Famous restaurant in Praia do Canto celebrates 13th anniversary at happy hour

Sulie Faisal, Renato Caleffi and Gabi Faisal: at a party in Praia do Canto. Credit: Monica Zorzanelli.

Dear RR, Sulie and Gabi Faisal mother and daughter, received this Thursday (5th) to celebrate the 13th anniversary of their D’Bem, on the famous corner of Joaquim Lirio and Afonso Claudio, in Praia do Canto. The event, which brought together friends and customers from home, marked the launch of happy hour with a menu signed by the chef. Renato Caleffi, specialist in healthy and functional cuisine from São Paulo. OUR DJ Bombril commanded a batch of night pickups. Next Saturday (14) the duo is launching a homemade breakfast. See who was at the event in the photo gallery Monica Zorzanelli.

Aline Diaz and Giovana Duarte
Aline Diaz and Giovana Duarte. Credit: Monica Zorzanelli.
Magali Magalhines and Monica Haynes
Magali Magalhines and Monica Haynes. Credit: Monica Zorzanelli.
Pedro Kuht, Renato Caleffi and Juarez Campos
Pedro Kucht, Renato Caleffi and Juarez Campos. Credit: Monica Zorzanelli.
Marcio Borges, Gabi Faisal and Dudu Altoe
Marcio Borges, Gaby Faisal and Dudu Altoe. Credit: Monica Zorzanelli.
Rafa Ziviani, Julia Zanotelli and Carolina Morgado
Rafa Ziviani, Giulia Zanotelli and Carolina Morgado. Credit: Monica Zorzanelli.

13 years since the birth of D’Beam


Helvia Abaurre, Dalva Carone and Sonia Abella
Helvia Abaurre, birthday girl Dalva Carone and Sonia Abella: party at the Aldeia restaurant in Guarapari. Credit: Disclosure


Mother’s Day is the second best date of the year for retail in terms of revenue, second only to Christmas, and will bring a figure close to 28.16 billion reais in the trade and services segments across the country. According to a survey conducted by the National Confederation of Chambers of Shopkeepers (CNDL), the top-selling products should be clothing, shoes or accessories (44%), perfumes (37%), chocolate (23%) and cosmetics (23%). ) in the main capitals of the country. According to the study, 75% of respondents intend to buy most of their gifts in brick-and-mortar stores, while 44% prefer the Internet. “With increased vaccination coverage and improved pandemic rates, consumers feel more secure when shopping in person. Store owners must be prepared to welcome customers and guarantee sales,” said CDL President Vitoria. Rogerio Alcantara.


Sandro Sambachi, Jennifer Coronel and Joao Bosco
Sandro Sambachi, General Manager of ArcelorMittal Veja (SC), Jennifer Coronel, Communications and Institutional Relations Manager of ArcelorMittal Tubarão (ES), and Joao Bosco, Sustainability and Institutional Relations Manager of ArcelorMittal Tubarão (ES): at the Women’s Award Party from ArcelorMittal. The award aims to identify and recognize women at the forefront of businesses, actions or projects first implemented in two states up to five years ago. Credit: Gabriel Lordello/Mosaic Image


Great news for movie lovers! From 21 to 25 June, the Sesc Glória Cultural Center and the Senac Ilha do Boi Hotel will host the 28th Vitoria Film Festival – Reencontro, which marks the return to the face-to-face format of one of the most traditional film festivals, Brazilian culture and one of the most vibrant cultural events in Espirito Santo. After two years on multiple online screens, the festival returns with a special edition: the unfolding of the first part of the event, held in November 2021. 28th Vitoria Film Festival – Reencontro is sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism and ArcelorMittal through the Cultural Promotion Act. Galpão Produções and the Brazilian Institute of Culture and Art (IBCA) are organized by Galpão Produções.

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Carla Boise, Fernanda Calvet, Paola Leme, Carolina Jorge
Carla Buais, Fernanda Calvet, Paola Leme and Carolina Jorge: at the meeting of art and jewelry in Praia do Canto. 1 credit


Lily and Ricardo Vieira, Marco Aurelio and Roberta Guariento we invite you to the presentation of a country house located in Quinta D-20 in Condomínio Villaggio Verdi, on Saturday (14) in Domingos Martins.

Our dermatologist and member of the Brazilian Society of Dermatologists (SBD), Irene Baldi, confirmed its presence at the largest congress of living procedures dedicated to dermatologists in São Paulo, XVII AECD (Renewal and Specialization in Dermatological Surgery, Technology and Rejuvenation), held on May 12 and 15 in São Paulo.

Juliana Bassul and Rodrigo Kieffer, the creators of the Hawaiian canoe project Amar a Vida, designed for cancer survivors, will compete in the state championship in this modality for the first time this Saturday (07). “In the team we will have three female warriors who have faced the disease, and three cheerleaders. We count on the support of everyone,” invites the doctor.

plastic surgeon Humberto Pinto has confirmed its presence at the First Scientific Meeting organized by the Brazilian Society for Regional Plastic Surgery ES (SBCP-ES) this Saturday (07) at the Comfort Suites Hotel in Praia do Canto.

May 28 is the Day of the ceramist, and in commemoration of this date, our Hernan Batista placed all finished works in his workshop with a 20% discount.

Having inspired the development of school programs for elementary school I, the enterprising Dutch graphic artist Maurits Cornelis Escher arrives at the museum of the Leonardo da Vinci Education Center. The space called Museu da Escola receives its magical images full of transforming figures, effects of depth, perspective and geometry, real visual puzzles that explore space, time and perspective in an unusual way, aiming to encourage students to perceive, imagine and symbolize. According to curator L.Utsiana Biasutti, The choice of the artist was due to his particularity in terms of his aesthetic and mathematical studies, which address, among other things, themes that mix science and art, in a provocative observation of the elements of nature.

dermatologists Ana Carolina Tardin and Isabelli Orletti promote Laser Day, a special Mother’s Day, this Saturday (7th) in Enseada do Sua.

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