Franco Battiato a year after his death, “his” Milo dedicates 5 days of events to him

Battiato and the territory of Milo. Not only a residence, but above all a place for the soul. This idea implies the importance of not only strengthening memory, but also building a planning around this artist that takes into account many of his artistic disciplines.

“Notes on the Passage” is the title of the initiative in tribute to Battiato, on the occasion of the first anniversary of his death, which will be held on Milos from Wednesday 18th to Sunday 22nd Mayon the initiative of the Commune, under the patronage of the Department of Cultural Heritage and Sicilian Identity of the Sicilian Region and in cooperation with the Permanent Center for Gravity Studies, the Pro Loco Milo tourist association and the Michele Amari Institute in Giarre.

The event is characterized by various events located in different locations in both Milo and Giarre. It is an exhibition that explores all the artistic and non-artistic contexts in which Franco Battiato has operated during his half-century of activity and research.

“For this reason, the initiative presented, explained Milo Mayor Alfio Cosentino,” does not want to be just a celebration, a simple reminder of an anniversary, but a starting point for the germination of new enthusiasm, new interests and, above all, many projects in the name of quality and research. “

Paolo Sessa, the event organizer, adds: “The initiative we are presenting is very complex and takes into account many of Battiato’s interests: first of all music, but also painting, cinema, literature, theater and dance. Not to mention spirituality, esoterics and philosophies… disciplines that he not only spoke but practiced that became his daily bread. ”

Alfredo Cavallaro, President of Pro Loco di Milo emphasizes: “In particular, the presence of Stefano Pio, musician and son of the great Giusto Pio, wants to be a very precise sign of our will to follow in the footsteps of this artist. At Milo, on behalf of Battiato, we have created a special synergy with the Constant Gravity Research Center, with which we, together with other entities, intend to implement projects enriching the territory of Milo, which in a way make it an icon of culture and knowledge ”.

Anniversary of Battiato, program

Openly (day 18, 7 am Belvedere Giovanni D’Aragona) of the review will be characterized by a meditative moment that will bring together representatives of various spiritual and artistic traditions. A real meditation that will remind you of the most mysterious and mystical spirit of Battiato.

In the afternoon (17.00, Centro Servizi), Mayor Cosentino, Fiorella Nozzetti and Alfredo Cavallaro will present an exhibition with a project to build a ceremonial statue of Franco Battiato and Lucio Dalla.

The work, the model of which already exists, will be created by Placido Calì. Then there will be a presentation of a new book by the writer and essayist Guido Guidi Guerrera, entitled “Man from the Garden Island” (at 17.30), which will be an in-depth analysis of the artist’s symbolic and esoteric content. The presentation, led by Alessio Cantarella, will be enriched by the reading of excerpts from the book by actors Lucia Sardo and Alfio Zappala. A musical tribute (at 8.30 pm, in front of the piazzale di Milo) by the composer Stefano Pio (son of the violinist Giusto Pio, co-author of many famous works by the Sicilian artist) is eagerly awaited. The work, which you will be able to see in Milo, is entitled “Hu or the nostalgia of the beloved”, and the stage will feature a string quintet, piano, keyboards, dance, all framed by the voices of Enrico Masiero and Daniel Papale.

The song will begin with a tribute to a particularly evocative and up-to-date song by PACE by Rosario Di Bella.

Thursday 19 (Centro Servizi, 17.00) there will be another presentation of Paolo Sessa’s book A Journey into Dante’s Comedy. Together with the author and coordinated by Turi Caggegi, Mario Tropea and Sergio Cristaldi (University of Catania) and Dante’s artist Maria Soresina will perform. Milo’s Deputy Mayor Concetta Cantarella will send greetings from the administration.

After 18:00, a meeting entitled Franco Battiato and the vision of Dante Alighieri (journey to the realm of return), led by Fabio Bagnasco and Fiorella Nozzetti. At the end (7pm), a screening of the Bardo Crossing, the last Battiato documentary, in which the complex topic of the transition to the afterlife is dealt with in accordance with various spiritual traditions and the latest scientific knowledge.

Friday 20 A dense series of meetings is planned: in Giarre, in the lecture hall of the Amari institute (10.00), film expert Graziana Di Biase will meet students on the subject of “Cinema Franco Battiato, the purity of language”. At the Service Center (4pm), after the welcome of the Milo commune tourism councilor, Franceska Strano, it is time to screen the collection of audiovisual testimonies of A Hundred Billion Stars, curated by Alessio Cantarella, in which the artists are heroes, journalists, producers and other friends of Battiato who will tell about their relationship with the composer. The show will be presented by Fiorella Nozzetti.

Then (at 17:00) the book “Mysterious and exceptional disappearance of Franco Battiato”, written jointly by Vincenzo La Monica and Giuseppe Piccinno, which will be the subject of Paolo Sessa’s report, in the presence of both authors.

At 6.00 p.m., along with the presentation of the new edition of the volume “Cinema by Franco Battiato as a means of knowledge”, was announced by Graziana De Biase (author of the essay) and Fabio Bagnasco. At the end of the meeting, there was a screening of the documentary Auguri Don Gesualdo, made by Battiato in 2010 as a sincere tribute to the writer Gesualdo Bufalino.

Saturday 21 (Service Center, 9.00 am) there will be another conference that will deepen the subtle relationship between the great poet and Franco Battiato. Moderators: Paolo Sessa, Maria Soresina Dante, essayist Massimo Desideri, Nicolò Mineo Dante and Dr. Amal Oursana will discuss Dante and Battiato between art and spirituality. At 4:30 PM, the writer and regional councilor for cultural heritage, Alberto Samonà, will present a report by Tito Rinesi and Piero Grassini on “Sufism and Battiato”, counterpointed by the reading of Sufi mystical texts by actors Lucia Sardo and Alfio Zappala. Moderated by Fiorella Nozzetti.

“Dargah the threshold” is the title of a concert-meeting (6.00 pm) about Sufi music. On the stage of Tito Rinesi from Ensamble Dargah, to present the music and song path on the most famous texts of Sufism poets.

Sunday 22 Sufi Dance Seminar (Service Center 9am to 12pm) led by Amal Oursana. In the afternoon (5:00 p.m.), in the Mother Church of Milo Sant’Andrea, there will be a delicate adaptation for a choir of some of Battiato’s compositions and a performance of works by Georg Friedrich Handel (the composer for whom Battiato designed a fictional film). by Polyphonic Giarre, led by maestro Giuseppe Cristaudo. “We’ll be back again” at Belvedere Giovanni D’Aragona (7pm) is the title of the tribute that will end the milestone review organized by the Pro Loco Milo organization.

An in-depth study of Franco Battiato’s paintings and graphics consists of two exhibitions that can be visited during the event. The first one, entitled Gilgamesh “Video graphics from 2007, contains the original score of the work, stage sketches, three graphics with the pages of the book. The work was donated to the Milo commune and the Constant Gravity Research Center. The photographic reading of the artist’s music is, in turn, the 1st giardini della preexistence, created by Enzo Ferrari.

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