«I am building a house for my daughter Blu. I left IMA ”- Corriere.it

from Candida Morvillo

From the Parmalat trial to the new kebab chain: “My assets are a hundred times more than what my father left me. 200,000 euro debt and my brother’s complaint? Little things. “My wife Sharon?” Before I met her, I did not think I would have a family. “

G.ianluca Vacchi, how many houses do you have?

“In Sardinia I am building an extraordinary one, she will be called Blu Jerusalema, like my daughter: I want her to be an oasis of peace. It will be 1,200 square meters plus a thousand terraces, with a padel court, a disco, two lounges with apartments, 15 rooms. I do work for almost 15 million euros. I hope I will live long enough for my daughter to understand what her privileges are. “

“Miami, where I live six months, I named it Villa BJV, Blu Jerusalema Vacchi. And now do not laugh, because he seems to have a fondness for the measure: but there is also 1,200 meters there. I bought it during a pandemic when you didn’t know where the world went. It was an act of courage. But it will be a home for the years when Blu was younger ».

Villa in Bologna? Another 1,200 meters?

“There are 2,200. For comparison, the others are appendices. But it’s a holiday village, a perfect home for an adult who never grew up, with all the games imaginable: sports hall; A spa, which may not have a hotel that deals with it professionally; Nightclub; helicopter runway; the longest private zip line in Europe ”.

What is «zipline»?

“The cable is attached to the top of a very tall tree that leads to another tree 350 meters and below. You plug in and fly. That’s funny. The last news is that I brought sand from the desert and created a lodge safari area where visitors feel like they are in Kenya. When a friend comes to me, it must be a magical moment, he must be willing to come back. I like to live well. In Bologna they say: ‘I want to die with pleasure’ ”.

Vacchi also calls himself Mr. Enjoyhas 50 million followers on social media. He became famous for his Instagram ballets, posts between private planes, galactic villas, and morning cryotherapy. He is loved or despised. And now he is the protagonist of a documentary, Much more
, broadcast on Prime Video in 240 countries and territories around the world. A white T-shirt, a ruby ​​beard clip, Gianluca, 54, explains: “The one on social media is just the part of me best suited for an entertainment-based communication tool. But even if I don’t bother with criticism, it’s time to clarify misunderstanding: that I was born very rich; that I am spending my father’s money … I wanted to leave a testimony to my daughter ».

He always comes back to her. How did your arrival 19 months ago change you?

“It all made sense. I can no longer ignore having her in my arms. She is a daddy girl: she almost rejects her mother if I’m around. But he doesn’t say “dad”, but says “mama”: maybe he thinks we’re both mothers. “

In December, she told Corriere that she wanted to marry her partner, Sharon Fonseca, but she did not ask for it. Is he now?

“I will do this hoping for a more peaceful historical phase for the world, and I will manage to amaze you. Before meeting her, I did not think that I would have a family, but this young woman changed my everyday peace ».

What kind of playboy was he before?

“I was a Peter Pan, I lived enjoying the pleasures of life without a constructive perspective.”

Gianluca Vacchi, who we know from social media, was born at the table or by accident?

“At first, I forbade my friends to phone over dinner. In 2013, observing several characters that became models, I realized that social networks would become the new convention of mass and unified communication. I thought that by showing my life I could be an inspiration for someone. Thought I didn’t feel like this, but you can never say “I know me, this is not for me.” It happened to me with TikTok too ».

Didn’t you want to go to TikTok?

«Sharon used to tell me: you have to go there, everyone goes there. And me: no, it’s for teenagers. For another need, I threw my phone against a candlestick that exploded. I apologized, opened TikTok and in almost two years I have 21.5 million followers ».

Why did he throw the phone against the candlestick?

“Because I knew Sharon was right, but I no longer had the dialectical argument to defend myself. But she is with me, because thanks to the calmness and wisdom uncharacteristic of a 27-year-old girl, she always manages to make me think. And if someone makes me change my mind, I’m happy. “

Are you often nervous?

“This is a defect that has disappeared over time. It’s just that I have a difficult relationship with technology: phones always ask me questions, I don’t understand why they just don’t work. “

You don’t have employees for your posts?

“I do everything myself: otherwise it would end up being fun and authentic.”

What’s the craziest video you’ve posted?

“Underwater Vespa: It took me half an hour to investigate the angle so as not to show any lines pulling me”.

«The one in which I open and close the trunk of the car by controlling the photocell with my foot, then it turns out that it was opened and closed by a colleague outside the frame: 205 million views; 578,000 hours of playtime. “

– So many times because of my stupidity.

“I was detained for seven weeks because I broke a padel racket and a ligament in my finger. It was good, I deserved it: hitting rackets, if I’m wrong, is ridiculous. “

“Competition is my disease, but I compete with myself more than with others: knowing that I am not giving my best is depressing. Even as a child I was a ski champion, I beat Kristian Ghedina and Alberto Tomba. I think perfection was the way to overcome shyness. “

“As a child, a lot. I didn’t see the children, I didn’t go to kindergarten. There have been kidnappings: I spent my childhood as a loner in the countryside, then in Cortina in the mountains, living on skis. I have not had the opportunity to rape my shyness. “

“I wasn’t having fun anymore and I wanted to be an entrepreneur, to get rich. I say this without shame: at the age of twenty it is a legitimate dream ”.

You were born rich and you do nothing but spend your family money, critics write about it.

“My fortune is a hundred times greater than what my father left me. The Ima family business grew along with my generation under the leadership of my cousin. Another joke is that my family rejected me from management: I moved out because I don’t know how to be a manager. I could sit in a chair and take a generous salary, but only took dividends as a shareholder, qualities I got by buying shares from relatives with my own money, getting into debt at 24. After that, I created other companies, but always setting my work on a delegation basis: for me it is important to have time to live the way I want ”.

What is your typical day like?

«I play padel 4 hours a day, spend a lot of time with Blu, wake up at 5 am and lock myself in a hyperbaric chamber where I sleep for two more hours. I get up, do gymnastics for an hour, then 20 minutes in a bathtub with frosty ice, which replaced cryotherapy, because it causes even cold. I lay down in it with my arms folded, ready even for any arrest … ».

When he said he had a cryo at home, he induced cryomania.

«Ice bath is more tiring: in cryo I was -110 degrees, but for three minutes; the first time in the tub for 18 minutes, the next morning I stopped shaking. But it generates an impressive rejuvenation. Awakening, locking yourself in the sarcophagus and everything else is a huge effort. You have no discipline because you have money. “

All that effort to stop time. How long do you want to live?

“Physical functionality improves the quality of life, but I also take care of the mind, I have a tutor from Ezio Visconti: let’s talk about history, philosophy.”

What was your most difficult moment?

«I have touched the bottom and I have sand in my fists from the depths of the sea. I went through the trial for 18 years and then was acquitted because the fact does not exist. I sold the Last Minute Tour of Calisto Tanzi for EUR 29 million, an exorbitant amount for prosecutors who hypothesized that we would divert attention to the detriment of Parmalat’s creditors without realizing that selling travel online was the future. They kidnapped me 120 million, which was all I had at the time. ”

Military: my father never said yes to me. Until graduation, I was only allowed to go out on Thursdays and Sundays. The most generous parents are those who can say no.

«Ironically my answer: I am an educator. But in important matters, I will be successful ».

In the film she is moved when she tells about her father, daughter … How much are you crying?

“A lot. Strong scream, not weak. I’m not ashamed to cry because I know that if I have to face a fight, I know how to do it.”

Her brother Bernardo denounced her for an affair with an infrared exercise bike, and the court ruled that he could seize the property for 200,000 euros for a later takeover. What’s going on between you two?

“I’d rather not talk about little things.”

Apart from the influencer, what are you doing now?

“Deejay, I have a Kebab network and recently the telephone company EliMobile, which is the first social media operator to land in Italy, with exclusive tutorials and mini-series, and an internal currency that matures by moving: soon, running, so they will get contributions.”

What would you like your daughter to say about you when you grow up?

“My father was a great man. And most of all, he was a wonderful father ».

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