Horoscope of the week from May 9 to 15, 2022.

Don’t panic, but this week Mercury begins its retrograde movement: in the next period, we can expect further delays in transport, forgetfulness and misunderstandings. Apparently, this is not the end of the world, and above all, all these inconveniences are nothing more than an indication of the need to slow down – if we were not out of breath, would we forget about such an important commitment? For this reason, even if from this week Jupiter enters Aries, giving us a new sense of momentum and initiative, for now it is better to give yourself time to rest and reflect.

Overall, this week is a peaceful sky, with the Moon in its growth phase creating a brief opposition to the planets in Aquarius, Pisces, and Aries. It’s a week where we have a way to process our experiences – a key one at this time of Eclipses.

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Highlights of the week:

  • from May 10: Mercury retrograde – possible delays, misunderstandings, technical problems on the horizon
  • from May 11: Jupiter enters Aries – we approach the development of our dreams vigorously and purposefully
  • May 13: Moon in Libra in front of Venus – a day we would like to merge with each other, but we are not on the same wavelength

    To take advantage of this week: Do not get caught in a rush, you risk awkwardly moving. Give yourself plenty of time to think.

    To be repeated out loud this week: Each experience deserves to be developed

    Horoscope of the week from May 9 to 15



    From this week on you can feel more alive and confident, Aries – Jupiter arrives in your sign, new possibilities and possibilities are opening up, but you will have to understand if you are ready. Don’t think at this point that having more information is equivalent to having a clearer idea: in the retrograde Mercury, it may be difficult to synthesize in the next few weeks. As in the most classic retrograde Mercuri, misunderstandings and distractions will be more frequent – choose your words carefully.

    However, enjoy this next period by looking for a positive view of things – even the friction you may encounter in the middle of the week can help you understand others better.

    horoscope week 9 May 15, 2022 bull



    It takes awareness to know when to backtrack: Jupiter’s entry into Aries opens a phase in which mental well-being is prioritized and therefore asks for moments of silence and introspection before taking action. It’s time to calm troubled waters, especially in this time of transformation that is Eclipse for you. Perhaps the first chapter of this process is about your resources and values, as Mercury begins its retrograde movement this week. Are you being rewarded as you should? Do you feel like you’ve had enough? Review your budget in light of these considerations.

    So even the slightest tensions this week won’t hurt your pride.

    horoscope week 9 May 15, 2022 Gemini



    In the midst of all these upcoming engagements and meetings, Gemini, I just ask you not to get tired: while Jupiter in Aries renews its willingness to engage and carry out your projects, seeking the support of a new and wider network of contacts, your planet Mercury is starting to retrograde it. have a little difficulty. You may be accompanied by increased mental fatigue and a feeling that not everyone understands what you mean – so take your time.

    Check how you are facing the world and perfect your display and communication, especially this week when you are looking for a minimum of comfort, privacy and peace.

    horoscope week 9 May 15, 2022 cancer



    Jupiter’s entry into Aries appears to have occurred on a professional level, though it’s difficult because you never feel up to it. Everything that is offered to you is within your reach, and anything you want to achieve can find the right support, with such an influence you cannot afford to fear to take risks. In the meantime, however, as Mercury retrogrades in the coming weeks, it will be necessary to fix the background noise: where are your blockages and insecurity coming from? Look at the dynamics of self-sabotage.

    Over the next few days, there may be a few commissions to keep up with and a few accounts to review and terminate – this is the first proof of who you really trust.

    horoscope week 9 May 15, 2022 leo



    It’s time to embark on new adventures, Leo: Jupiter enters Aries and opens up new scenarios for your eyes, whether it’s a journey to an enlightening goal or an educational path that might give you a different perspective on things. Don’t be afraid of the distant or unknown at this next stage, it’s time to open your mind. Perhaps for this very reason, in the coming weeks of Mercury retrograde, you will look differently at the people you interact with, feeling the urge to reconnect with those friends you have lost touch with, or noticing points of disagreement with the present.

    These first days of the week will be more emotional and sensitive – give yourself a gift to cheer yourself up.

    horoscope week 9 May 15, 2022 virgo



    Time for teamwork: Jupiter in Aries in the coming months is an opportunity to invest and join forces with someone to accomplish something bigger. It’s a process that will teach you that you can’t do everything yourself, and that second opinion can often prove instructive – especially now that Mercury is going retrograde. In the next few weeks, you may have doubts about your career choices, possibly also because you are very much aware of the type of character you project into the world.

    Ask for advice from those who lived before you, invest in your image and learn to sell – in the first days of this week you may realize the adjustments needed to represent your best version of yourself.

    horoscope week 9 May 15, 2022 libra



    How good is it to have two? As Jupiter enters Aries, human relationships become richer and richer – whether you’re building love, friendship or partnership, that person’s opinion and time together will become more important each day. Perhaps it is for this reason that in the weeks with the Mercury retrograde you will find yourself reviewing your successive journeys and movements, or reconsidering your path and the perspective of things.

    Let these people open their eyes, not forgetting to set aside time to themselves – especially towards the end of this week, it will be important to have a quiet and relaxed space to get back to you.

    horoscope week 9 May 15, 2022 scorpio



    A more busy and active period opens, Scorpio: with the arrival of Jupiter in Aries, your commitments and work increase, but your ability to prioritize also improves. The next few months are the perfect time to rebuild your routine with this newfound energy. However, not everyone can stay at your pace and rules, which may be why in the coming weeks of Mercury retrograde you may often disagree with decisions made by partners or associates – it will be time to review compromises and agreements to find a common solution not so obvious.

    Spend some time with your friends for the first few days of the week to get a second opinion.

    horoscope week 9 May 15, 2022 Sagittarius



    In the next period you can step out of your shell, Sagittarius: with the arrival of your planet Jupiter in vigorous Aries, you will rediscover the value of fun, free time, romance and creativity. There can be no more inspired period than this, except that in the coming weeks of Mercury retrograde it will be necessary to check your balance with the people you are most in touch with. Any misunderstandings and points of contention must be the starting point for understanding how you want to establish a relationship, but remembering that the most important relationships should be built calmly.

    You’ll be very busy at work in the first days of this week, which can be a bit frustrating, but on the weekends, friends come to the rescue.

    horoscope week 9 May 15, 2022 capricorn



    Mercury is starting to go retrograde this week, and that can very quickly turn into a series of delays and forgetfulness in job deliveries, or a general feeling of frustration at the pace you’re trying to keep. Armed with patience, but most of all build a safe and comfortable nest in your home: Jupiter’s arrival in Aries illuminates private spaces as places to find yourself. You will be able to put your past in perspective in the next few months as you experience the pleasures of a more essential life.

    However, in the first few days of this week, apply your discernment to the type of information you encounter – not everything they tell you is important.

    horoscope week 9 May 15, 2022 Aquarius



    When Jupiter enters the sign of Aries, life becomes more alive and full of events to participate in: after all, you can feel active and involved again, but for this very reason it will be important to know how to inform and give weight to kind messages you are communicating. Find your voice in the coming months, although in the coming weeks of Mercury retrograde, you may have strong doubts about your identity. Ask yourself what you want to create, but take your time with the process by trying to do it right away – you just run the risk of not really getting understood.

    Rush is your enemy, especially in the first days of this week, when you may be superficial about some of the proposals: ask for more information.

    horoscope week 9 May 15, 2022 pisces



    Jupiter leaves its mark to enter Aries, and finally all the work you’ve done on you in recent months may start to pay off: if you know how to price yourself in the next few months, you’ll see more earning opportunities as well as new resources, with that can be used. Just be careful not to be so confident that you are spending too much!

    To have more, however, you must learn to let go: this retrograde of Mercury in the coming weeks will help you take a look at the type of bond you still have with the past, in addition to the dirt and debris that litter your home, and leave no room for a cleaner and orderly thought. Get some advice and some love this week.

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