Eurovision 2022: where to see the first semi-final on TV tonight

A few more hours and lights Turin Olympic Pile will light up for the first semi-final Dell ”Eurovision Song Contest 2022 which thanks to victory Maneski last year he returned to Italy. Just like they will return to the stageExit four boys from a Roman band who, after a year of triumphs around the world, will play in the final on May 14 to present their new single, Supermodel. For those who have not been able to get tickets, all that remains is to study the live TV calendar.

And if you want to fully immerse yourself and vote for singers, you need to study the rules and understand how to vote (spoiler: a nation cannot vote for its artist, so for us Italians it won’t be possible to vote for Mahmood e Blanco and their Chills, but it will always be possible to vote for another piece of Italy as we will see later).

Eurovision 2022, with a carousel re-ignited by Maneskins, Italy becomes an export

by Ernesto Assante

For people with tickets

Three types of programs: Live Show, live on TV from 21:00, scheduled for Tuesday May 10 (first semi-final), Thursday May 12 (second semi-final) and Saturday May 14 (grand final). In addition, the “Jury Show” scheduled for Monday 9, Wednesday 11 and Friday 13 May, or the complete dress rehearsal that will take place the evening before each “Live Show” in which jurors will vote on the artists. At the end of the “Family Show”, the last dress rehearsals will take place on Tuesday 10th, Thursday 12th and Saturday 14th May to allow families with children to take part in the full Eurovision Song Contest.

Live TV

The viewer of the 66th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest – broadcast on Rai 1 on May 10 and 12 (with two semi-finals) and on May 14 with the grand finale – will immerse themselves in the theater of miracles. Organized by the EBU (European Broadcasting Union), which brings together the Public Service media, with Rai as the main broadcaster and with management delegated to Laura Pausini, Alessandro Cattelan to me Mica40 countries will take part in this edition.

As well as on Rai 1 with authorship commentary Gabriele Corsi to me Christian Malgiogliowith the participation of Karolina Di DomenicoThe Eurovision Song Contest 2022 Live will also be broadcast on Rai Radio 2 and available on RaiPlay.

Italians in the race

Italy, as everyone already knows, will be competing with the couple Mahmood & Blanco which won the 72nd edition of the Italian Song Festival in Sanremo, but to see them, you will have to wait for the final on May 14. He will also appear on stage in Turin Achille Laura. The Roman singer turned only 14 years old in Festival in Sanremoin fact, he won the competition A voice for San Marinoand will represent Titan with a song Bulldozer. But unlike Mahmood and Blanco, Lauro will be able to count on the votes of the Italians because he is competing in a different country. for those who want to cheer (or vote) on him, it’s good to know that his performance is scheduled for the second semi-final on May 12, with San Marino in 7th place.


It is Albania on May 10 that will open on the first of the two evenings of the semi-finals (the second will take place on May 12). In total, 36 countries are competing in the first phase. The five big nations that advance directly to the final and have the right to vote in the two semi-finals: France and Italy on the first night, the UK, Spain and Germany on the second.

The first semi-final of Eurovision 2022

Here is the order of departure of countries from the first semi-finals. Italy and France also vote.

Albania – Ronela Hajati – Secret
Lettonia – Citi Zeni – Eat your salad
Lithuania – Monika Liu – Sentiments
Svizzera – Marius Bear – The boys are crying
Slovenia – LPP – Disko
Ukraine – Kalusz Orkiestra – Stefania
Bulgaria – Intelligent Music Project – Intention
Netherlands – S10 – De diepte
Moldova – Skutub i Fratii Advahov – Trenuletul
Portogalloo – Maro – Saudade, saudade
Croatia – Mia Dimsic – Guilty pleasure
Denmark – Reddi – show
Austria – LUM! X with Pia Maria – Hello
Iceland – Sister – With the sun rising
Grecia – Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord – Die together
Norvegia – Subwoolfer – Give that wolf a banana
Armenia – Rosa Linn – Snap

The order of the second semi-final

Below, however, the order of the second semi-final, which will be broadcast live on Thursday 12 May on Rai 1, again at 9 pm. Germany, Spain and the UK are also voting.

Finland – The Rasmus – Jezebel
Israel – Michael Ben David – IM
Serbia – Konstrakta – In a healthy body
Azerbaijan – Nadir Rustamli – Fade to Black
Georgia – Circus Mircus – Block me
Malta – Emma Muscat – I am what I am
San Marino – Achille Lauro – Stripper
Australia – Sheldon Riley – Not the same
Cyprus – Andromache – Ela
Ireland – Brooke – This is rich
North Macedonia – Andrea – Kręgi
Estonia – Stefan – Hope
Romania – WRS – Call me
Polonia – Ochman – River
Montenegro – Vladana – Breathe
Belgio – Jérémie Makiese – Miss you
Svezia – Cornelia Jakobs – Hold me closer
Czech Republic – We Are Domi – Lights out

The voting system for the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest

Like Sanremo, ESC also televotes, but overall the mechanism is completely different. Over the years, there have been different voting systems at Eurovision. The current one was used for the first time in 2009 and was extended to the semi-finals a year later; consists of a 50% combination of tele-voting and voting by a jury of music professionals.

The Eurovision winner is determined by the sum of the rankings of the countries that took part in the competition: each country is expressed by telegram (which is open for approximately 15 minutes at the end of all 26 performances) and by a jury of five experts (and a quality jury). that composed its preferences during the “rehearsal” that took place earlier).

No country can vote for its own representative

The basic rule, as already mentioned, is that each country cannot vote for its representative, neither by tele-vote nor by a national jury. The national jury votes by ranking the 10 favorite songs: each will receive from a maximum of 12 points – the first – to a minimum of 1, tenth.

By adding up all national jury rankings, a global jury rank will be established. Thereafter, for the ranking established by the jury of each country, the European telegraph votes (the sum of all participating countries telegraph votes) will be added together to determine the final ranking that will determine the winning song.

Procedure in the event of a tie

In the event of a tie for first place and other positions after all the points have been announced, overtime will apply. The current rule is that if two or more countries tie for first place and other places, the winner is the song that scores from most countries. Even if there is a tie in this case, the rule requires the country that has repeatedly scored twelve points to win. If countries are still tied, they still have ten points, eight points, and so on.

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