Horoscope of the week from May 16 to 22, 2022.

If you’re feeling more tired than usual and the idea for Monday already seems questionable, we’re all in the same boat: this week starts with the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse, which will be one of the most intense moments this May. The tension created by the Sun and the Moon with Saturn on this occasion suggests a phase in which we must free ourselves from limitations and limitations – a time to cut off and break free from our addictions, in whatever form.

The moon will pass between Sagittarius and Aquarius during the week, while Mars will be conjunct Neptune: there is a controversial tendency, we want to reaffirm our principles and we are fighting for something deeper and more spiritual, but let’s not get bored. On Saturday, the Sun will enter Gemini to open a season where knowledge, conversation and curiosity are a priority – let’s keep an open mind and learn to adapt to what’s new, taking things more lightly.

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Highlights of the week:

  • May 16: Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio – leaving a blockage or addiction that prevents personal growth
  • May 17 – 20: Mars conjunct Neptune – we fight for spiritual and internal causes
  • May 21: The sun in Gemini – we approach the world with curiosity and develop the ability to adapt

    To take advantage of this week: Prioritize moments of relaxation to relieve tension and regain hobbies you missed.

    To be repeated out loud this week: I free myself from what imprisons me

    Horoscope of the week from May 16 to 22



    With the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, you are called upon to close debts and pending cases – this is the realization of the need to break free from anything that makes you feel enslaved and dependent on someone for a favor or a loan. Take your time, but plan to resolve the matter in the next few months. With your planet Mars conjunct Neptune, the struggle seems to be headed your way: how can you limit yourself?

    The appearance of the Sun in Gemini will clear your mind and you will see that you will be clear about the order of your priorities. Tip: Working on yourself makes getting out of debt even easier.

    horoscope week 16 May 22, 2022 bull



    Right now, many of your most intimate ties are under close scrutiny: with the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, it becomes more and more obvious how the people around you can be the engine or ballast for your development. It is not easy to dismiss those we are used to having on our side, but some people can no longer get into the image of this new and stronger version of you, especially if they are not the first to accept it.

    Not that it was a time of struggle and drama, especially when you think about the conjunction of Mars and Neptune, you actually fight very carefully for the common good, but some dynamics must be changed. With the advent of the Sun to Gemini, you will know how to improve and stand out.

    horoscope week 16 May 22, 2022 Gemini



    In the case of the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, it is possible that you are out of breath this Monday, Gemini: too many things to do and too little time to complete the tasks you were given. Isn’t it a good idea to let go of something and recognize that you can’t manage everything at the same time? In order to regain greater mental balance, it seems necessary to start by regaining control over time, breaking away from bad habits and focusing only on what is really necessary.

    If we add to this the retrograde of Mercury and the conjunction of Mars and Neptune in Pisces, it is understandable that now it is not entirely clear how and what aspects of your life should be relaxed, but with the advent of the Sun in your sign from this weekend you will feel again, finally yourself .

    horoscope week 16 May 22, 2022 cancer



    Too much is good, even if we’re talking about pleasure and fun – the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse seems to highlight those pleasures that have now become addictions and that lead to procrastination. Be careful not to get stuck in your comfort zone, it’s important to know how to dedicate adequate space to life’s pleasures, but not when we use them as a way to escape our responsibilities.

    This week the Mars-Neptune conjunction may see a little preacher of knowledge and, while it is important to validate your point of view, be careful not to fall into too much dogmatism. Since Saturday, the Sun in Gemini is more interested in taking care of itself than in seeking confirmation in the outside world.

    horoscope week 16 May 22, 2022



    If you’ve recently thought a lot about what the next step in your career could be, with this Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, it’s time to break free from the expectations your family has placed on you, or bet on your past. We are always the result of the choices made, but we need to make sure that they are inspiration, not a blockage. Perhaps this reasoning leads to the consideration of the change of residence as well, the conjunction of Mars and Neptune emphasizes which parameters are really important to consider in order to make a specific investment.

    As the sun rises into Gemini this weekend, you’ll see new opportunities open up among your friends, especially if you allow yourself to find new ones.

    horoscope week 16 May 22, 2022 virgo



    This Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio leads you to question your beliefs. Perhaps because you have received new information, or maybe because you have learned everything you can on the topic, it’s time to move on and perhaps find the right mentors. Without guidance or confrontation, you can feel lost, especially now that Mars is meeting Neptune and the words of others leave a deep mark on you.

    At least over the weekend, the Sun enters Gemini, illuminating new dreams and development projects – who knows what will not be a consequence of these new inspirations.

    horoscope week 16 May 22, 2022 libra



    Now is the time to ask for the right rewards: The Scorpio Lunar Eclipse highlights all the situations where you have not been appreciated or diminished, and the need to build fairer deals arises. The fear of running out of resources is understandable, but freeing yourself from these situations will allow you to have more and find more satisfaction. Especially nowadays, greater care is needed in the conjunction of Mars and Neptune, as perhaps the real order of priority and urgency is not clear.

    With the advent of the Sun to Gemini, you will be able to find new scenarios, inspiration and perspectives, but only if you allow yourself to be curious and look beyond your garden.

    horoscope week 16 May 22, 2022 scorpio



    Feeling so tense, almost drawn to the attention of others, with a Lunar Eclipse in your sign, it becomes imperative to see through what is really important to you. What boundaries do you need to set to behave? On the other hand, what kind of change are you experiencing? Free yourself from your old self-image by welcoming a new version that is open and respectful of your own spaces at the same time. You would like to have an overwhelming passion with Mars meeting Neptune this week, but perhaps ultimately what you are looking for is primarily a sense of peace.

    The sun is entering Gemini this Saturday, opening a phase where the most important relationships will move to the next step – but the priority will still be the search for a joint effort.

    horoscope week 16 May 22, 2022 Sagittarius



    With the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, you turn your gaze inward: to regain true autonomy, the final turning point comes when you are able to break free from the compensation mechanisms. What dynamics do you still justify? What are you avoiding There is no point in worrying about what you cannot control, but it is right to let go of those mental blockages that restrict you so much.

    Meanwhile, the Sun will enter Gemini over the weekend, enlivening your interest in relationships, but if you saw the ex resurrected with Mercury retrograde, I’d think twice about reheating the soup. This transiting Sun needs something new, and what did we just say about the old mechanisms?

    horoscope week 16 May 22, 2022 capricorn



    Now that you have rediscovered your passions, it’s time to ask yourself if you are actually surrounded by the right people: The Scorpio Lunar Eclipse is an opportunity to identify groups of people with whom you share real interests and ideals, such as because they instead make you that you feel you always have to adapt. Compromise is always the basis of any human relationship, but not when it distorts us.

    Reclaim your space and recognize that you are not the wrong one, meanwhile Mars will be conjunction with Neptune to inspire important messages for you, and once the Sun enters Gemini, you will be able to find a new rhythm and willingness to act in your daily life – also thanks to the retrograde of Mercury.

    horoscope week 16 May 22, 2022 Aquarius



    With this Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, the cards can change: whether you are asking for a role change or being offered to you, the concern seems to be about the work-life balance. If the change of job scares you, it may be because harmful dynamics in the workplace must be regulated, clarified and removed; if the amount of responsibility seems worrying to you, it’s time to clarify how far you can go.

    Given that Mars is close to Neptune all week, it will be important to have clear value and you can benefit from resources if you know how to defend yourself. On Saturday, the Sun reaches the sign of Gemini: a more humorous phase devoted to pleasures and free time opens. Could it not be the result of the events of this Eclipse?

    horoscope week 16 May 22, 2022 pisces



    In the case of the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, you must take a precise position and deviate definitively from those ideologies that cannot coexist with your principles. The time has come to stop justifying narrow worldviews and seek a more mature and clearer approach instead. Speech is your most important medium, especially on this day when Mars and Neptune are connected in your sign, but you need to be sure of what you are saying and the knowledge you have acquired on your path.

    The sun enters Gemini over the weekend, bringing interest to the house: how do you build a space that will make you feel welcome and safe?

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