Gf Vip 6, Clarissa Selassié reveals that she was disappointed with Vippo

Few hours ago Clarissa Selassié was a guest at Chi housedirect header container with Alfonso Signorini led by Rosalinda Cannavò. The Ethiopian princess was immediately asked to respond to statements made by Alex Belli a few days ago about sisters breaking up Lulu to me Manuel Bortuzzo. The actor revealed that when the princess found out about Ansa’s swimmer’s statement, she was with him for a photo shoot:

We love Alex great, but we were very angry because, in any case, precisely because he loves us, it makes no sense to say these fake news. Did Lulu break up while she was there? Which isn’t true, and even if it were, I don’t know how he might have known. Social people know what the truth is. I respect you, I have a crush on you, but as soon as you know something, you use it to go and have a visitor. It seemed a little cheap to me. He told me not to take it because he was there, it’s our job.

On the other hand, when it comes to statements about the meeting between Jessica and Simone:

What he said about Jessica made me laugh. The night Jessica met that friend of Alex I was staying with, and it’s not true that they took the elevator together. One of them went up the stairs. Totally fake news! There is also evidence that we sisters were able to prove back then. On social media, they call it a hundred stools because as soon as he sees the opportunity …

The instant messages are like all Alex said was fake news. Those who know us follow us and notice us. After all, Alex made a fool of himself.

Questions arose about the end of the love story of the swimmer and his sister: second Clarissa Selassié Can these two ever get back together?

Then I will always love Manuel. The respect and respect I have for him will never fade away. I saw him every day when Lulu was home. Hopefully one day they will be able to talk, they broke up on the phone, they never confronted each other live. I hope that one day they will be able to talk and confront each other because they both deserve it.

After such a strong love, it is impossible not to talk to each other, at least in my opinion. They should at least explain, but I don’t know if they’ll get back together. Lulu is very injured and doesn’t recognize the person who is Manuel at the moment, neither do I. However, a lot has happened that I prefer to stay private so as not to hurt Manuel. These are the things his family has done for Lulu, but the good I want will never go away, so I hope one day I won’t tell you friends about it, but that when we see each other we can hug you, ask what kind we’re. I would be very pleased, of course I hope, I hope, let’s see …

Manuel Was he conditioned or was he really convinced that something couldn’t work?

As I know him, Manuel is also fragile; he is strong, very strong, but at the same time he has his weaknesses like everyone else. If you know how to do it right, you can still change his perspective. We’ve seen several times on the show that some people in her family didn’t even refer to Lulu, didn’t pay attention to Lulu, and I was the first to tell her, “Lulu is flying alone. Don’t try to love if your love is not accepted. Then this love was born, we saw this beautiful passion, I really believed that they were getting married.

He said he wanted to build a family together and these things don’t disappear overnight, so I still believe that Manuel has people around him. People who may not want to appreciate this love because it is not an obvious love, because no girl these days really wants you for who you are, for your soul. They look very good. I think the people around him in his family did not appreciate what Lulu did, that is, she loved and understood him. They will definitely have a hard time, I’m not saying it’s all roses, it’s normal for someone to have a hard time. After 6 months in prison, you come back that you are a little crazy. I see a lot of characters talking just to have a little article, it’s easy to blame Lulu for his character.

I have no problem telling the truth, I saw the interview with Chi first and appreciated what Sophie, Ale Basciano, Gianmaria and Giacomo Urtis said. I also appreciate Davide very much, he was a very gentleman. There are other characters as well, such as Maria Monsé who goes everywhere to try to get attention to her. Maybe three weeks in Gf wasn’t enough for her, as far as we can see, she wanted more.

I was very disappointed with Federica as she is no longer friends with Manuel because the whole time we were in the studio, Federica was always with me when Gianmaria was not there. Anyway, we always felt during this period and we say that he has an additional sympathy for Manu, that there is nothing wrong with them, but they have little to do with what we share with Fede, that we are two girls, we do some work . We talked very often, also to help each other in business and personal matters. She knows a lot about my things, I know a lot about her things, she asked me for advice from friend to friend, so I was disappointed that I said “I’m taking Manu’s side”.

In that case, if you love a couple, you should never take sides, you should just understand that two people are suffering at the moment. Both equally. There is no one who suffers more and no one who suffers less; nor who is more or less right.

Love Chapter: Clarissa Selassié is she engaged

I was engaged to this boy for a few months, now we have split up, but it’s a very peaceful relationship, we are friends, I don’t know if we will get back together, it will be discovered. In short, I’m single for now, ready for summer as a single.

As for the love part, I always try to keep it a secret.

Which Vippone liked Clarissa Selassié?

The only Anto. In my opinion, Gianluca was very nice in terms of appearance, he came when I was not at home, but we met for a few dinners, so in a friendship.

Su Barù:

I have always said that I love Barù and my judgment has not changed as I find him very honest. Anyone who says they play with it doesn’t really understand how it was made. I talked to him a little while we were in the studio and he told me things that made me understand where he was going. If it’s a friendship, a date, or they just want to get to know each other better, that’s their business. However, he has repeatedly expressed that he wants to meet her outside the home in a private way. If they are dating, they will never come and tell you because he wants something private. Even if that were the case, we’re a little smart … let’s go there … he’ll never tell you. Even if they are together, they would never tell you because he doesn’t want to.

With regard to Simone Bonaccorsi:

He was her friend, they went for sushi and it ended there. False rumors!

In the future Clarissa Selassié is there music

We recorded the song as a trio because the social world loves the power of a trio. Lulù and I personally write different singles, we want to see which ones we like the most and release them between June and July or directly in September so as not to rush a job that can be done very well.

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