Guendalina Tavassi, who is the ex-husband of Umberto D’Aponte (and why was he sent to prison)? From love in train to arrest for violence

Umberto D’Aponte has been released from prison, and yesterday Guendalina Tavassi decided to leave the Island of Fame in 2022. The announcement of the release of the survivor’s ex-husband came via social media by Umberto’s sister, Mary, who shared a thrill with her followers about the possibility of hugging her brother again: «Now he is at home and it matters to us, whether it is with his loved ones. I’m afraid to say it out loud, but I’m happy».

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Guendalina Tavassi is leaving the island: does the former have anything to do with it?

Yesterday during a live broadcast of a reality show hosted by Ilara Blasi, Guendalina, despite not knowing the news of her ex’s release, still decided to leave Honduras. The show’s end date should be yesterday, but given the excellent results of the reality show, Mediaset decided to extend its broadcast, leaving competitors free to decide whether to stay until the end (June 27) or return to Italy. “I really want to cry, but I have to go home to my children. Today was the final for me. Ilary, you and I have talked, I have a few urgent matters to solve, I would like to stay with all my heart, but I can’t. Gaia is also turning 18 and I can’t miss it. My heart would stay here, but I can’t, I have to go back to my children. Getting here is a huge goal, unfortunately it was the only time I had it this time. I didn’t expect to get there today, I thought they would kick me out after a week. I would leave and be happy if I continued, but I have children that I can’t leave at the moment, that is a twinge in my heart that they got prolonged and I can’t go on. I’m happy with the show, but Ilary you understand me as a mother, but I have to go back to my children “. With these words, broken by tears, the survivor communicated her deicsione to the viewers. And probably the ex-husband is behind it all. In fact, rumors are circulating on the web that Tavassi has returned precisely because yesterday was a fixed day for Umberto D’Aponte to be released. And Guendalina as a mother, apparently, did not want to leave the children alone in such a delicate moment.

Guendalina Tavassi, ex-husband (Umberto D’Aponte), is released from prison. His sister tells about him: “I’m afraid to say it, but I’m happy”

Who is Umberto D’Aponte?

Umberto D’Aponte, a Neapolitan born in 1984, and Guendalina Tavassi were together for nine years. Little is known about his life prior to his meeting with gieffina, which took place on the Naples-Milan train. There was true love at first sight between them and so strong that they got married in 2013 when they had their first daughter Chloe to whom Salvatore was also added in 2015. «Umberto, the flawless man. Indeed, that’s what’s annoying about him: he has no weaknesses in his character and he never gets upset»Gwendolyn said in an interview shortly after the wedding. A story shared on social media that ended in March 2021 when Gwendolyn announced her separation from her husband via an Instagram story: «We’ve been separated for months at home … Umberto may be madly in love with me, but if he were, he wouldn’t be doing some things.».

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Marriage of Guendalina and Umberto

Their private life was marked by delicate moments such as the distribution of hot Tavassi videos without her consent by third parties and attacks that the woman suffered. In fact, at the beginning of the year, Guendalina condemned her ex-husband’s aggression, which is why Umberto D’Aponte was in prison for about three months. The man, for his part, has always claimed that he never beat his ex-wife. Now Umberto is released from prison, as evidenced by a video posted on Tik Tok by his sister Mery D’Aponte.


The case is very delicate: the man was imprisoned in February last year after being reported ill-treated by an ex-partner who said she wanted to do it also to protect her children, witnesses to some scenes of violence. According to former survivors, the attack would take place outside the Roman institute attended by the children of Guendalina and Umberto in front of their children and in front of dozens of parents. Then there were pictures of the Roman soubrette showing up with a bruised face on social media (photo removed immediately) but could not say anything yet for legal reasons. «I’ve had better times but can’t really speak until I’m done with complaints, lawsuits, can’t tell where it happened who was, but thank you for calling. I’m sorry, but I can’t say anything»

Then the truth came out. From there, the stories on soubrette’s Instagram profile were filled with details of the abuses suffered.

Guendalina Tavassi: “My husband is in prison, the children are shocked: they were there when he attacked me”


«I arrested Umberto, violence in front of our children“. The former shipwreck decided to release a couple on Instagram: “I say to protect the children who were also present during the last attack on a deliberate basis,” said Tavassi. “All in front of Sasa’s son, who begged him to stop.”

He made it known to all supporters in a loud voice: “My ex-husband Umberto D’Aponte is in prison,” adding that in this case there was also someone who pulled it out on her Guendalina: “I’m attacked because he ended up in prison. I applied and that’s why I’m mexxa ?! When women with children die, you say poor thing. Very good. People go to jail there for all they did. Nobody is making anything up. If you break the law, the law will punish you. But not so, even after so many things. This person has also been removed, a restriction he has broken. After breaking his nose, after beating, after threats, after chases, after all the scenes that the children had to go through. ” To make prosecutors take such a drastic decision, there were two reasons, from what a gieffina was saying: violence against underage children, and moreover, Umberto D’Aponte also had a woman restriction order.

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“Children after trauma”

A delicate situation that left its mark on the entire family, and Guendalina also told how little Chloe and Salvatore had embraced the story: “They were always present, they are terrified! Then I laugh, but Sasy is shocked. Every time I’m afraid to go out, you can’t understand what I’m going through. Don’t get mixed up, I don’t want to talk about it! There is a trial, justice deals with it. Fortunately, sometimes there is justice. I want to live peacefully and my children have a right to it. They don’t ask where it is.

Guendalina Tavassi, finished with her husband Umberto: “Separated at home, but without innuendo”

The sacrifice of Guendalina’s boyfriend

Now we still don’t have any news from Guendalina, which is on its way back to Italy. We don’t know if she found out about it or not, we only know that now the ex-shipwrecked survivor is happy and at peace with his boyfriend Federico Perna, who stands before her with open arms. Guendalina therefore decided to return to her children, even if there was a suspicion that her motivation could have been influenced by the release from prison of her ex-husband Umberto D’Aponte.

Hours later, Federico Perna shared a sweet shot with Gwendolyn. They are both huddled on a bed strewn with rose petals. The signature reads: «Affection and the heart will always dominate greed, fame and poverty. Maybe that’s why we’re here. Run to me …».

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