Gf Vip 6, Maria Monsè continues her crusade against Selassiè

Maria Monsè intervened on Radio Radio in the broadcast It will not happen again led by Giada De Miceli. The conversation began immediately with a conversation about what had become a “crack in history” GF Vip“, that is, the separation of Manuel Bortuzzo and Lulù Selassié:

I remember being on the train, coming home from a birthday party – beautiful – di Delia so when I was returning from their party, I received this message, which had just been published, from my friends. I was one of those who said from the beginning that times are still unexpected. I was very unbalanced in expressing my concept, my question of truth, which I emphasize often. I, given my experience, was not afraid of this inviolability and wanted to say what I thought.

Of course I didn’t hear you Manueleven though I had a great relationship with him at home. He was always nice to me, nice. He is a guy who impressed everyone from the outside, he is an even more beautiful person in real life.

I am sorry when someone did not understand anything. I had heard about everything, felt that there were those who allowed themselves to question it. I was at home when this general confusion occurred (refers to when Manuel suddenly approached Lulu, ed). I’d like to refresh your memory a bit in this episode. Everything changed when the sponsor of the anti-cellulite cream appeared, which all women had to massage. In short, they gave us these products and suggested that we lie down on the bed or enlist the help of someone who wanted to spread this cream on. She went straight to him. They weren’t even in their prime at this point. Let’s say it was a way of insisting, she did everything she could to make this story unfold. They showed the moment he was spreading this cream and from there Manuel had all his eyes in a little heart. She was one of those women who were not afraid to make this offer to a man, she accepted it from an intimate, special side.

I remember he said he wanted to be alone, he needed freedom, she came closer and ran to the other side. Suddenly the situation between them disappeared. For this reason, from the very beginning, I said that this story didn’t seem to last too long, because she was pushing her, pushing her a little too hard. If I had a son who was attended by a woman at this level, as a mother I would say “sorry, why do all of this?”

I remember Manuel’s ex-girlfriend showed up on the runway because Alfonso made her go upstairs, he wouldn’t take off his mask, he was wearing jeans, in short, he was the opposite of what a person like Lulu is. I remember that when they called us to the confessional, to do things, or there were photo sessions, when you took her place, she absolutely put her feet up, she had to be in the center of attention. Not only because of me. David himself gave a good speech at the end, said “this is Lulu”, look at how he reacts to others. I myself got very bad answers with so many curses one by one when I didn’t say anything about him.

Maria Monshe also intervened in the case Jessica Selassié:

Finally, they sent me videos where Jessica had several conflicting ways. Earlier she said that she has never used public transport and will never use it, because she only goes shopping with a driver, because she is wearing high heels. I was in a house that I didn’t know about those movies they were shooting, they showed them to me later. She said she didn’t need to eat for herself or her dog, they had to try desperately to survive so why are there those movies where they say they spend a certain amount, she goes with the driver? Honestly, every time he was nominated a different matter came up.

When it comes to legal threats Clarissa Selassié, here’s what he said Maria Monse:

Honestly, it bothered her that I was sharing things in public, but remember that the person who suffered a series of bad words was me. I don’t know what to threaten me with because I am the party who has been through it all. Once she came in suddenly without knocking on the door of my dressing room, and had the courage to let me on the air without telling me anything. She posted me live on Instagram without telling her anything. This way you cannot invade someone else’s privacy. We didn’t even say goodbye and she broke into my wardrobe, asked me questions, luckily on my fanpages the person took a video screenshot and everything she did in my wardrobe was on her profile. You wonder what ways to do, how you can define such a speech.

Maria Monse neither did he send them to say Sophie Codegoni:

She didn’t behave well with me either, I noticed that she was trying to harass everyone, she was doing a little good and bad weather. After that, she either kissed on one side or kissed on the other, always looking for excuses that she kissed to prove whether she fell in love or not, that’s a good excuse for her. She kissed but in the meantime she wasn’t in love so she was allowed to kiss the next one because love didn’t take place. There was once in this House that I was really annoyed because he made me out of everything that I am not even going to mention. He also referred to me as a small purse, when in previous editions we do not mention names, my daughter also remembers who, the person was eliminated for identical expression. Had to go the same way as Clizia, let’s say the name.

What do you think instead Alex Belli to me Delia Duran, Maria Monse?

They are very very nice, they are really nice people. Apart from rumors, we say that Alex is a person with a nice, sensitive soul. From time to time we hear my daughter playing the piano and being moved. I like him a lot, after our meeting he was always nice <, he and Sole always supported me. On a human level, I can say that he is a person who has a sensitivity that I have not found in others, so I am giving him all the possible and imaginable points.

With whom she remained a friend Maria Monsè?

I remained friends with them, with Valeria, with Amedeo Goria, Giacomo, everyone’s friend, he is nice, he admits that he loves gossiping and that he gets along with me.

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