Elisabeth Borne, Prime Minister with progressive leanings

Watchmaker Emmanuel Macron will therefore have taken the time to announce his new Prime Minister. The appointment of Elisabeth Borne on 16 May put an end to a long wait that frayed the nerves of the majority. The arrival of a woman in Matignon is not really a surprise. Times have changed a lot since Edith Cresson in the spring of 1991. So the whole question was to know who would be chosen from among the many – more or less reasonable – contestants jostling at the door: Audrey Azoulay, Marisol Touraine, Catherine Vautrin, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet and others. Even if it means disappointment in terms of innovation, the President will have maintained the tension for the longest time. Nothing new under the 2022 sun would have called Ecclesiastes. It would be an understatement to say that Elisabeth Borne was the pillar of her first five-year tenure. Although this choice is not very original, it is not meaningless. It is the view of the left wing of the majority. Leftist, social, ecological, but also progressive…

Very clear societal choices!

What does Elisabeth Borne think about “social” issues? The new resident of Matignon isn’t very detailed about it. Various ministerial positions in ecology or business never forced him to take a stand. And due to a lack of parliamentary powers throughout her career, she’s never had to speak publicly about end-of-life, “PMA for all,” or even voluntary termination of pregnancy (IVG). We must therefore seek his probable position on these social issues in his partisan choices. Elisabeth Borne has been supporting the microparty Territories of Progress movement for several months now. reformist and progressive » Created in 2020 by Jean-Yves Le Drian and Olivier Dussopt. This structure, which is a true left wing of macronism, especially including ex-minister Emmanuelle Wargron, does not hide its social preferences… very clear!

At the end of the Progress Agreement, after meeting on 27 November 2021 “ reflection over a year and a half ”, micro-party lists the legalization of active aid dying amid “social progress”. ” We want to enable the right to end-of-life self-determination “, write your members on the website. ” The Progress Zones propose to introduce an additional basic freedom with the end of life’s right to self-determination. “, explains Chantal Maimon, the national delegate for social questions, at a forum where she explains in detail the conditions for accessing this aid. complement In palliative care… On the issue of abortion, Territoires de Progrès differed from President Emmanuel Macron in advocating an extension of the statutory period from 12 weeks to 14 weeks and campaigning for the elimination of certain reasons for conscience of caregivers.

“A good soldier” profile

These partisan positions in no way pave the way for Elisabeth Borne’s own elections. But the latter will still be made by the presidential program of Emmanuel Macron. The end-of-life citizens’ convention promised by the LRM candidate, which could begin in the fall, should be modeled after the climate-related citizens’ convention that the former ecological and solidarity transition minister followed closely in 2019 – 2020. So there is no opposition in form or underfoot for the new Prime Minister. Moreover, the former senior official has always been able to demonstrate that he is a good soldier of the majority, with his share of sacrifice.

When he became head of the Ministry of Transport in 2017, he took the risk of opening the rail company to competition and led the reform of the SNCF without hesitation. After the disastrous resignation of François de Rugy in 2019, it is he who returned to the front as Transition Minister for Ecology and Solidarity. He later said he “personally” supports holding a referendum on the measures proposed by the Citizens’ Climate Convention. An idea to follow. He also came to the fore by denouncing the “anarchic development” of wind power in France. ” We have areas where small parks of varying size and shape are scattered, giving a visual saturation, even an absolutely unbearable state of siege around certain towns”, He says to the National Assembly in 2020.

Retirement is a tricky subject

In July 2020, the Minister of Labour, Employment and Integration in the Castex government – ​​a strategic location – took over the thorny issue of pension reform. A burning problem that he will immediately find in Matignon. Elisabeth Borne followed Emmanuel Macron’s very proactive policy in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic and introduced the mandatory wearing of masks in companies. She rarely (kindly) tries to leave, she. For example, he reluctantly supports an LREM candidate in the 2021 divisional elections, posing veiled on campaign posters that momentarily challenged the party’s official view. That’s why the profile chosen by Emmanuel Macron is a seasoned techno profile on the left who had their first political success. A progressive left with a macronist sauce.

Mini bio d’Elisabeth Borne

Born in 1961, a graduate of the Ecole Polytechnique and the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, this senior civil servant entered politics as a consultant to the Ministry of Education with Lionel Jospin and later Jack Lang. In 2013 he became the first governor of Vienna. He then joined the management of Ségolène Royal’s cabinet at the Ministry of Ecology the following year.

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