Four Restaurants, the Turin Pub-to-Pub Challenge with Alessandro Borghese

Four Turin pubs compete in a new journey from the north to the south of Italy for chef Alessandro Borghese, in the show ‘Alessandro Borghese 4 Restaurants’ – the original Sky production by Banijay Italia – which will start tomorrow, for seven weeks, on Sky and streaming on Teraz .

The mechanism of the program remains unchanged: four restaurateurs who have something in common, each eager to prove that he is the best, competing for the coveted “ten” from the chef. First stop in Turin, looking for the best restaurant: an often obscure restaurant, one that is “hidden” in pubs and that offers a strong Anglo-Saxon nuance: Irish, English, Scottish and sometimes waiters who come to serve customers in the kilts. In the race, in the first nomination, Massimo of the Six Nations – Murphy’s Pub, Pierpaolo from The Overbridge Pub, Luciano with his Connery Pub, Luca and his The Shamrock Inn.

Clover inn on Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, the first Irish pub opened in Turin in 1995. On the menu, the owner, Luca, contaminates the Anglo-Saxon tradition of Irish stew, Sunday Roast and Fish & Chips with Italian dishes such as all’arrabbiata pasta or cheese gnocchi. The furniture was designed by an Irish architect who brought everything from there: over two floors it has a spectacular central staircase from which a large gaming screen falls. The Irish connotation is given by vintage advertisements hanging on the walls and furniture scattered around the rooms. There is pinball, table football and an arcade, the typical 80’s video game. The peculiarity of the place is the traditional bell placed above the counter, which, 10 minutes after closing, calls customers to the last order, the last order of the evening.

Connery Pub: Luciano is madly in love with Scottish culture, but most of all a big fan of Sean Connery, who he believes epitomizes the spirit of Scottish independence. Connery is a real brothel: the furnishings resemble a cozy lounge where guests can be received as friends and where table service is essential. The menu, once closely related to Scottish culture, now combines typical Scottish or whiskey-cooked dishes with Italian first courses such as amatriciana and carbonara; additionally, a vegan offer is also available. Some dishes are dedicated to Connery, including “Sean Noodles”, “Connery” and “Merenda degli Untoucabili”, from the movie Connery won an Oscar for. The restaurant is located on the mezzanine of an apartment building: there are no windows overlooking the street, only windows of what was in effect an apartment. The walls are obviously covered in images of Sean Connery: young 007 agent, Indiana Jones’s father, him at the Oscars and in his underwear … the star’s underwear is actually framed and signed right next to the counter.

Six Nations – Murphy’s Pub, is located on Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, where the Boringhieri brewery was established. Massimo wants to bring to the city a corner of Ireland: a fundamentalist and purist of authentic pub philosophy, so much so that he works rigorously in kilts, he does not accept contamination. Faithful to Irish culture since he fell in love with it during his travels, he offers a menu of typical dishes such as Fish & Chips, burgers, but above all beer oysters (“only champagne!” He says), pork knuckle in beer, beef stew Irish, Dublin Coddle (sausage and potatoes). It does not accept Italian first dishes or pizza and is happy to pour the beer in a different way depending on its origin (German, Belgian, English etc.). His pride is the counter, decorated with holes in the heels of the dancers and streaks of mugs of beer served. There is no ordering service at the table, but the customer orders the food and of course the beer directly at the counter. The restaurant is on two floors. The walls feature customer writings that have accumulated over the years, and large screens where you can watch sports from football to rugby. On the first floor, there is a billiard room, a darts room, one dedicated to the world of fishing, the other for non-smokers, but the most special is certainly the one that replicates the kitchen of an ancient house, referring to popular culture and public housewives. houses.

Overbridge pub: Pierpaolo, took over the Irish pub two years ago, transforming it into an English pub to be, in his opinion, “more elegant, more sophisticated, less Spartan”, but also less fundamentalist, perfect for keeping an eye on the Italian market and others about everything, what can be sold, even mexican tacos: “I feel a bridge between different cultures,” says Pierpaolo, “I’m inspired by London, which is the cradle of cultures, there is everything, even Mexican food, so why can’t I serve tacos in my English pub? It also has an offer that is faithful to the English tradition: English Breakfast, Sheperd’s Pie, Fish & Chips … not forgetting the Italian and Piedmontese dishes such as tagliata di fassona or spalcetti alla papryka. The restaurant has a very large outdoor terrace. The walls feature items from Pierpaolo’s flea market research, ranging from war memorabilia to English books from the early 20th century. There is no shortage of Irish clovers and a geographical map of the country.

Who will win? The episode “Alessandro Borghese 4 Restaurants” aired on May 15 was produced thanks to the cooperation of the city of Turin, Turismo Torino and the Provincia. Powered by Sky Uno and streaming NOW, always available on demand and viewable on Sky Go.

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