliminated from the Amica 2022 semi-finals and perhaps it was almost the end announced. In his style he certainly seems very persuasive, but he is certainly the dancer who is least immune to Celentano’s attacks compared to Serena, who seems to be particularly targeting him in the last episodes, having a hard time judging his qualities as a dancer. He has never entered the hearts of jurors, and perhaps sometimes it has not helped him overcome challenges by increasing his self-esteem. Maria De Filippi does well with the final verdict to reassure Dario by telling him to believe in his talents and not be demoralized by criticism.

Amici 2022: Sissi dominates the singing section and more …

Serena (6): To the surprise of many, access to the final of Amici 2022. Unlike Dario, she is the “darling” of the judges, perhaps paradoxically aided by Celentano’s controversy against her body. As the classical dance teacher says, he is certainly “more visible” than Dario, but certainly one of his strengths is his expression and his ability to engage his audience. It is certainly impressive to see her in the Amica 21 final, not Carola

Luigi (6.5)i: he is the third finalist of the Amica 21, his interpretative skills and demonstrated versatility rewarded him. Certainly, his skills as a multi-instrumentalist helped him to give his performances an extra twist by demonstrating his good knowledge of the world of music. Among all the singers in the Amici 21 competition, he had a track, perhaps somewhat punished by the election of Rudy Zerbi, who was very focused on the ability to reinterpret the great classics of Italian music. Doubtful choice or not allowed him to reach the Amica 2022 finals. In the semi-finals he came very focused and linear in his performances

Alex (7): They only see him in the final at the last minute. In fact, his proclamation does not come until the second round of the Amici 21 semi-finals. Tonight’s performances were somewhat tainted with the emotion and tension that Alex probably felt given the importance of the episode, as Maria De Filippi confessed, but the talent remains. The voice has a nice range and is versatile. As for Sissi, it may be a misinterpretation at times, but missing it in the Amica 2022 finale would be a serious mistake.

Sissi (8): nothing to say, enter the studio sings and charms. A mission made with disarming simplicity is the first Amica 2022 finalist. It’s hard to remember how many challenges Amica lost in this edition, her talent is crystal clear and distinct compared to many other adventurers. Needless to say, he needs to improve his interpretation, a flaw that sometimes risks trivializing his performance to a “karaoke” level, but he has everything to do well. She was greatly helped by the tasks always very much in line with her qualities chosen by Lorella Cucciarini, who should be credited with the ability to enhance the qualities of her students, forcing them to move in their comfort zones.


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