Horoscope of the week from May 16 to May 22

horoscope of the week from May 16 to May 22

In this beautiful spring, news is pouring in from heaven, encouraging us to be more focused, more present, more attentive in what we do during our days. One planet in particular has chosen to put us all to the test on this front. Let’s find out more inhoroscope week from May 16 to May 22.

Horoscope for next week

The stars at that time decided stimulate our resources, making us sweat a littleespecially in terms of communication, clarity of thought, travel. Taking on this task is Mercurio, a planet that has chosen to reverse for a while. Until June, this star in a malicious position will complicate our days with unexpected events, breakdowns, various problems. As always, there is a flip side to the coin when it comes to celebrity matters. If Mercury starts doing these tricks, there will be a reason for it. Let’s find out how to deal with it, sign by sign zlhoroscope next week.


To look for Ariesyour week goes by Great, you begin to perceive the presence of Jupiter more clearly, and your days are optimally protected by Venus, which, in addition to being a planet of love, is also the star of a small daily fortune. Could this Mercury retrograde ever bother you? For now, the answer is a firm no. But you too will be dealing with something a little ‘wrong’. With all zodiac signs, the emphasis is on communication. During this period, you must learn to listen before speaking, which your impulsiveness does not understand, and yet it is a task to be performed. Will you make it? It’s a good challenge for you, but nothing excites you more than a challenge: have fun!


To look for ToroThe horoscope of the week from May 16 to May 22 speaks very clearly in favor money. On the one hand, the planets in Aries, Venus and Jupiter will soon give you the opportunity to improve your economic situation, on the other hand that Mercury a little like this makes you see something obscure that you do not understand. Right now, it’s only good to dive in situations that have a specific effect. If the money coming in is related to a promotion, a new employment contract, an inheritance, great! But if you find yourself faced with confusing propositions that are not clear as to ways and times, it is best to stop, deepen and, if necessary, move on. More and more concrete opportunities will be available soon for you.


To look for Twinsnothing stands in the way light flight which you like these days. A flight that will soon ascend to even greater heights. This Mercury gives you a bit of a hassle in managing your days, but you are in a state of mind that will not be ruined or discouraged by unexpected events or obstacles. You know that they are part of life and that everything can be overcome. It is your attitude this spring that makes the difference. Full steam ahead!


To look for Cancer, let’s start with the good news. You have a few more days Mars energy on your side who supports you during the year he has decided to test you. The horoscope stars of the week from May 16-22 want you to be more responsive and choose to work on two fronts. On the one hand, they stimulate you to look inward for resources to expect, to know your true desires, those that you may not even know yet. On the other hand, Mercury expects you to look back, one last time, definitely, to face something that is not locked up but still working in your mind and heart. The period that opens up will not be easy, but it will be valuable as it promises you will be able to eventually heal old wounds and allow you to look more freely into the future.


To look for Leonecurrently great revengeMercury will certainly not bother you. However he tries to get in the way, you are convinced that he is doomed to fail. You are in one of those moments when you feel like the king of the world, you are not afraid of anything and you expect everyone to notice your charisma, extraordinary gifts and natural talent. Here, in this context, the reaction of the environment around us must be controlled. When you commit to looking at yourself, you often lose sight of others, starting with your loved ones who suddenly feel transparent. Use these beautiful energies that make you so vital and strong at this time to share your joys and successes with those who love you. It will be much nicer.


To look for Virginhere you have to arm yourself with a saint patience. This Mercury has decided to drive you crazy, but if you play his game, he will be successful sooner than expected. Realizing that you have difficulty communicating well with those around you, being confused about something you thought you were dealing with with confidence is truly torture. You are appreciated for your rationality, always clear mind and the precision with which you explain your thoughts. You hardly recognize yourself at the moment. Perhaps all these difficulties are also due to the heap of fatigue. To regain your speed of thinking, there is nothing better than taking a little spare time to relax, switch off and come back brilliant than before.


Karai BalanceYou don’t like this Venus curve at all. But how does your planet dare to go against it? It happens several times a year and you have to accept that the superpower of elegance and charm pales a little. But this is where you can use many other resources. The horoscope for the week from May 16 to May 22 shows that you are busy searching new challenge. Do you want to go back to learning? Do you want to learn to play guitar? Want to try your hand at a sport you’ve never tried? This way you will invest your energy to increase the number of arrows for your bow.


To look for ScorpioMars energy supports you and pushes you more and more forward. You come from an excellent period in which you achieved important results, especially in the field of work. Now you need to be careful to concentrate on maintaining your hard earned positions. Your star is still shining very bright and the horoscope for next week still sees you in the perfect position to continue your progress on your path. However, in love and in relationships in general, a period begins when it will be important to rely on your extraordinary intuition, to follow it blindly, because it remains your best secret weapon.


To look for Gunman, for you the horoscope for next week has two pages. On the one hand, there are planets that burn in Aries, Jupiter and Venus that give not only energy, but a generous dose luck spend the way you want, because it covers every area of ​​your life. On the other hand, this retrograde Mercury is starting to confuse you. And that’s it. You are at a point where you can choose how to direct your energy and what goals to pursue, but unfortunately you have no clear ideas at all. The stars encourage you to take time to reflect, focus on what you want. After explaining it, you just have to go and get it.


To look for Capricornwe will not turn back. This is not the quietest time of your 2022. These planets only raise questions discussions, controversies. The family environment in particular seems to be full of tensions and you, who are not entirely known for your communication skills, are unable to deal with situations that could be resolved in an open, honest and equal discussion. Here is the solution, the effort to apply it, learn to do something that you don’t like and that is difficult for you, you have to do it.


To look for Aquariumthis spring is still beautiful with many planets making it cheer you on. Venus gives happiness in relationships, Jupiter and Mercury push to work. Even the retrograde movement of the communication planet will not be able to distract you from your goals, on the contrary, it will bring you back to your footsteps, but will only enlighten you on a past project that was abandoned too quickly and which may now be successfully resumed. Go on like that.


To look for Pesci, after the great abundance of Jupiter that you still enjoy, it is time to come to terms with what is to come. Pen and paper in hand, because at this point it is important that you plan, organize, write down the dates, have reminders at hand. Over there confusion in fact, it is the anger that this Mercury is doing to you. You who tend to lose your head in the clouds could be even more distracted during this period and it would be a pity because instead these beautiful planets in Aries support you in your work, so it’s important to stay goal-focused and focused.

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