horoscope mars aries 2022 – valid from May 25 to July 5, 2022.

This horoscope contains advice without pretending the truth, you can read them if you want with maximum openness if you are looking for direction because the stars move above your head even if you do not look at them and they will make sense even if you do not know their astrological position; they can then help you understand who you are, what you are doing and who you will be. At least that’s what has been believed for over 3,000 years … Only for this, look with amazement at what is happening in the sky and have respect for mother earth …

Podium: Foster action and decisions in the practical field


You are protected by the stars and Mars, which from today returns to your element. The beginning of transit moon is of the same element, work now on the constructive and stimulating side of your being. Work must be carried out with enthusiasm, if not, change something and renew as much as possible. Mars’s great position that seems to help you understand who the people to follow and leave are, at least within you.

“Position 2-horoscope-cancer”

This is the right time to take care of your family, your roots, the place where you live. Relationships must be at the center of your life, communication with your partner must be lived with passion and serenity. Take on new responsibilities. The starting moon of the Mars Transit asks you to share energy, after a moment in which you may have just taken it. Great prospects.


A wonderful combination that starts a unique, rich, fruitful, informative side of your life. Eventually you’ll be able to leave behind everything that didn’t work, everything that made you think and suffer, even if you have to learn a lesson from it. From today, and for 40 days, look proudly at the horizon and be yourself, success can be seen without any effort, and at the same time energy returns to start new projects.

Intermediate positions: favor activities in the social field

“Position 4-horoscope-arias”

Thoughts about the present and the near future are important pages of the coming period. With Mars in your sign, the time is right to invest your money and energy in a project you like and love, to take decisive steps towards forgiveness or the healing of an existential wound. Look carefully ahead and discover new things, new perspectives, a path that will take you far.


Something important is movement during this period, the moon of this beginning of transit with Mars protects the movements and work with people who can support you, perhaps psychologically or financially. Starting today, Mars asks you to make a unique choice, go on a mission, and come back as a winner. Ask for stability, roots and a new home to stay. This is the right time to stop and choose a place to live.


The meaningful connection, the transit moon and Mars are now protecting professional breakthroughs and breakthroughs. At the beginning of this step, you can reserve a few surprises, a few more thoughts, but you don’t have to stop, follow your chosen path without asking yourself too many questions. Energy seems appropriate to transform your weaknesses into a virtue, use it to compare yourself with others.

“Position 7-horoscope-Virgo”

A wonderful start to the dynamic transition of Mars, the moon in the same position helps ambitious paths and supports willpower. For more than a month, you will definitely have to fight windmills and people who don’t understand you, but you will get new results and experience new certainties. The period promises to be interesting and a twist and change of direction are likely. Don’t stop your life from flowing, allow yourself a new experience without judging it a priori.

“Position 8-horoscope-twins”

The moon of this early transit is in the area of ​​new friendships and understandings. Mars has been very positive from today and will remain in the field of cooperation and inner life for 40 days, creating good starting opportunities. An interesting period is opening up to the closing of settlements with the past and archiving failures. A matter that you dragged on for a very long time will repeat itself, strengthened, another that you did not take into account will eventually disappear from your sight.

“Position 9-horoscope-Capricorn”

The transit of Mars in the sector of opportunities and surprises, supported today by the moon in the same position, seems ready to revolutionize its life and heal a deep wound. Your soul needs food and attention, and a relationship that comes alive can grow stronger. This is an interesting combination, even if it is not easy to manage. This is a good day to demonstrate my skills, but don’t be unpleasant, please.


Good Moon, you are on the verge of success, but in the next 40 days you need to develop quick ideas and focus on the person you like. The ideas that come from now on thanks to Mars seem valuable, they will help you understand what you are worth and keep your feet on the ground while looking at the sky. The period is going to be difficult, you will have at your disposal a unique opportunity to resolve a misunderstanding. Admit your flaws if you have any.

Magical positions: favor change and awareness


The Moon and Mars together initiate the closure and verification pass. There are so many things that you have thought and implemented in recent times, some will turn out to be useless or irrelevant in the next 40 days; others that you haven’t counted on enough will turn out to be unique. Follow your instincts and awaken the part that wants to be open, helpful and kind. Laugh at yourself, minimize as much as you can.


A gentle astral connection, this transit starts with the moon igniting deep thoughts and transforming in you, even Mars starts opposition from today. An important side of your life is closing, you have been able to meditate and decide within yourself what to do. From today and in the next 40 days, implement and change. On the horizon, a beautiful revolution, chosen in first person. There is no longer any room for following others and being guided.

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