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Milan, May 8, 2022 – Saturday evening of emotions behind semi-final of “Amici di Maria De Filippi”. After numerous challenges between dancers and singers, were decreed and talent show finalists. Who is it and when will the final be?

Who are the Amica 2022 finalists? they’re here six students who reached the final during the semi-finals on Saturday, May 7.

P.the rhyme warms up to sing based entirely on unpublished. In the first duel, Sissi won with Luigi and Albe. Then again against Luigi. In the third round, the singer from Zerbi scored a point, and in the fourth round, the rivals changed: Alex challenged Albe and won. The place for the final is played out like this Sissi and Alex: won the girl, this became the first finalist.

S.the second round devoted to dance. All three of the other students stepped forward Dario, Michele and Serena and the judges awarded Michele, who was thus responsible for the challenge. He left Michele against Dario and the victory went to dancer Celentano. He then faced Serena, and in a split jury, De Martino unexpectedly gave Serena a decisive point. Closing with a Celentano glove on the classic: Michele he faced Dariusz and a student of the Zerbi-Celentan teamabout flew to the finals.

The third heat consecrated again sing horse Alex, Albe and Luigi on the pitch. After the unpublished candle, the candle went to Zerbi: the first challenge was between Luigi and Alex, and the singer Lorelli won. The same challenge on the second lap and Luigi equalized the comparison. So Zerbi threw the gauntlet between Luigi and Albe and singer Pettinelli managed to win. Down with revenge e Luigi this time he scored a decisive point, earning himself money final.

In the last vote therefore they are finished Dario, Serena, Albe and Alex. After the shows they went everyone in the house is waiting for the verdict. Maria De Filippi gave the names of the finalists: she was the first to return to the studio: Alex, fourth finalist. On the other hand, Dario is eliminated. Then they were called to the studio Albe and Serena who were informed that, according to the votes of the jury, they were bound and it was directly up to them choose who will go to the finals. Albe immediately made a gesture of love towards his girlfriend and withdrew, leaving her place. It’s a joke: they both go to the finals.

Overall, the six finalists are Sissi (Sylwia Cesana); Michele Esposito; Luigi Strangis; Alex (Alessandro Rina); Albe (Alberto La Malfa) and Serena Carella. Eliminated Dario Schirone. For the first time, as Maria De Filippi announced, Amici’s final will be held at 6. Who will win?

ALBE (singer)Alberto La Malfa, known as Albe, it is singer from Brescia born in 1999 in Alfianello, where he lives to this day. A student of economics at the Catholic University of Cremona, he has always had a soft spot for the world of music. He took singing and piano lessons and also experimented with a DJ console. This passion for music and DJing skills led him to work in nightclubs near his home. With the blockade, a turning point came songwriter: his first unreleased single, the first of three unreleased, was released in June under the title “Characteristics”. Second single, “Meta”, was released on August 18. in September 2021 joined school ‘Friends of Maria De Filippi ”. Shortly after his release, his unreleased “Millevoci” was produced in collaboration with famous producer Tom Diver. Then came the second single from the title “So beautiful”. In December 2021, the third unreleased title ‘In front of you’, and at the end of February, the fourth unreleased title The Girawolta. Albe, entered the Amici school fiancé with a girl named Giulia, he decided to leave her in time Serena’s dancer.

Alex (singer) Alessandro Rina, known as Alex, is born how? in the year 2000. He attended il Chesterton Community College in Cambridge and completed BIMM in London in 2019. To support himself when he was a teenager, he worked as a courier and cashier in some pubs in two English cities. In 2021, Alex joined the school “Friends of Maria De Filippi”, then he landed on evening phase in the team of Lorella Cucciarini and Raimondo Todaro. And now it’s in the final. Il 21enne he presented its Unpublished ‘Eyes to heaven “ to me thanks to the school it was produced by Katoo (one of the most important producers in Italy). In November 2021, Alex won a cover contest judged by Ermal Met and presented his the second unpublished titled “Tra Silenzi (Rome). In January, a new unreleased title ‘It happens’.

LUIGI (singer) – Luigi Strangis is 20 years old from Lamezia Terme, horse Mother from Calabria and father from Naples. He is passionate about music from an early age, he attended Tommaso Campanella high school and has studied guitar and music theory. Luigi is gone never taken instead singing lessons: for this reason common sense in his voiceas they said I am a vocal traineryou can work thanks to innate musicality. In 2019, he released one of his most famous unreleased songs, entitled “Only You”. In 2021, Luigi managed to enter nat school “Friends of Maria De Filippi”. Here he immediately approached Carola’s dancer Puddu, just to make it clear that it’s just about friendship. Luigi has the assets three singles: ‘Vivo ‘Muro’ and ‘Tondo’. He managed to enter the evening talent scene in the team of Alessandra Celentano and Rudy Zerbi and now lands in the final.

MICHELE (dancer) – Michele Esposito is born in 2000 in Teverola, in the province of D.and Caserty. He has been passionate about dancing since childhood For 11 years he moved to Zurich to attend the Dance Academyby staying there for 6 years. Towards the end of his academic career, Michele began to be noticed, also earning several awards and honors. He then moved to Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where he joined the National Company. Michele is back in Italy to participate to “Friends of Maria De Filippi” and managed to enter the school. Not only that, he won a place on the evening talent scene with Alessandra Celentano and Rudy Zerbi, and now also final.

SERENA (dancer) – Serena Carella born in Cerignola October 2, 2002 Little is known about his family or childhood, but thanks to his profile Instagram do you know he has sister it’s called Antonella. She has been passionate about dancing since childhood, she attended the School of Dance Shoes Dew Cerignola and is part of French dance team, the company Giovanni Martinat in New Aquitaine. In September 2021, he managed to enter Amica’s school and arrival for the evening phase in the team of Lorella Cucciarini and Raimondo Todaro. He is now in the final. After his entry, she got very close to the singer vaginal discharge and finally it blossomed between them love.

SISSI (singer) – Silvia Cesana, known as Sissi, she was born in 1999 to Merone, small town in the province from Como. Her passion for music has deep roots, the young woman actually approached the world of music from an early age. In 2020, Sissi also participated inAmaSanremo “, where he presented the song “To Scare You”, with which he tried to land at the festival in Sanremo. On the occasion of the Covid period, Sissi decided to devote her time to work, in fact, the young woman was posted two singles during the blockade: “Against” and “Sento”. Another major opportunity came a few years later, a period in which he had the opportunity to join ‘Factor X 13’, talent then led by Alessandro Cattelan (now replaced by Ludovico Tersigni)but his adventure ended with home visits. Sissi entered school of “Friends of Maria De Filippi” Last October, she reached the evening talent stage with Lorella Cucciarini and Raimondo Todaro’s team and is now in the final.

Each team consists of two professorsone for singing and one for dancing: Alessandra Celentano and Rudy Zerbi, Anna Pettinelli Veronica Peparini, Lorella Cuccarini to me Raimondo Todaro. Here are which students remained on the different teams.

CELENTANO AND ZERBI – Luigi (singers Michele (dancer).

MUSHROOMS AND PEPARINI – vaginal discharge (singer)

CUCCARINI AND TODARO – Alex (singer); Serena (dancers Sissi (singer).

After days of doubt, came the certainty that deadline The 21st edition of Amici will be sunday 15 may thus one day after that scheduled for Saturday, May 14. The reason is that the start date coincides with the endEurovision Song Contest 2022, a long-awaited event, which this year, after Maneskin’s victory last year, will be held in Turin.

The jury consists of Stefano de Martino, Hide ed Emanuele Filiberto Di Savoia. The trio is tasked with evaluating the students’ various performances and working out, week after week, the names of those who will have to drop out of school and dream of making it to the grand finale.

FantaAmici continues to engage audiences in the dynamics of television. Play free, with professors and students of the talent show Canale 5. The game focuses on evening phase del. program Players can rely on them official website and dedicated application where they will have to register, login and create their own team, then decide whether to play in a private league, with friends or not. According to the challenges and behavior of players, players will earn or lose points for their team. Of course there is ordinance: each player has 1000 coins at their disposal to be able to buy their teammates; each team must necessarily consist of 5 students and a teacher; grades are given to teams based on the behavior of each student; the regulations provide for a number of Bonus / Malusów; the results will be valid until the end of the program. They are also expected 3 mini-games via social media which may affect the ranking (“Twitter Stars”, “Tiktok Makers” and “Il mondo di Amici sa”). Don’t forget they exist bonus points and malus points in the game.

Amici 21 airs afternoon episodes there Sunday afternoon at 2 p.m.

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