Horoscope of the week: Aries the happiest sign, happy days for Aquarius

The week brings an important event from Tuesday, the great and positive Jupiter migrates to Aries, magnifying the fire signs of the zodiac, making the air easier, causing the earth to reflect and testing the water! Good week everyone!


The reward for the undoubtedly happiest week is yours! Jupiter enters your degrees on Tuesday and performs a wonderful operation to “benergize” your zodiac sign. Here for a while, until fall to be precise, we can technically say it’s your year! Get ready for new beginnings, for great evolutions, for a synthesis of problems, and above all for a return to optimism and willingness to live, and maybe for a nice journey. Meanwhile, Mercury no longer forces you to overly productive and you will relax more and more.


Planet games tend to reconfigure the reality of each zodiac sign, sometimes causing each of the twelve to use resources they didn’t even suspect. Here, you, generally practical and extremely simple to solve any problem, listen to your inner self and seek to abandon the feelings and softness that you rarely give, generous and deeper than ever, here’s the introspective recognition that so much will come in handy , with no navigation in sight, everything below deck for now, or rather … like submarines … for probing deep waters.


If Mercury is your planet and makes you brilliant even in synthesis, then a planet that sums things up positively becomes one of your best friends and forces you to resume joyful and laughing vigor to always earn a penny of worries, thoughts or decisions to be designed to be thrown behind your back like the famous fountain of wish and giving your all, while at the same time challenging the sluggishness of time and offering an uninvolved and sweeping desire to recreate relationships and entertainment that will ignite hearts and make you feel alive.


From Tuesday on, Great Jupiter will be square, which will entail significant program changes. In fact, it seems that travel or logistics are suffering from stops or arrests for a variety of reasons. Heaven advises not to take it, but to consider how extending the time and waiting a little to get in shape a little laziness can be an asset that brings good. The stars also point out that the work may be subject to very specific changes and conditions that depend on the data, and sometimes words that are not saved. Do not expose yourself to the variations of others, but try to be supporters of a very important direction that can give you a lot, but build it over time, even in love you decide not to subordinate to your partner.


All it takes is the Jupiter trine from Tuesday and another wonderful sextile of the Sun turning fiery to feel alive and positive again ?! The period of conquest begins anew, you remake your mane and polish the dandelions to roar loud and sunny. Pure expansion despite Saturn still wanting to run aground at a speed you still don’t recognize as yours and keep you from realizing that your reality is really evolving and that now everything is possible again. You could say the worst is over and now move on in love, projects and happiness that make you fully proud of your life, even on a very conducive journey between now and fall.


Once Jupiter is no longer the opposite, the series of tensions that made you feel on the rope, at work and in relationships will disappear. Here your reality seems less neurotic, but Mercury will stop helping you and you will look for truths that have long been waiting to be assimilated. A bit of a weird week, also because there are expected references to more conducive travel times, projects and a whole series of bad things that seemed obvious and you will have to wait a while instead. Don’t change your plans for now, but the fact is you can give work and relationships new meanings that will need to be respected more over the weekend.


A really important opposition begins on Tuesday. Here, your reality is really different for you, your adventures take a really different turn and seem to seek broader reflections. Many projects seem to stop and the feeling that you have missed something becomes obvious. Perhaps this obligatory stop imposed by Jupiter will help your Venus, who, meeting the mystical Chiron, will have to confess her fatigue and wounds that long for another life in love. Given the nature of your sign, we advise you not to analyze and re-analyze data that you already know perfectly well, but to use your wisdom to gain the necessary strength to do things that you have put off for too long, even to make final and drastic decisions.


Jupiter abandons you, and in losing this support from the water, you lose the great protective shield of the most generous planet in the sky. This may make you feel for a moment more helpless and less ready to react, but in reality it will be a test to make sure that the planetary grace that has invested you will be the one you accumulate and that will help you face everything. in a more mature and mature way, don’t worry, you still have Mars on your side, and you’ll enjoy your passions on the weekends. But Mercury advises you not to get involved in discussions that may cause you to react badly if you don’t like the topic, don’t discuss it, change it, or go on to something else.


Only Jupiter, your guiding planet, is in a sublime trigonal regime. This is where summer begins for you, passions, optimism and a positivist reinterpretation of reality. Travel and career advancement may be possible from now until fall, but if there are opportunities this week, grab them and try to face up to life and give yourself more freedom. Even economically, things should improve, your generosity in love becomes strong and powerful, and also very beneficial to your partner, happiness to those who have you!


Of course, the power of Jupiter’s influence is very remarkable and powerful, and in square it is not actually a walk, but even the mighty ruler of Olympus cannot suddenly take away from you all that you have accumulated during the long months in which the stars have arranged in such a positive way that you can change a little. everything in your life. Work and love were definitely fields of action where everything could be changed, now try not to fall into pessimism and fall into a state of observation that would be a shame to adopt. From now on and until fall, the setup is long, all B floors are moving!


From Tuesday, the wonderful Jupiter will return to radiate positivity and great ingenuity, synthesis and finally a sense of the completion of many things. There is a growing desire to be creative and the opportunity to receive many tasks that have long tickled you and that you constantly seek. But beware of the delicate square of the Sun with Saturn, which may cause you to delete other reports that don’t convince you or that you just don’t estimate. Drop things, you don’t need to let others know how respectful you treat them, rather live the happiness and enthusiasm that Jupiter gives you during these months and don’t spare yourself surprising everyone with more news!


It is certainly not a harm if Jupiter, who made you dream so much, packs up and goes, it does not mean that all your feelings and the positive line that the stars held during this period of your life will fail. Indeed, by going to the ideal second field, Jupiter itself will help you make your dreams come true and try to understand how your reality works and realize how much and how the things you worked on work and become perfectly material. The best part about dreams is that they come true and confirm that they are not projections of your mind, but also wonderful realities that warm your heart and turn on the sun!

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