GUARULHOS-SANTA CRUZ DE LA SIERRA – GOL returns to Bolivia with 4 direct flights a week

The memorial flight to be resumed between Guarulhos Airport and Viru Viru International Airport, the main one in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, took place on the morning of 05/05.


Bolivian customers are once again benefiting from the extensive network provided by GOL in Guarulhos throughout Brazil and abroad; with Air France and KLM partners, passengers have quick access to Europe.

On July 11, the GOL Linhas Aéreas celebrates 17 years of operations between Guarulhos International Airport (GRU) and Viru Viru International Airport (VVI) in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. Suspended since March 2020 due to the pandemic, the GRU-VVI route reconnected on Thursday (5) one of the most important nodes of the Company, from São Paulo, to this remarkable destination in South America, which has a varied profile. of Clients: tourism, corporate and people who constantly travel to visit relatives and friends.

Flight G3 7714 left São Paulo / Guarulhos at 10:50 and landed in Santa Cruz de la Sierra at 12:55 (local time). The route was attended by Luiz Teixeira, Tex, GOL’s commercial director for international markets, and Commander Alberto Fajerman, GOL’s presidential adviser. The Air France-KLM Group, which maintains a long-standing alliance with GOL, was represented on the fly by Manuel Flahault, the company’s CEO in South America, and in Santa Cruz de la Sierra by Pia Lackman, the company’s Country Manager. . for Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay.

The GOL crew that performed the resumption flight between Guarulhos and Santa Cruz de la Sierra last Thursday (5).

As requested by the resumption operations, the festive tone marked the flight between GRU and VVI. Passengers were toasted with a glass of sparkling wine and presented with sweet bem-voado, a version of the traditional bem-casado. In the evening, in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, a cocktail party was held with local authorities and GOL representatives to further enhance the resumption of this important route between Brazil and Bolivia.

Special speeches were made in the Guarulhos and Viru Viru departure lounges and on board, as was the case at Guarulhos take-off: “Welcome to the flight from São Paulo to Santa Cruz de la Sierra. It’s great to fly back to Bolivia now, with direct flights four times a week. Keep counting on us to take you through Brazil and the world with comfort and agility. It flies straight, it always flies, it flies GOAL. Thank you and have a wonderful trip. ”

In the interest of sustainability, the baptism of the aircraft during the landing in the neighboring country was done virtually, using the Instagram filter called Sustainable Baptism, created by GOL. Recently, the Company abolished the traditional baptism made with reused water jets, as a way to conserve natural resources.

“With GOL’s tradition of flying to South America, the Company’s return to Bolivia is a key part of the Company’s international recovery process, given the importance of this market to Brazil and the world. In this context, Guarulhos Airport becomes a point of connectivity, either for Brazilians and foreigners who are destined for Bolivia and South America in general, or for Bolivians and neighbors who travel all over Brazil with GOL and in Europe and other parts of the world with companies. Air France and KLM partners, ”said Randall Saenz Aguero, Director of Alliances, International and Distribution at GOL.

“It is an honor and a great joy for GOL to once again serve customers of different profiles using the Guarulhos-Santa Cruz de la Sierra route. In a tourist or family trip, with work commitments and even crossing continents, they will surely find in GOL and its partner companies the comfort they need to reach their destinations with comfort, agility and safety “, says Luiz Teixeira . , Commercial Director for International Markets at GOL.

Initially, there are 4 round trips per week between Guarulhos and Santa Cruz de la Sierra: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, until July next year. In August, Customers will have 5 departures per week, on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays.

The flight schedules between São Paulo and Santa Cruz de la Sierra have been designed to facilitate connections for GOL customers in Guarulhos, one of the company’s main hubs. From this point, Bolivians have convenient and fast access to over 35 national destinations of the Company and as many international locations, either with GOL itself or with its partner airlines. With Air France and KLM, passengers can quickly reach Europe from São Paulo, as well as make connections to several other destinations served by both companies around the world. Passengers in Europe with Air France and KLM will once again have the facilities and all the security to travel to Bolivia with GOL, departing from Guarulhos Airport.

“We are delighted to welcome our Bolivian customers back to São Paulo, in partnership with GOL, so that they can reach Europe through our extensive air network. The fast connections in the capital of São Paulo offer ample comfort for travelers who will find comfort and entertainment on board for the whole trip. In addition, from this month, Air France will resume operations with a first-class cabin in Brazil, another milestone in our recovery, “said Pia Lackman, Country Manager of the Air France-KLM Group for Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay. .

As an immediate connection to Europe, customers will be able to board KLM to Amsterdam (KL 792, departure at 19:10) and Air France to Paris (AF 459, departure at 18:55) from São Paulo. When landing in company hubs, Customers can continue their journey on connections to all continents.

Tickets for Santa Cruz de la Sierra can be purchased from the Company’s website and app at GOL airport stores by calling the Relations Center (0300 115 2121) and travel agencies.

GOAL Premium Economy

Customers looking for more comfort, more miles and more luggage can choose to fly in the GOL Premium Economy class, awarded in 2020 by Trip Advisor’s Traveler’s Choice as the best premium economy in Latin America, which offers several exclusive benefits: free means, offering more comfort and privacy; accumulation of more miles in the Smiles program, so that the Client travels more; free and priority luggage, with the right to take two pieces of luggage weighing up to 23 kg each; exclusive hand luggage compartment; and priority in check-in and boarding – more convenience at any time of the trip.

Premium Economy class can be purchased during the ticket purchase process through the website, application, mobile site, stores, VoeGOL kiosks, sales center, travel agencies or even during check -in, if available.

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