Exhibitions in Bologna and Emilia-Romagna: Homage to Dino Gavina 100 years after his start



about hope 42

Picture capital – Estelle Blaschke and Armin Linke

Till January 8, 2023

Municipal Archaeological Museum
By way of dell’Archiginnasio 2

The painters of Pompeii
Till March 19, 2023


By way of Casarini 19

PhMuseum days: Nothing private – Nikita Teryoshin; Asphodel Track – Agathe Kalfas and Mathias Benguigui; The Weight of the Phrase – Piero Martinello and Piero Casentini; Nuke – Marcelo Brodsky; Good Hope – Carla Liesching; The Fusion – Sara, Peter & Tobias; Legendary Humanoids – Arvida Bystro?M; The Waterline – Sara Palmieri; Ukrzal?Znitsia – Julie Poly; The way to Elevate a Hand – Angelo Vignali; Summer time Glow – Piergiorgio Sorgetti.

Till October 2nd

Galleria Paradisoterrestre

By way of De’Musei 4

100% Dino – Dino Gavina

Till 7.11

Dino Gavina – The home in the home – Paradisoterrestre

Corridor of Hercules Palazzo d’Accursio

Piazza Maggiore 6

100% Dino – Dino Gavina

Till 7.11

Former Gavina retailer

By way of Altabella 23

From September twenty sixth to thirtieth

100% Dino – Dino Gavina


By way of AzzoGardino 14/a

Midnight Blossom – Danilo Stojan?

Till 12.11


By way of del Porto 48 / pop

Debora Delmar – Freedom

Till 26.11


By way of AzzoGardino 9

Rodrigo Hernández – Even at evening

Till 12.11

Labs up to date artwork

By way of Santo Stefano 38

Triple Room – Marco Emmanuele, Luca Grechi, Mattia Sugamiele

Till 5.11

Vizzani Palace

By way of S. Stefano 43

shapeshifter. Ceramic mutations of the CZ code

Till October thirtieth

Studio G7 gallery

By way of Val d’Aposa 4/a

David Tremlett

Cassero of Porta San Donato

Intraground – Man Lydster and Andrea Abati

Till March twenty eighth

Garagnani Palace
By way of Marconi 47

Crespellano, Valsamoggia

With costume – Francesco Dondarini

Till October twenty third

Pigorini Palace

Strada Repubblica 29 / A, Parma

Goya-Grosz. The sleep of purpose

Till January 13, 2023

Former Convent of San Francesco

By way of Luigi Cadorna 14, Bagnacavallo (RA)

Enrico Minguzzi – The complete eye

Till December eleventh


About Marsili 7

From 24.09

Floating Lands – Simone Ponzi

Till October twenty sixth

Massimo and Sonia Cirulli Basis
By way of Emilia 275, San Lazzaro di Savena

From 25.09

Propaganda. The artwork of political indoctrination

Till October sixteenth

Palazzo Fava

by way of Manzoni 2

From 29.09

Fiat Lux – Luminaires within the artwork and historical past collections of the Cassa di Risparmio Basis in Bologna

The ingenious distinction of lights within the artwork of Giambattista Piazzetta
Till 27.11



About Don Minzoni 14

Sean Scully – A Wound in a Dance with Love

Till October ninth

No neon, no crying

Till October 4th

Morandi Museum

About Don Minzoni 14

RECOLLECT. Morandi tells. The engraved signal: hatching and chiaroscuro

Till October twenty third

Medieval Museum

by way of Manzoni 4

Glass from the Renaissance to the nineteenth century. Cappagli Serretti’s donation to the Civic Artwork Museums

Antiquity of Bologna

Till 09/25

Jacopo Valentini. Concerning Dante – Autonomous Cell

Till October 2nd

Davia Bargellini Museum

Strada Maggiore 44

Davide D’Elia. FRESH

Till 09/27

music museum

Strada Maggiore 34


Till October 2nd

2501. Animated Panorama

Till October ninth

Museum of Industrial Tradition

by way of della Beverara 123

Bolognese bikes of the years 1950-1960. The bike meets the automobile

Till October sixteenth


Piazza Re Enzo

Pier Paolo Pasolini – Figurative Electric Shocks

Till October sixteenth

Albergati Palace

By way of Zaragoza 28

PHOTOS! The masterpieces of the Julián Castilla assortment: Cartier-Bresson, Doisneau, Capa, Man Ray and the best photographers of the twentieth century

Oliviero Toscani. 80 years as a situationist

Till October 2nd

Home of the Saracens

by way of Farini 15

Seventy works by Ugo Guidi. Figures, portraits, landscapes, nonetheless lifes – The Barbara Buldrini donation

Till February fifth

Otto gallery

By way of D’Azeglio 55

Marco Gastini

Till October tenth

Maison laviniaturra

By way of dei Sabbioni 9

Herbarium. The flowers stayed pink – Alessandra Calò

Till October thirty first

by way of Marsala 2

The World – Elisa Canducci

Till 4.11

Massimo and Sonia Cirulli Basis
By way of Emilia 275, San Lazzaro di Savena

The ladies of Kabul. Within the eyes of photographer Pino Settanni.

Till 31.12

Museums of San Domenico
Piazza Guido da Montefeltro 12, Forli

Civilization – Dwell, Survive, Dwell Nicely

Till January 8, 2023

Elementary faculty “Dante Alighieri”

Corso Perticari 55/57, Savignano sul Rubicone

October 1st and 2nd

Si Fest: Dying in Class – Carla Cerati and Gianni Berengo Gardin; A Collection of Disappointments – Stephen Gil; Time Machines – Stanley Greenberg; Metaphors – Ettore Sottsass; Nsenene-Michele Sibiloni; In nearly each image #2 – Erik Kessels; Holy Earthquake – Başrbara Wagner & Benjamin de Burca.

Basic institute “Giulio Cesare”

by way of Galvani 4, Savignano sul Rubicone

October 1st and 2nd

Si Fest: Lee Miller, Jim Goldberg, Duane Michals, Chiara Fossati, Marwan Bassiouni

Reclamation Consortium

by way of Garibaldi 45, Savignano sul Rubicone

October 1st and 2nd

Si Fest: Taliban – Thomas Dworzak; The Yoshida Dormitory – Kanta Nomura; Early Works – Ivars Gravlejs; Andrea de Franciscis, Luca Meola, and Ilaria Sagaria

Estonian Citadel

Largo Castello 1, Ferrara

The untrue reminiscence. The seduction of pictures from de Chirico to Schifano

Till 27.12

Palazzo Santa Margherita

Corso Canal Grande 103, Modena

Luigi Ghirri and Modena. A journey backwards
Till 20.11

Eva & Franco Mattes. Most to least seen
Till February twenty sixth

Increased College

By way of Giardini 160, Modena

Just like the Flood – A Girl’s Story
Till 39.09


by way of Carteria 10, Modena

The Absence – Attilio Solzi

Till October twenty second

Cultural Areas of San Paolo
former church and corridor of the nuns
By way of Francesco Selmi 63, Modena

Gabriella Giandelli – Drawings

Till October twenty third

Maramotti Assortment
By way of Fratelli Cervi 66, Reggio Emilia

Carlo Valsecchi-Bellum
Till 31.12

Palace of Museums

Reggio Emilia

On a distinct scale. Luigi Ghirri, Italy in miniature and new views

Till January 8, 2023

Worldwide Ceramics Museum

viale Baccarini 19, Faenza

Nino Caruso. Types of reminiscence and area

Till October ninth

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