Horoscope of the week from 23 to 29 May 2022.

In just one week, three different planets change their sign, indicating a real change of perspective: with the Sun in Gemini, we want to know more about the world, and with Mercury, which returns in Taurus earlier this week, we prefer to do so under a more realistic and with a cautious lens.

In the middle of the week, Mars enters Aries, a sign where it is finally at its best, inspiring decisive and bold action, perfect for taking the step forward we imagined but which we didn’t necessarily complete. We could be more open to comparisons, perhaps also because with the arrival of Venus in Aries from this Sunday onwards, we have an eye for building enriching relationships. We avoid drama, we look for pleasure.

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Highlights of the week:

  • May 23: Mercury retrograde enters Taurus – we prefer a more cautious approach to communication
  • May 25: Mars enters Aries – energy, direction, and courage guide our actions
  • May 29: Venus enters Taurus – we reconcile with pleasure and look for more relaxed relationships

    To take advantage of this week: We must not be afraid of commitment, especially if our next move has long been the subject of reflection and planning

    To be repeated out loud this week: I’m taking the first step

    Weekly horoscope from 23 to 29 May

    horoscope week 23 May 29, 2022 aries



    In the first days of this week we can see that you are still a little preoccupied, you may have to review your budget and available resources as well, but starting Wednesday with the return of Mars in your sign and the accompanying advertisement of the Moon you may leave it more and energetic, for sure .

    Dreams take shape because you can run to meet them and not be concerned about the resources you will have to bring in: with Venus in Taurus starting this Sunday, it will be easier to identify where to draw from and how best to use it, have it. Don’t hold back.

    horoscope week 23 May 29, 2022 bull



    Eclipses may have shaken the foundations of your life, but you’re ready to rebuild: early in the week, when Mercury returns under your sign, it could be the perfect time to confront, confide and ask for advice from people you admire, especially considering the arrival Mars to Aries from Wednesday requires a reaction and dealing with internal blocks.

    From the weekend with Venus back in your sign you will return to take care of yourself – rediscover your worth and your beauty, take moments of pleasure and relaxation to find your center.

    horoscope week 23 May 29, 2022 Gemini



    After several days of turmoil, Mercury retrograde returns to Taurus, letting go of you but asking for moments of reflection and introspection to change ideas. Give yourself time, you don’t need to hurry, especially from the weekend when Venus gets there, meditation and time alone will take on a completely different flavor.

    In the next period you will be able to learn that silence is golden and why not visually present the inspiration that comes to you? Mars in Aries is a big boost from your friends, but it can cause some conflict.

    horoscope week 23 May 29, 2022 cancer



    The days will be getting more and more excited about work with the arrival of Mars in Aries next Wednesday: it’s time to pursue your goals and demonstrate your reaction to new assignments – fear not, you’ll be up to the challenge. Who knows if this will also become a networking opportunity, because with Venus’s transition from the weekend to Taurus, an ideal phase for making new collaborations and alliances opens up.

    However, during these first days, Mercury returns to Taurus and suggests reconnecting with old acquaintances left aside for commitments.

    horoscope week 23 May 29, 2022 leo



    Surround yourself with inspiring people: if we see your social life reborn with the Sun in Gemini, Mars’ entry into Aries encourages these people to have new experiences. Traveling, studying, and discussing will be essential activities that will strengthen your legs in the coming months.

    This urgent and interactive soul can also open up new opportunities at work, as from this week onwards Venus and Mercury in Taurus, we see that you are more attentive to the way you pose yourself and lead projects. Concentrate on generating value.

    horoscope week 23 May 29, 2022 virgo



    When Mercury returns to Taurus earlier this week, check that everything is ready for the next expeditions – it’s better not to run into any nasty surprises. Besides, the coming days seem more inspiring: starting this weekend, Venus in Taurus is helping to find beauty in the world or build opportunities to connect with people through new experiences.

    However, from Wednesday onwards, Mars in Aries asks for a clear explanation of what your intentions towards others are: it will be a chance to make a firm point, or to put yourself on a guide for cooperation.

    horoscope week 23 May 29, 2022 libra



    Do you think this person is not receiving your signals? Time to take the first step: with the arrival of Mars in Aries next Wednesday, you can set your life as a couple in motion, especially with your planet Venus entering the romantic Taurus from Sunday onwards.

    You want to get involved, but always remember that everything is built in two and the next few weeks will be crucial to understand if you can feel at ease even in intimacy. Don’t be afraid to express how you feel.

    horoscope week 23 May 29, 2022 scorpio



    Eclipses have elevated life’s insecurity and showed things that we have no control over, so now that Mars enters Aries, the fundamental step to taking your life back into its own hands is to reorganize your days. Complete your homework with increasing ambitions, but be careful not to get tired too quickly.

    Venus and Mercury in Taurus are facilitating open conversations with the people you care about from this week, be sure to cultivate and enrich your support network.

    horoscope week 23 May 29, 2022 sagittarius



    Indulge in romance, Sagittarius: when the Sun in Gemini and Mars come to Aries from Wednesday, you’re taking the first step to take your relationship to a new level of intimacy and fun. Discover your most passionate and seductive side, but don’t be afraid to build a real commitment.

    Venus enters Taurus at the end of the week, while Mercury takes a few steps back in the same sector to indicate the resumption of your days to make them more balanced, with your well-being in mind.

    horoscope week 23 May 29, 2022 capricorn



    After the hustle and bustle of Eclipses, this week you need to reconnect with what makes you truly happy: with the return of Mercury to Taurus and the arrival of Venus at the weekend, your hobbies and passions take on a different flavor. It’s not necessarily about adding something new, but finding what once made you feel good.

    It is thanks to this newly discovered comfort zone that it will also be easier to manage the tensions in the home and protect your space. In short, with Mars in Aries, you realize how important it is to have a safe haven. Choose your guests carefully.

    horoscope week 23 May 29, 2022 Aquarius



    Hopefully your DMs won’t explode with the arrival of Mars to Aries from Wednesday as it is very likely that from now on, communication in your life will be more active and alive. Learn to juggle different points of view and affirm yours with confidence, but also stay open to small talk for interaction.

    When Mercury and Venus move to Taurus, you will still be able to find a quiet arena in the walls of your home where you can change your ideas. Take care of your space, make it beautiful and cozy – your mind will thank you.

    horoscope week 23 May 29, 2022 pisces



    With Venus and Mercury entering Taurus this week, it’s time to explore the neighborhood, Pisces, and with the Sun currently in Gemini, it may be time to host a party at home to make new contacts!

    You can find so much wealth in the people around you if you allow yourself to listen to them and interact with them, looking for new topics that stimulate your curiosity. One caveat for the next period: with Mars coming soon to Aries, keep an eye on your bank account and don’t overdo it.

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