Giorgia Soleri, “On a long night, I collect secrets with my tongue”: her poems “massacred” by readers. We asked the poet Calandrone for his opinion: here it is

“Merini will turn in her grave like a drill”, “Are you publishing your poems because she is the girlfriend of Damian David of Måneskin?” Giorgia Soleri just published “I miss nobody“(Publisher Vallardi), her first book and many social networks attack her mercilessly. In all possible ways. When he said that in 2018 the poet compared some of his poems with poems Alda Meriniit was almost a sacrilege. Anyone who has been able to meet Alda in her sewers would have known it had she still livedwould invite Giorgia for coffee in his very messy house. He would have lit another cigarette with her and would surely … kinder and more empathetic words. Most likely, it would make her follow what she feels. He would also agree that the woman has a full name. He is not there “girl“As was presented on”Italian stories“. Even in the perimeter. In short, he has his own identity and wants to be considered for what he is and what he realizes. In this case, his poems. They are good or bad.

We asked several contemporary poets and writers to comment on her texts. This “story of life and touching love”, tender and cruel, promised to the reader by the cover. Some people don’t even feel like reading them, they are obliged to Turin Book Fairothers freeze their judgment on the novice. He is young and will find his way. So she won’t be a “girl” anymore. We arrive instead Maria Grazia Calandronean Italian poet who published in Mondadori “The garden of joy“And he is the author of a poetic novel in prose”Shine like life“(Finalist Witch’s Award 2021). He willingly agrees to comment on “Miss Nobody”, about which he has read about fifteen poems. He knows young people well because he conducts poetry workshops in a public school, where he reads to children texts by Pierpaolo Pasolini, Amelia Rosselli, Giorgio Caproni, Marina Ivanovna Tsvetaeva. “Te Giorgia Soleri,” she says, “are typical poems of a twenty-year-old, both in terms of style and content. And they are quite original“. Which poem particularly struck you? Here are some verses: “N.I don’t want to be defended, I don’t want to be saved / I’m running away from protection“. Next: “No tower traps me / I want to throw myself into the world / Scratch my body / Bleed myself with life / Don’t treat me like a princess I’m not / just because you can’t stand / A fighter in me“. For Calandrone it is affirmation of autonomy in a poetic tonevery strong: “You – he comments – he speaks not only about himself, but on behalf of the girls of his generation. In poetry, it tells a new way of living in independence ”.

And that is certainly not insignificant. Soleri’s claim of femininity is very interesting for the writer: today girls are able to defend themselves. The poem quoted for Maria Grazia Calandrone is a response to women’s dignity at the Oscars by Will Smith. Måneskin’s Response “Coraline” to Franco Battiato’s “La Cura”. In the first case, the man protects the woman, and in the second, he encourages her to face her fears. In short, Giorgia responds in nature to the prejudices of a woman who is fragile and in need of protection, or is considered only her beauty. And he does it also in poetry: “For all the times when / you told me that a man wouldn’t want me / because after a nude photo / there would be nothing else to discover / for all the times when you told me – and convinced me – that / there was nothing more to discoveries / in me beyond my nakedness“. Another of the texts that Calandrone liked is: “I saw the sunrise / eight thousand three hundred and forty-four times / even if I didn’t believe it / it was possible. Phoenix ash / which I was / still stains my fingers“. What does this express for the writer? “Resistance to anger and pain. These are the typical themes of youth poetry and metal song lyrics. “

And about the controversial pairing of Soleri and Merini? “He’s so young he doesn’t have one style. But it is true that at times she remembers the Milanese poet thanks to her sentimental inspiration and erotic enthusiasm. ” The Merian verses, according to Calandrone, include these: “In a long night / with my tongue / I collect secrets / that flow from your eyes / I quench my thirst / I dry out of your absence“. The topic of sex is also an affinity between them. Alda Merini was one of the first in poetry 900 to talk about sex and female lust with fairly clear words like “thirsty uterus.” Soleri writes: “Your semen flows / pregnant with you / in every sterile atom / that creates me“. It is still: “I want to admire you / learn new trajectories to / take you to pleasure / discover new islands making yours / in, blur the lines between the end of my orgasm and the beginning of yours“. Poetry, from any economic marketis a gesture of freedom. Maria Grazia Calandrone learned this from her trips to Italian schools. “Today’s children really need to deal with poetry,” she explains. “For them, it is an opportunity for a different possible way of being in the world. An act of uselessness outside the competition rules. Counterpoint to Productivity. So the poems of Giorgia Soleri are welcome. Even if they are immature, they have dignity. Does he have thousands of followers? Are you with Damiano David? “It is even more punishable – replies Calandrone – If she were not a woman, and moreover related to a pop star and a popular herself, she would not be aiming at a gun with such ferocity. “

Let’s go back to the negative comments that appear on social media about “I miss nobody“. Here are the others: “Words and concepts repeat endlessly in a carousel of banality and bad taste”, “Perhaps the young lady did not want to appeal to the great writers of erotic literature, she feels like a modern Anais Nin, but it is only inappropriate and definitely emphatic.” The carousel of negative comments also includes the one with Manuel Peruzziit is raw Huffington Postwrites: “At this point, you might be wondering: how do you represent those who do not have the Cristoforetti program but are known to have vulvar neuropathy, or pelvic pain, and are they really a pop star girl?” It’s about his consciousness struggle for vulvodynia, a female pelvic pain she has suffered for years. Caused by endometriosis. A difficult-to-diagnose disease that affects many women. But Giorgia Soleri looks great alone. With the name, surname, title of the book of poetry. “I am not interested in asking myself whether or not Giorgia Soleri is a poet,” writes the commentator, “whether this book is a brilliant commercial movement or a virgin editorial choice out of all kinds of social contamination. Giorgia Soleri is a woman who has a need. A very strong need. He has a story to tell (maybe more than one), and it’s a story of pain. You feel it right away and you feel it to the end. ” It is a book she first read casually and which she had to return to in the hours that followed because she felt that she was somewhat superficially ignoring in such a hasty manner that feeling of bitterness and pain that, inevitably, got stuck on him. This is already a small victory, right?
Giorgia Soleri, thanks in advance. Here are his words: “Hi, thank you for purchasing this book. For opening it up, even because you’re browsing it in a bookstore…. Whatever your reason for reading this page, thank you. “

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