Harry and Meghan return to the queen: “They’re doing it for the money”

Participation Loot to me Meghan at the Platinum Jubilee for the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth, it lends itself to a variety of interpretations. For some, it’s just a new challenge royal family, attempt to steal Her Majesty’s show. Buckingham Palace tried to contain this danger by denying the princes access to the palace balcony during Trooping The Color. Risky move with unexpected consequences.

The return of Harry and Meghan

AND Dukes of Sussex “They are delighted and honored to be able to participate with their children in the celebration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee”The couple’s spokesman said on May 6. After weeks of speculation, the long-awaited confirmation has finally arrived. For the first time, Lilibet Diana will meet her grandfather Carlo and great-grandmother. Her Majesty has managed to fulfill her desire to reunite the entire royal family. Perhaps for the last time. For a few days, Harry, William and Carlo will bury the ax in the name of the Queen. At least in theory. In fact, the situation is not the easiest. The ruler is glad to see Harry and Meghan again, but on her terms. Indeed, Buckingham Palace announced: “After much reflection, the Queen decided that the traditional appearance on the balcony of Trooping The Color on Thursday 2 June this year would be restricted to Her Majesty and members of the Royal Family holding official public office on behalf of the Queen.”. Basically the Sussexes (and of course Prince Andrew) will not be on the balcony next to the monarch during her most important jubilee. Is this the queen’s revenge for Megxit and the scathing interviews with her grandson?

Harry’s indecision

On April 13, Prince Harry and Meghan, on their way to the Netherlands to participate in the Invictus Games, made a brief stop at Windsor Castle to secretly meet the Queen. On this occasion, the sovereign would ask Harry and Meghan Markle to attend the Platinum Jubilee of her 70 years of reign. However, during an NBC interview, Prince Harry noted: “There are still security problems”, referring to a dispute against the Home Office to reclaim an escort that was canceled from him last summer. The Platinum Jubilee shouldn’t be a problem in this sense: Windsor fully reserved and it goes without saying that protection has been planned down to the last detail. However, Harry hesitated for weeks before confirming his presence. Expert Tom Bower identifies possible causes of uncertainty: “… Prince Charles and William are furious at [i Sussex] because of their lies in an interview with Oprah Winfrey ” to me “Meghan did not dare to stand up to Kate after a misleading innuendo during an interview.” But maybe there are more, one “Conscious indecision”Bower continues “It does damage to the monarchy that cannot be avoided”has “It is part of the financial strategy [dei Sussex]”.

A well thought out plan?

Experts fear that the security issue and Harry’s subsequent uncertainty about participating in the Platinum Jubilee are part of an alleged plan devised by Sussexes to attract attention and advertise through the use of an image. Royal family. Speaking of the Prince’s absence from the Prince Philip ceremony on March 29 last year, again for famous security reasons, Angela Levin said: “He was the only member of the royal family who did not participate by making a pitiful excuse … he has changed … he is selfish and resentful … everything is judged only by how much it affects [Harry e Meghan]”. The expert reiterated the concept, commenting on Sussex’s visit to the Queen: “… I think you have to be very careful and not jump to conclusions. I believe it [i Sussex] The Queen and Charles missed it very much, “but the latter can be” taken advantage of [da Harry e Meghan] advertise as they have already done… ”. Ultimately, the Sussexes agreed to attend a celebration of the 70th anniversary of Her Majesty’s reign, but experts remain skeptical about the authenticity of their choice: “Celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Queen’s throne should not become a Harry and Meghan series”Camilla Tominey thundered. Can the Sussexes manage to steal the spotlight, which is not for them this time? Military history expert Christopher Joll is not at all sure: “… They will inevitably be distracting. But that doesn’t mean … those two don’t have to be there. The question is what should they do if they come. “

What will Harry and Meghan do during the Jubilee?

The Sussexes will participate in other scheduled Platinum Jubilee events, such as a service that will take place on June 3, 2022 at St. Paul. But their role has been significantly diminished. It seems Buckingham Palace is doing everything in its power to stop the “media magnet”, so to speak, represented by the princes. And yet we are talking about Harry and Meghan, be it their presence or their absence. We have a clear example for this: their exclusion from the balcony of the Royal Palace, which should silence the controversy, and paradoxically fuels it. Again Angela Levin he explained: “The atmosphere will be different with Harry [e la famiglia] present at the Jubilee. Attention will be focused on them … but it should not be a Jubilee “. And the Sussexes will realize it. To that end, they would shake hands, amplifying any action in the supposed pursuit of publicity. “They are melodramatic”commented the author the book “Palace Documents”, Tina Brown, referring to “Complete disaster” that the couple created z Megxit.

Is it all fiction?

Advertising brings money. Newspapers say the couple would reconnect with … Queen Elizabeth driven by economic interests and not by a desire for peace. Alleged fiction for use and consumption by Netflix with which the Sussexes have a millionaire deal. Starting with a secret meeting with Elizabeth II. After all, the prince continues to throw poison darts. In an interview with NBC in which she talked about visiting her grandmother, Harry said: “… I wanted to make sure that … he had the right people around him.” All this concern, however, would have a purpose: “[Il principe] he pretends to have a special relationship with the sovereign of England to increase his credibility in America “expert Tom Bower believes. The choice to participate in the Jubilee should also be interpreted in this perspective. Sussexes, says bower, “They were forced to accept a reduction” and they hope “Milk from the celebration for their economic benefit. We hope that the Palace will keep an eye on them so that their selfishness does not overshadow the celebrations for the incredible service that the Majesty has rendered to the nation ”. For this reason, a ruler would relegate his grandson to a marginal role, presenting an irrefutable justification: Harry is no longer in the service of the Crown. So Queen Elizabeth would also like to reiterate that it is impossible to be half royal and that perhaps forgiveness is at the end of the road yet to be traveled.

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