Eurovision 2022, the Ukrainian band Kałusz goes to the final (after a standing ovation). Lithuania and Moldova are also eligible

A fleeting tribute to Pavarotti with a hint of Nessun Dorm, lights, flames, dancers. And then a memory for Raffaella Carrà with a hint of Fiesta, guests Diodato (intense) and Dardust with Benny Benassi and Sophie and the Giants (overwhelming). AND Laura Pausini, Mika, Alessandro Cattelan as bosses. But at the heart of it all is competition between seventeen countries and music. The curtain rose on the Pala Olimpico in Turin during the 66th editionEurovision Song Contestbrought to Italy after Maneskin’s victory last year and broadcast live on Rai1.

Just over two hours of entertainment, like in Italy, which you are not used to (not in prime time, not on the flagship network): quickly, without compromising on chats, for unnecessary breaks. Show, show and more shows with impressive and striking scenery. And at the end of the tenth, Saturday’s final wins (not in order): Switzerland, Armenia, Iceland, Lithuania, Portugal, Norway, Greece, Ukraine, Moldova, the Netherlands. And while Laura Pausini writes down the list, she’s stuck with a name and lets an innocent “sacred cow” escape the irony of social media.

But the beginning of the demonstration was tainted by an “accident”, the contours of which are not yet clear. Some young volunteers volunteered harassment at the opening party on Sunday in Reggia di Venaria by the artists of some delegation. Accusations denied by the Venaria Commune. “If I ever realized something was wrong, I would intervene first,” explained city official Alessandra Aires, Delegation Hosts Coordinator, 120 young people accompanying the delegations. Apparently no complaints were made against the police. In the meantime, however, the party continued. After greetings from the three conductors (“Hello Italy, hello Turin. We need art more than ever. Music has the power to unite people), Albania opened a competition with Ronela Ajati, an unrestrained singer who has become a symbol of a positive body attitude. “Never cover up, don’t be ashamed of your body” is her motto, but she has spared her attacks by social media haters. But he goes straight and plays on stage, blinking and simulating stage hugs. The Ukrainian group Kałusz, one of the favorites for the final victory, was very much expected. In one of the lines of their song, Stefania (a strange combination of folk and rap that still works) sing “We’ll find our way home, even if all roads are broken.” And the emotional impact of dozens of flying yellow and blue flags is remarkable.

Between those who want to amaze (Norway with Subwoolfer, face hidden in yellow masks, Moldavia with wild Spad şi Zdub & Advahov Brothers) and those who focus on the exhibition, like the elegant S10 representing the Netherlands and the three Icelandic Systur sisters, the series is moving fast . Emotions Diodato, who two years ago performed with his Fai Rumore in the deserted Arena, and today partially takes away from him what the pandemic took away from him, and the audience sings along with him. On the other hand, Dardust transforms Pala Isozaki into a nightclub, a tribute to Italian dance that has been around the world. Thursday’s second semi-final, with the remaining ten artists to conquer Saturday night. Also in the Achille Lauro race for San Marino and Emma Muscat for Malta.

Live from Eurovision

Ore 23.15 – At the end of the first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest, ten countries (not in the order of classification) qualified for Saturday’s final: Switzerland, Armenia, Iceland, Lithuania, Portugal, Norway, Greece, Ukraine, Moldova and the Netherlands.

Ore 23.10 – Applause in the Palaolimpico and applause in the press room for Diodato, who in the first of the two semi-finals of the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin sang the song “Fai rumorè”, which he won the Sanremo Festival in 2020, but which he could not sing on the Eurovision stage due to the pandemic Covid.

Ore 23.10 – Guests of the Dardust evening with Benny Benassi and Sophie and The Giants for a tribute to Italian dance, but also Diodato, who takes his revenge on a pandemic. While Dardust with Benny Benassi and Sophie and The Giants propose a compilation that amplifies the hits of Italian dance and electronic music, entitled “The Dance of Beauty, Diodato sings” Fai rumorè, the song thanks to which he won the Sanremo festival in 2020, did not introduce to the Eurovision stage due to the pandemic (there was a virtual edition in which the Apulian artist participated in singing from the deserted Arena in Verona).

Ore 23.01 – Lots of folklore, some rock and songwriting for the other 16 artists competing in the first semi-final: Intelligent Music Project from “Intention” (Bulgaria), S10 from “De dieptè (Netherlands), Zbod si Zdub & Fratii Advahov from” Trenuletul “(Moldova) , Maro from ‘Saudade, Saudadè (Portugal), Mia Dimsic from’ Guilty Pleasurè (Croatia), Reddi from ‘The show’ (Denmark), LUM! X ft. Pia Maria from ‘Halò (Austria), Systur from’ Meo haekkandi sol ‘(Iceland), Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord from’ Die Together ‘(Greece), Subwoolfer from’ Give this wolf a banana already a hit on social media (Norway) and Rosa Linn of “Snap” (Armenia).

Ore 22.45 – All this in tribute to the three conductors of the Eurovision Song Contest for Raffaella Carrà with a note of singing and dancing to the tune of “Fiesta”. Laura Pausini sings a verse from the hit song of the great artist who died last year, and Mika and Alessandro Cattelan join the tribute by dancing while the great Palaolimpico audience follows them, applauding and dancing.

Ore 21.50 – Ronela Ajati, the first singer to enter the Eurovision Song Contest, representing Albania with the song Sekret, became a symbol of a positive body thanks to her swinging physique that spared no criticism and attacks on social media from haters. His motto, however, remains the same: “Never cover up, don’t be ashamed of your body.” And he does it by blinking and simulating hugs on stage, so much so that Eurovision “censored” ambiguous poses during choreography from official channels.

Ruda 21.40 – Stadium cheering, the audience beating time with their hands and the shots of peace flags for the entry to the stage of the first semi-finals of the Eurovision Song Contest of Ukrainian players, the band Kałusz, the great favorites of the evening with the song “Stefania”: a song combining folk, pop and rap, dedicated by the group leader to his mother, but which became a kind of anthem to the motherland in times of war with the Russian invasion. Kałusz enters the stage as the sixth singer in the competition, after the Albanian contestant and Citi Zeni from “Eat a Salad” (Latvia), Monika Liu from “Sentimentai” (Lithuania), Marius Bear from “Boys Cry” (Switzerland). ), LPS from “Disko” (Slovenia).

Ore 21.25 – I’m going to performances that will come quickly one after another. Albania will be the first to take the stage.

Ore 21.20 – The flight of the drone entering the Palaolimpico of the Turin Eurovision Village with Turandot Giacomo Puccini’s “Nessun dorma”, opened the first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest “The Sound of Beauty”. At the end of the incipit, the voice of Sherola Dos Santos and futuristic choreographies. Then the input of three guides: Mika and Alessandro Cattelan in total black with Laura Pausini in a fuchsia dress. It is they who announce the start of the race in search of the “Maneskin heirs” who brought the event to Italy with their victory last year. While the Eurovision hashtag “is a global trend” in social media, as emphasized by the Italian commentators of the event and presenters of the announcement, Cristiano Malgioglio and Gabriele Corsi, accompanied by Karolina Di Domenico. The competition opens Albania with Ronela Hajati, who proposes the song “Secret”.

Ore 21.15 – Goodbye Italy, goodbye Turin. Laura Pausini, Mika and Alessandro Cattelan kick off the 66th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, which returned to Italy after Maneskin’s victory last year. “And the search for their heirs begins tonight,” says Laura Pausini, who then hugs her two friends. “We need art more than ever. Music has the power to connect people. So let’s give each other a hug ». Albania is scheduled to open right after the race.


Ronel Hajati with “The Secret” (Albania)
Citi Zēni from “Eat a Salad” (Latvia)
Monika Liu con “Sentimentai” (Lithuania)
Marius Bear con “Boys Do Cry” (Svizzera)
LPS con “Disko” (Slovenia)
Kałusz Orchestra with “Stefania” (Ukraine)
Intelligent Music Project con “Intention” (Bulgaria)
S10 from “De diepte” (The Netherlands)
Skut i Zdub & Fratii Advahov from “Trenuletul” (Moldova)
Maro con “Saudade, saudade” (Portogallo)
Mia Dimsic from “Guilty Pleasure” (Croatia)
Reddi from “The Show” (Denmark)
Lum! X feat. Pia Maria con “Halo” (Austria)
Siostra con With the rising sun “(Iceland)
Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord from “Die Together” (Greece)
Subwoolfer from “Give That Wolf a Banana” (Norway)
Rosa Linn con “Snap” (Armenia).

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