Fuorisalone 2022: installations not to be missed

Even the Fuorisalon 2022 will be have Installations not to be missed. And yes, most will be on the road for everyone. And that’s how it happened Milan Design Week will return this year with the aim of transforming the streets of Milan into an urban theater to traverse – from north to south, from east to west – with smartphone in hand and camera ready to mark the time (and… the design) in one or more recordings. Be published on social networks? Probably because the floating forest on the water of the Darsena – which we’ve been talking about for a few days – could be a rain-like image. But apart from the portals network, of little interest to those who munch on art and design, the general public – you know – wants to experience an unmissable edition of the Fuorisalone. And that’s why here is a preview of the installations that will transform the city into a stage, creating an entertaining, educational and cultural scenography.

Fuorisalone 2022: installation not to be missed

slow life by Finemateria in Piazza Città di Lombardia

Artistic direction: NonFuturo Studio; Models: Giovanni Dodorico and Sara Barbini; Outfit: Sunnei

Nicolo Bressan

In Piazza Città di Lombardia, the Finemateria collective will create a scenography by the author, a tribute to slowness. It will be called slow life, the project that will transform the public space at the foot of the Palazzo di Regione Lombardia into an urban (design) living room dedicated to individuality and community. The work, commissioned by the Isola Design District, will showcase the products of 16 designers who will help build a creative project inspired by a Japanese home in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Input slow life It will be an experience of leisure and comfort. It will transcend the superficial visual perception to which we are now accustomed in the chaotic days of fuorisalone and make time superfluous so that the clock ticking is no longer an issue. In short, space for design squared.

sprouts by Marcantonio in the courtyard of the Palazzo Durini Caproni di Taliedo

installation sprouts by Marcantonio for Natuzzi

Photo courtesy

It’s going to be big, Marcantonio style. And it will be suggestive. Here is the face of sprouts, the installation exhibited in the courtyard of Palazzo Durini Caproni di Taliedo for the Natuzzi showroom and can only be seen on Wednesday 8th June and Thursday 9th June. The work will arrive at the Fuorisalone to celebrate the concept Second Life and talk about life Starting from the idea of ​​rebirth and to underline the close bond that today more than ever binds us to nature and the environment, Marcantonio has decided to transform one of the most emblematic courtyards in the center of Milan into a fairytale world in that of the pavement or rather huge olive shoots will sprout from the ground.

The Art of Dreams by Ruby Barber of Studio Mary Lennox

The Art of DreamsRuby Barber by Studio Mary Lennox

Benne ox

The work The Art of Dreams by Ruby Barber of Studio Mary Lennox will explore the interaction between nature and technology with an immersive and dreamlike installation on view at Palazzo Clerici in the Brera district. The Australian artist’s sculptural and uplifting work combines the fragility of flowers with a 21st-century technological perspective. “I’m curious to explore the connections between nature and the modern human environment. I am particularly interested in the possible interactions between botany and technology. In realizing this work, I dreamed of a place where two worlds meet and I merged them into a space for a new experience,” according to the artist. Ruby Barber’s work is the second signed The Art of Dreamsa Porsche initiative.

hypernova by Sara Riccardi in the Superstudio lounge area

hypernova by Sara Riccardi powered by gloTM

Photo courtesy

The star of the Superstudio lounge area is the installation hypernova by Sara Ricciardi for gloTM will combine botanical elements with electronic components. These contemporary ingredients, tied together into a single, cohesive texture, will aim to make a strong statement we Collective in search of “our way” and “our identity”. Abstract concepts? Not exactly. If in astronomy hypernova it is a stellar explosion from which new galaxies are born, the work seeks to build a place of total expansion that one can enter to feel the pattern of a vital and interconnected weave. From the central heart, the viewer will live an experience where nature and technology, uniqueness and diversity between nature and sound coexist.

floating forest by Stefano Boeri Interiors at Darsena

floating forest by Stefano Boeri Interiors powered by Timberland

Courtesy of Stefano Boeri Interiors

Cities should become greener. This is one of the most promising and strongest teachings to come from Boeri. Thus, during the days of Fuorisalone, the architect and his studio founded with Giorgio Donà – Stefano Boeri Interiors – will help to create a floating forest (already rippling through the city’s corridors). The work created for Timberland was born from the idea of ​​emphasizing the importance of the ecosystem in which we live – to really feel part of it – in the spirit of a sincere dialogue between man and nature. The project will become a significant and recognizable attraction.

toilet paper street dreamed with Organics by Red Bull

fuorisalone 2021, toilet paper home

Toilet paper, via Balzaretti

Alberto Zanetti

TOILETPAPER STREET is preparing to become an urban hub of Milan Design Week 2022. The building on via Balzaretti (with the following twin houses) is a magnet for all creative people and will be transformed into a place to be inaugurated in the days of the Fuorisalone, to then become a permanent installation of public art donated to the municipality became. Thus, the editorial project by Maurizio Cattelan and Paolo Ferrari will renew the invitation to the general public to enter the “via dei rossetti” and enjoy a colorful explosion that infects architecture and urban planning. The installation, created by Red Bull for ORGANICS, will be an expression of natural (and artistic) talent that will help create a colorful and multicolored sight.

pet therapy by Atelier Biagetti

pet therapy by Atelier Biagetti

Photo courtesy of Atelier Biagetti

Alberto Biagetti and Laura Baldassari, known for their ironic and performative approach, always attentive to the most common obsessions of contemporary society, will transform the adult audience into a class of children through a project dedicated to domestic animals. Huge cats, lunar and docile, become sculptural seats in the shade of soft and colored palm trees with luminous coconuts. Each object will be a functional sculpture, conceived as a device capable of activating the idea of ​​a home without borders, where the interior merges with the exterior and where the game is a serious thing to which not more can be dispensed with.

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